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Shen Yanxiao stared at Xiu, her mind totally blank. She did not know how she should react right now.

Xiu was also looking at Shen Yanxiao. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke,

"Little Xiao."

Shen Yanxiao held her breath. This was the first time Xiu called her so affectionately.

His voice obviously had no ripples, yet it made Shen Yanxiao feel that sort of numbing electricity all over.

".... What... uh..." Shen Yanxiao wanted to throw him a very powerful question, but when the words came to her mouth, the momentum went down at once. Her soft voice was like a fingertip that tickled his heart.

Xiu narrowed his eyes, extended his hand and wiped off the blood on Shen Yanxiao's cheeks. His deep eyes swept through her eyebrows as if to imprint her appearance in his soul.

"I will get back my body."

Under the current atmosphere, Shen Yanxiao did not dare to gasp and looked at Xiu, but the next second, her heartbeat seemed to stop.

"I’ll take you to the last temple of the G.o.d Race." Xiu’s voice carried a trace of hoa.r.s.eness, like magical music attached with a power of charm, making one’s heart and soul involuntarily follow the ups and downs of the tone.

Shen Yanxiao remembered that Xiu once said that one day he would take her to his former domain.

But why did he suddenly bring it up now?

Xiu stared at Shen Yanxiao. He did not say the last sentence.

He would take her to the last temple and there, he would form a life-long contract with her.

He did not say it at this moment because he did want to scare this little fox who was too pure in some respects.

"Uh..." Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and felt that the present situation between the two of them was very delicate.

Shen Yanxiao, who always feared nothing in Heaven or Earth, seemed to feel a very wonderful atmosphere spreading around her and Xiu. Her heart was a little nervous and at the same time, she had some expectations. These chaotic emotions led her to immediately find a topic to divert her attention elsewhere.

"I think... I have to drink a few more bottles of healing potions."

That’s right!

She admitted to being an ostrich![1]

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao unblinkingly and gently raised his eyebrows. His half-squinted eyes seemed to flicker with a trace of interest.

Shen Yanxiao immediately realized that she just said what she should not say!

She quickly added, "I can drink it myself!"

Xiu’s gaze swept over her blood-stained hands, and the smile at the bottom of his eyes scattered like ashes and dispersed like smoke in an instant, as coldness enveloped his entire body again.

Shen Yanxiao did not notice the changes that occurred in Xiu, but just followed his line of sight, only to realize that she could not "drink the potions herself".

"No, I will feed you." Xiu retracted his sight which was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with coldness, after which he immediately opened another bottle of potion at hand and drank it again...

What came after was an endless touching of two mouths...

All the healing potions stored in Shen Yanxiao’s storage ring had been poured into her small mouth by Xiu using such an intimate way that made her hot all over.

Shen Yanxiao’s originally weak body collapsed even more.

After consuming over ten bottles of healing potions, Shen Yanxiao felt that her whole person was not well.

Her small face was bright red, with a hint of mist in her eyes. She did not dare to face Xiu and kept casting her head to one side while having a secret discussion in her heart.

Xiu was rather too skillful with this certain “technique” of his!

She originally thought that he was a Great G.o.d that wasn’t affected by female charms. Whoever would have thought that even when it came to kissing or whatnot, even the self-proclaimed expert in the field of love, Shen Jing, would concede defeat against him.

Xiu looked at the side of Shen Yanxiao's face and, as if he had guessed her thoughts, he slowly opened his mouth and said with a voice that seemed to be carrying an imperceptible smile,

"This is the first time."

"Liar!" Shen Yanxiao’s mouth responded almost automatically. But as soon as she turned her head and met Xiu’s eyes, her imposing manner immediately died down in a swish.

[1] I’m not sure but maybe this has something to do with how ostriches behave when they sense danger… Like try to  ignore the  “danger”?

Aeternatrix: There's a (busted) myth that ostriches bury their head into the ground when there's danger around, following the logic of "If I can't see you, you can't see me"

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