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Chapter 1474 – Refining Grandmaster

Ba Li was in high spirits as he stood on the bow of the Giant Spirit Treasure s.h.i.+p. At least this was what he appeared to other people. At this time, Ba Li’s mind was filled with the thought of revenge.

To Ba Li, being driven back by Tang Jie was the greatest shame of his life. This time, he would flatten the Octopus Islands using his 80 thousand troops, three Giant Spirit Treasure s.h.i.+ps, and 20 Eight Cyan Imperial Chariots.

What Ba Li was worried about right now was the Hundred Treasures Realm’s response. Although Ba Li was arrogant, he knew how important the Octopus Islands was to the Hundred Treasures Realm at this time. Its location was akin to a sword stuck into the Giant Spirit Realm’s territory. As long as they keep it, they would be able to use this sword to strike at the Giant Spirit Realm.

With how important the Octopus Islands was, the Hundred Treasures Realm would certainly not allow it to be extinguished. It’s possible that the Hundred Treasures Realm had sent reinforcements. Ba Li could only hope that the Hundred Treasures Realm didn’t send a lot.

This was also the reason why Ba Li sent for so many reinforcements. He wanted to have the bigger army even if the Hundred Treasures Realm sent more people. This way, he wouldn’t need to be afraid of cleaning up the opponent.

However, this caused the marching speed to be reduced greatly. Because of their ma.s.sive army, logistics became a huge problem. And because of their ma.s.sive number, not everyone can enter the Giant Spirit Treasure s.h.i.+ps. Therefore, some of them had to fly alongside the treasure s.h.i.+ps. These people used their own flying artifacts, some used flying swords. There were all kinds of weird artifacts in the air.

Although flying artifacts weren’t slow, Ba Li wouldn’t dare make them fly at their full speed. This was because he wanted to save the strength of these people.

Back when he fought against Tang Jie and the others, Ba Li understood that they were sly and cunning. Ba Li was afraid that if he had his people move too fast, then their fighting strength would be affected once they arrived at the island. If that happens, and Tang Jie and the others capitalize on it, then things would be troublesome.

After suffering several losses against Tang Jie, Ba Li finally learned to think smartly. He would need superior forces to deal with the enemy. And since the enemy wouldn’t run away, he doesn’t need to rush. He would fight steadily, leaving the opponent no chances to make a move.

Before long, Ba Li’s group was 10 thousand li away from the Octopus Islands. As he stood on the bow, Ba Li could see the Xu Race sentries retreating. To be honest, when he saw the Xu Race running away, Ba Li couldn’t help but feel a sense of achievement.

At this time, Mu Yu received information that Ba Li’s group was approaching. The number of people on the Octopus Islands didn’t increase, it was still less than 30 thousand. Mu Yu now trusted Zhao Hai. He publicly announced that Zhao Hai was now someone from the Hundred Treasures Realm. He even directly gave Zhao Hai the status of Refining Grandmaster!

Although the position of Refining Grandmaster doesn’t hold too much power and could be considered to be an empty position, the status was very respected in the Hundred Treasures Realm. Among the millions and millions of people in the Hundred Treasures Realm, less than a hundred people held the status of Crafting Grandmaster. Not to say people from the Hundred Treasures Realm, even people in Tang Jie’s position had to be respectful towards Refining Grandmasters. n.o.body would dare offend these people.

It can be said that besides Mu Yu, Zhao Hai has the highest status currently on the Octopus Islands. Naturally, this was only in name. After all, Zhao Hai was from the World of Cultivation. There were still a lot of people who didn’t believe in him.

Zhao Hai was also aware of his ident.i.ty. He didn’t become arrogant and kept being polite towards everyone. He still called Tang Jie Brother Tang and treated him with respect.

Unlike those who didn’t know the truth, Tang Jie and the others knew that the t.i.tle of Refining Grandmaster wasn’t given to Zhao Hai for no reason at all. It was because Zhao Hai was really worthy of it.

First of all, the fake spirit snake needles were his achievement. There’s also the water refining technique. These two were enough to brand Zhao Hai as a Refining Grandmaster.

Not everyone in the Hundred Treasures Realm could become a Crafting Grandmaster. If you were very good at refining, then you would at most become a Refining Master. To become a Refining Grandmaster, in addition to becoming a good refiner, one would also need great contributions towards the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Being a Refining Grandmaster was a position of honor. Even if it didn’t hold much power, this t.i.tle would still make Zhao Hai respected.

Zhao Hai could see that he still fell short in the eyes of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. THerefore, he didn’t become complacent because of his new status.

Since Zhao Hai didn’t become arrogant due to his new status, he gained the appreciation of the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm. And with him joining the Hundred Treasures Realm, they were slowly getting accustomed to him. They also treated Zhao Hai with respect.

This respect wasn’t because Zhao Hai was a Refining Grandmaster, but because Mu Yu and Tang Jie treated him well. This caused the people from the Hundred Treasures Realm to look highly at him as well.

Right now, Zhao Hai was on the right side of Mu Yu while Tang Jie was on the left. Seeing the two on Mu Yu’s left and right, it seemed like they were Mu Yu’s left and right arms.

Mu Yu looked outside from the Octopus Island’s guardian formation. The guardian formation of the Octopus Islands was very well designed. Looking from the outside, the guardian formation seemed to not exist. However, it made it difficult to see the inside of the formation. From the outside, the Octopus Islands look like it was shrouded in mist.

Hearing the report of the Xu Race, Mu Yu knew that Ba Li’s group weren’t far from the Octopus Islands. Mu Yu couldn’t help but ponder for a while as he asked, “Tell me, will Ba Li ignore anything else and just attack?”

Tang jie thought for a moment and said, “I think so. Ba Li should be enraged by how we beat him last time. He will definitely attack us no matter what.”

Mu Yu turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do you think?”

Tang Jie pondered over it and said, “I’m not sure about this, but I think the chances of Ba Li attacking immediately isn’t too great. Now that they have superior strength and numbers, he may come look at the situation first once he arrives. Ba Li should also be aware that the Hundred Treasures Realm had sent reinforcements. So I think he would first want to know how many people the Hundred Treasures Realm had sent over. This way, he could make his decisions confidently.”

Mu Yu and Tang Jie nodded. Tang Jie clapped his hands and said, “Right, that guy Ba Li suffered hard against us last time. He should have learned how to be smarter this time. Now, he has superior strength, the only worry in his mind is the reinforcements that the Hundred Treasures Realm has sent. As long as he knows how many people the Hundred Treasures Realm sent, he can choose which method he could use to deal with us.”

Mu Yu nodded, “Although I haven’t fought against Ba Li, I heard about him before. He’s a new genius of the Giant Spirit Realm, so he shouldn’t be that stupid. If he doesn’t attack, then I’ll go out and meet him.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I wonder what his expression would be once he discovers that Big Brother Mu came as reinforcements. I hope he won’t run away without fighting.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Mu Yu couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “That kid wouldn’t run away. There’s a rule in the Giant Spirit Realm that they couldn’t retreat when faced with the Hundred Treasures Realm.”

Tang Jie smiled and said, “We couldn’t deal with Ba Li last time because he held the entire offense. He just retreated in order to make preparations to deal with us. If he retreats without a fight, then the Giant Spirit Realm wouldn’t let him off even if he’s a genius.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then we have to go out and meet them. However, we also need to make our preparations.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a large number of Undead, enough to cover the entire island. The Undead were arranged in a cube formation of 10 thousand Undead each. Then the entire group of 100 were also in a cubic formation. Their presence in the sky caused a huge pressure on those who looked at them.

After releasing the Undead, Zhao Hai waved his hand as 100 fake spirit snake needles appeared in front of the cube formation. Then these spirit snake needles were distributed among the Undead groups. With the spirit snake needles suspended outside the Undead formation, it looked like a structure that was ready to fight at any time.

This arrangement was already approved by Mu Yu. Zhao Hai already told him that his Undead could help in supplying energy to the spirit snake needles. With this, not only could the spirit snake needles be utilized, the people on the Octopus Islands were also freed and could now fight.

The weakest among the people present, besides Zhao Hai, was at the Transcending Tribulation Stage. The majority of Zhao Hai’s Undead were in the Foundation Building Stage, but 10 thousand of them could still be used to power one fake spirit snake needle. With the Undead focusing their power on the spirit snake needles, this meant that not a lot of them would be killed in the battle, which was what Zhao Hai wanted the most.

Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai’s action and nodded. He didn’t say anything but placed a huge marker on Zhao Hai in his mind. This wasn’t because of Zhao Hai’s arrangement, but because of his Undead!

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