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Aeternatix: Subject matter for the compet.i.tion is "Family Dinner" (Or less specifically "Supper" starring at least one GFNSYL character), submissions open when Sky gets her laptop back. Sky has her laptop back

The cold tip of Xiu’s tongue p.r.i.c.ked open Shen Yanxiao’s clenched teeth, then the cool liquid flowed into her mouth as the lips of the two of them touched each other. Xiu tasted the flavor of blood in Shen Yanxiao's mouth, then the flexible tip of his tongue could not help but dispel the taste of blood in her mouth until the flavor of the potion filled her taste buds.

Somehow, Xiu hesitated to part with that soft little mouth and there was a trace of instability on his handsome face that was covering Shen Yanxiao’s small face. His pair of eyes that had been specially altered by him had begun to flicker and fade into a golden color.

During Shen Yanxiao’s semi-conscious state, she only felt a cool sensation rush into her throat. That feeling of coolness spread quickly throughout her entire body, which slightly reduced her physical pain and restored her consciousness to a clear state.

After recovering a little strength, Shen Yanxiao’s line of sight gradually became clear, and her eyes immediately reflected Xiu’s face.

“How many bottles do you need to drink?” Xiu’s voice was still as cold as snow, but with a hint of hoa.r.s.eness.

Shen Yanxiao didn't think much, and merely said with great difficulty, "Use all of it." The injuries on her body were too heavy.She had broken her own two arms, and in order to recover in a short time, she had to drink a lot of healing potions.

Shen Yanxiao did not really feel distressed about it, and was just thinking it was better to get well sooner.

Xiu raised his eyebrows, but Shen Yanxiao did not notice his unusual reaction.

"Okay." Xiu quickly agreed. After saying that, while supporting himself with one of his hands on the edge of the bed, he removed the cap of the new bottle of healing potion his other hand was holding with his thumb, then...

He looked upwards and poured it again into his own mouth.

Shen Yanxiao, who was originally still very weak, immediately opened her eyes wide after seeing Xiu’s actions.

What on earth was he doing?!

Wasn't that potion for her to drink?

Even if he were thirsty, he couldn’t just grab and drink the potion for healing her injuries!

During the moment that Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded, Xiu bowed down and kissed her soft little mouth once again.

Because the little fool was in a state of shock, Xiu did not expend a great deal of effort to part her pearly white teeth this time, as the cold tip of his tongue easily entered her mouth along with the refres.h.i.+ng liquid.

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes widened to the limit, and she had a sloppy appearance on top of the bed!

What was Xiu doing?

The outstanding and witty brain that Shen Yanxiao boasted of thoroughly crashed at this moment. All the senses on her whole body were concentrated on that mouth that broke into her own small mouth...

Xiu’s body had no temperature, and his tongue was as cold as the potion he was sending into her mouth. However, it was this coldness that brought warmth into Shen Yanxiao’s small mouth, making her feel limp and numb.

That coolness swept past her pearly white teeth, brushed against her lips, hooked and danced with her lilac tongue.

The slightly bitter potion seemed to have a sweet taste the very moment their tongues intertwined with each other.

If not for her ma.s.sive blood loss, Shen Yanxiao would probably already be red from head to foot.

Knowing that the bitterness of potion in her mouth had completely disappeared, Xiu slowly released the small mouth that had "recovered" a little ruddiness.

Shen Yanxiao’s breathing was unstable while looking at the man covering herself from above. She was in awe as she discovered that his eyes had changed unwittingly, and that his left eye had completely lost the brown color that had camouflaged it.

One golden pupil, and one brown with a stream of golden light flowing within. Xiu was facing against the light, covering Shen Yanxiao. His long hair slipped off his shoulder with his movements, gently brus.h.i.+ng against the sensitive side of Shen Yanxiao’s neck.

At this moment, Xiu’s entire body was exuding a suffocating charm.

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