Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1107 - Aren“t You Worried that Jun Linyuan Will Kill You?!

Godly Empress Doctor -

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Chapter 1107 Aren“t You Worried that Jun Linyuan Will Kill You?!

Lady Cai wasn’t the only one who was furious. The other members of the Xuanyuan family were all giving him threatening looks, too.Xuanyuan Yi even stepped forward and glared at Feng Xun. “Young Lord Feng, you’re out of line.”

Xuanyuan Yi was Xuanyuan Ying’s brother, while Feng Xun was Feng Wu’s.

At that moment, the two brothers glowered at each other, a storm brewing in their eyes.

Feng Xun looked like he was ready to kill. “She was picking on my sister, she should have seen revenge coming!”

Xuanyuan Ying was so mad that she almost fainted.

But in the end, this was the Xuanyuan family’s territory, and a lot of the senior members of the family were here. Xuanyuan Ying had just been slapped in public, and naturally, someone was going to intervene.

Such as Xuanyuan Ze, the next chief of the Xuanyuan clan and the father of Xuanyuan Ying and Xuanyuan Yi.

Xuanyuan Ze had a serious look on his face. “Young Lord Feng, you should be more discreet, for the sake of the long-term friends.h.i.+p between our families!”

Young Lord Feng smirked. “Huh? Master Xuanyuan Ze, what do you mean by ‘discreet’?”

Xuanyuan Ze frowned. “You can go, but she has to stay!”

People of the Xuanyuan family had already surrounded the place. That was to say, they planned to take action against Feng Xun!

Feng Xun found these people preposterous!

As if humiliating his sister in public wasn’t enough, before he was done avenging her, these people were threatening him?

Nice job, Xuanyuan family!

“What if I say no?” Feng Xun grinned.

Xuanyuan Ze smiled maliciously. “If that’s the case, I’m afraid Young Lord Feng will have to personally apologize to the Xuanyuan family!”

Feng Xun said, “Is that so? Enlighten me. What kind of apology are you asking for?”

Xuanyuan Ze said, “That’s easy. Slap yourself to make up for the humiliation you’ve given the Xuanyuan family.”

Xuanyuan Ze meant it!

Feng Xun was so mad that he laughed.

That was ridiculous!

Just then, four masters in black of the Xuanyuan family appeared behind Feng Xun all of a sudden and took hold of his arms.

Xuanyuan Ze smiled wickedly. “Young Lord Feng, who’s going to be slapped? You or your sister?”

This Xuanyuan Ze was so arrogant!

Feng Xun narrowed his eyes in a threatening manner.

No, Xuanyuan Ze had always been bold, but not this arrogant… For him to dare to humiliate Northern Feng Mansion like this now, Feng Xun wondered what had emboldened the guy.

But Feng Xun couldn’t figure it out no matter what.

Xuanyuan Ze gave him a sinister grin. “I see. Young Lord Feng is going to let your sister take it. I get it. Your face is much more precious.”

As he spoke, Xuanyuan Ze tipped Steward Yan, who was next to him, the wink!

Steward Yan went up to Feng Wu and smiled wickedly at her. “Sorry about this, Miss Feng Wu.”

After that, Steward Yan raised his arm.

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes in an intimidating way.

Did these people take her for a good-for-nothing? They thought they could abuse her verbally and physically just like this?

“Stop it!” Feng Xun was fl.u.s.tered.

Apart from being his sister, Feng Wu was also the girl Boss Jun was in love with. If Boss Jun knew…

Feng Xun couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen then.

“How dare you touch her! His Royal Highness will kill you!” Feng Xun roared as he gritted his teeth.

His Royal Highness?

What did His Royal Highness have to do with this?

Everyone gave Feng Xun strange looks.

“Doesn’t His Royal Highness dislike Feng Wu the most?”

“I heard that His Royal Highness only picked on Feng Wu in Imperial College.”

“I also heard that —”

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