Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 504 - It Should Have Been Yours

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Chapter 504: It Should Have Been Yours

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But, the look he gave Feng Wu wasn’t friendly at all.

For he thought that Feng Wu was being disrespectful and that she had only written down some random nonsense.

“Quick, give it to your master.” Chaoge prompted him.

Although she had no idea what Feng Wu had in mind, Chaoge never questioned Feng Wu’s decisions.

Steward Fang frowned.

Of all the potential house buyers he had met, this girl was the only one who treated the test so casually. All the others had been very serious.

At that thought, the steward disliked Feng Wu even more.

Hence, he waved Feng Wu off. “I’ll show it to my master later. Go back and wait for further instructions.”

Meanwhile, in the Fang manor.

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu sat on their knees facing each other. Both kept their backs ramrod straight and had tranquil looks in their eyes.

Between them was a burlywood tea table.

On the table stood the porcelain Whistling Vase.

Master Bian knelt next to Priest Wu, while a teenager stood at Grand Secretary Fang’s side.

The teenager had a refined and elegant air about him. With a glance, one could tell that he was from a n.o.ble family and that he was one of the eminent offspring.

If Feng Wu were here, she would recognize him right away, for it was none other than Xuan Yi himself.

Xuan Yi was very respectful toward Grand Secretary Fang, who was his maternal grandfather.

Right now, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t paying attention to Xuan Yi. He was staring at Priest Wu.

Priest Wu, on the other hand, was completely absorbed in that Whistling Vase.

He listened to it attentively and there was a serene look on his face.

A while pa.s.sed before Priest Wu slowly opened his eyes, which were limpid and sagacious.

“What a mind-calming formation. It reminds me of a warm spring day and makes me feel as if I’m strolling in a sea of flowers with a spring breeze brus.h.i.+ng past my cheeks. It can cast all anger away and calm one’s mind. This is definitely a Master Level formation — and maybe even more advanced than that.”

More importantly, this mind-calming formation was perfect for Priest Wu, who was irascible and to agitation.

Priest Wu had always been a step away from the Supreme Level because of his short temper.

“Grand Secretary Fang, is it possible for you to part with this treasure?” Priest Wu asked.

Master Bian blanched at those words!

He had broken into a cold sweat as soon as he recognized the sagacious old man, and a chilly sensation ran down his spine when he heard how highly his master spoke of this Whistling Vase.

As expected, Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Priest Wu. “You like it?”

“Brother Fang, you know me too well. I get grumpy so easily; if I have this Whistling Vase with the mind-calming formation in it, I might be able to rise to the Supreme Level.”

Despite his superior status, Priest Wu was still a junior to Grand Secretary Fang. He cupped his fists and smiled bitterly. “Brother Fang, I apologize for offending you in the past. Please forgive me and sell me this Whistling Vase.”

Grand Secretary Fang smiled cryptically, but said nothing in reply.

“Brother Fang, how about this? You know my collection very well. May I trade one of my pieces for this vase?”

The formation in this vase wasn’t exactly advanced, but the design was so intricate and sophisticated that it was worth studying. Moreover, it met Priest Wu’s needs.

And that wasn’t something that could be measured with money alone.

Grand Secretary Fang darted a glance at Master Bian, then casually said, “This Whistling Vase should have been yours.”

“What?” Priest Wu was pleasantly surprised. “Mine? How so? Why don’t I know about it?”

Master Bian couldn’t stop sweating.

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