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Chapter 397 – Immortal Quality

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 Luckily, although Wei Xiao Bei had ignored her “impressive beauty”, Zhang Jin Hua was not an idiot. Only things that entered her pockets were hers. She moved to the side and ate as she stared in his direction.

In truth, Zhang Jin Hua felt that she might have become some novel's protagonist.

Originally, she had hooked up with some handsome guy on the internet to flirt. Who knew that when she had connected to the video call and called him husband, he had turned off the video. This had made her so angry that she threw the microphone.

After that, she had instantly been transported into this terrifying world.

Everywhere was ash gray. And beneath the ash gray, there had been terrifying black beetles that were chasing after her and trying to bite.

In the end, she ran to the lakeside and encountered her Prince Charming. From then she lived a happy life inside a mansion with her servants and treasures.

However, everything disappeared in the end.

As for why they disappeared, she still could not make sense of it.

She felt that the man in front of her appeared to have a bit of potential with strange abilities and thought that he might be able to become some kind of all-powerful hero.

However, she still decided to observe a bit more as it would not be easy for her to take the bait.

Zhang Jin Hua felt that this man had taken fancy to her beauty and intelligence, otherwise, why would he only give her barbecued meat.

 Isn't he trying to make me pay attention to him? What's more, he had been looking at me a while ago with lecherous eyes. If I hadn't berated him, his s.e.xual urges might have erupted and done things to me…

 How embarra.s.sing.

Wei Xiao Bei, who had been testing dishes did not notice that Zhang Jin Hua's attention had moved from the disappeared prince charming onto him. Moreover, she had been thinking about how Wei Xiao Bei was drooling with desire at her.

If Wei Xiao Bei knew what Zhang Jin Hua was thinking about, the first thing he might have done was to quickly move away from her and not stay near.

For narcissistic self-proclaimed top-grade beauties like her, he truly could not enjoy it.

He used a small amount of high-quality Dang Kang meat and used its oil to cook a section of the Thousand Eyed Devil's tentacle. Then he placed in some reeds and pickled vegetables as well as a bit of salt. Then he placed in Spirit Rice, water and boiled them all.

Naturally boiling to make congee like this was going to take a lot more time compared to the previous sauteing.

After sending a glance at Zhang Jin Hua, he saw that her face was covered in oil and that her attention was not on him.

Wei Xiao Bei was a lot stronger now, but he was more tolerant.

If he had encountered someone in the Dust World previously, his first thought was how to deal with the exposure of the Dust World or his secrets to the real world.

His best choice was to kill and silence them to prevent future troubles.

But now, Wei Xiao Bei's perspective on this problem was a lot more refined.

If a girl had exposed these matters, the first response other people might have was to send them to the mental hospital. The people who would be willing to believe what she said was probably only 2 out of 100.

 Moreover, what could they do even if they believed her?

 What could they even do to him?

 Was there anything to fear?

He was now very strong and filled with confidence.

The quality of reeds in the Dust World was a lot higher than the real world. The flames from igniting them were quite big.

Soon, the water boiled.

Wei Xiao Bei would stir the pot after set intervals to stop the congee at the bottom of the pot to become burnt.

After ten minutes, Wei Xiao Bei cut up Fiendish Man Fish meat and placed them inside.

After half an hour, the pot's fragrance began to float. At most two more minutes would be needed to finish it.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei had thought about the remaining bowl of Fortune Tea left in his storage bag.

Fortune Tea could increase his luck by 30% for a week. After a week, it would permanently increase his luck by 1%.

In short, Fortune Tea brought great luck.

What he lacked in creating the dish was luck.

As he thought about this he did not hesitate. If he did not use such a good thing, then it was a pointless object.

After taking it out, he did not care that it was hot and drank it down in one gulp.

As he drank the tea, Wei Xiao Bei immediately felt warm and comfortable all over. It was as if he was in a sauna.

As he thought about the pot, he suddenly came to a realization. He slapped his head as he forgot about the most important ingredient.

 Scarlet Pheasant Meat!

He had stored it for too long and forgot about it.

He immediately took out the Scarlet Pheasant meat.

Wei Xiao Bei had already done advanced preparation on the meat. After turning it into minced meat, he placed them inside the pot and mixed it to spread it.

Following the spread of the Scarlet Pheasant meat on the congee, the fragrance that burst out had suddenly disappeared.

After smelling it carefully, the steam did not have any smell at all.

However, the steam also quickly disappeared.

Wei Xiao Bei became excited. He immeidiately put out the flames and inspected the pot.

Name: Scarlet Pheasant Congee (Immortal Quality)

Description: This dish was created by the [Cooking] skill. Main Ingredients: Scarlet Pheasant Meat. Auxiliary ingredients: Thousand Eyed Devil's Tentacles, Spirit Rice, Fiendish Man Fish Meat, Local G.o.d's Pickled Vegetables, High-quality Dang Kan Meat, Reed Stalks, etc.

Effect 1: Fragrance and taste increase by 120%.

Effect 2: Completely recover stamina and mental strength.

Effect 3: Eating this will temporarily increase all attributes by 3 points.

Effect 4: Eating this will permanently increase the effect of fire abilities.

Effect 5: Eating this will permanently increase flexibility by 4 points, and reflex by 2 points.

Effect 6: Eating this will allow the user to use Illusion Attack once.

Effect 7: Eating this will allow the user to use Extreme Speed once.

Effect 8: This dish can be divided into 20 portions.


After checking the details of the dish, there was no doubt that this had exceeded the Barbecued Meat Congee with Pickled Vegetables that he made back in the local G.o.d's temple. Moreover, this one can be divided into twenty portions.

Even if the increase in attributes and fire ability effectiveness were ignored, just the ability to use [Illusion Attack] and [Extreme Speed] once was already very powerful.

This [Illlusion Attack] was the Thousand Eyed Devil's innate skill, while the [Extreme Speed] was the Scarlet Pheasant's. Although he could only use them once per portion he ate, it would still increase his combat strength to an unimaginable degree.

Wei Xiao Bei originally planned to give the Scarlet Pheasant Congee to Ge Da Tian. But now, he decided to store it as his trump card. In the future, if he did not need them anymore, it would not be too late to give them to Ge Da Tian.

“Can you give some of this to me?”

While Wei Xiao Bei was happily rejoicing, Zhang Jin Hua's voice came from the side.

Originally, Zhang Jin Hua had already eaten two pieces of barbecued meat. Eating dried meat and drinking bottled water did not feel that pleasant. Thus when Wei Xiao Bei had finished cooking his congee, she felt that even if there was no smell, it was a lot better than cold bottled water.

 Give some?

Wei Xiao Bei was in a pleasant mood and did not mock Zhang Jin Hua. He used his right hand and placed the Scarlet Pheasant Congee into his storage bag.

Seeing his action, Zhang Jin Hua's mouth twitched, “Stingy!”

Wei Xiao Bei felt faint. If this dish was sold in the real world, just its power to increase status would cost tens of millions.

Additionally, with the power to release [Illusion Attack], even the president would need to kneel for it!

 How priceless was it truly?

If he could confidently gift this to other people, he would give it to creatures that were 4-Star Terror or above.

“Wait a bit.”

With the immortal-quality dish at hand, he was in a good mood. He did not harshly reject and ignited the fire again as he prepared to cook again.

Other than the Scarlet Pheasant Meat which he did not have any of, he placed the same ingredients inside.

After the steam came out and the fragrance spread out, Wei Xiao Bei gave Zhang Jin Hua a bowl.

This time, he was not able to make an immortal-quality dish. He only made Tentacle with Pickled Vegetable Congee. It was only rare-quality and because he did not put in Secondary Spring Water of Youth, its increase in attribute was not much and did not have the power to increase lifespan. However, the effects were still great.

Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the Thousand Eyed Devil's Tentacles made it easy for him to make rare-quality dishes. Thus he became more magnanimous.

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei was using Zhang Jin Hua as a lab rat.

No matter what was said, the rare-quality congee had a side effect. At the very least, the side effect was a lot stronger than when he made a dish with Yin flames.

It was also able to recover a medium amount of stamina and mental strength, and temporarily increase persuasiveness and character. It could be said that Zhang Jin Hua had made a profit. Even if she only ate a bit, it was still worth it.

Zhang Jin Hua did not doubt why Wei Xiao Bei suddenly became magnanimous.

In her heart she was thinking: This boy is embarra.s.sed to let me eat a ruined dish and made a new one. He has truly fallen for me, but what should I do? I should observe a bit more. I won't hand over my life's happiness just like this.

In brief, Zhang Jin Hua drank the congee and saw that Wei Xiao Bei continued to busy himself. Her hand clenched as she thought about how great it would be if Wei Xiao Bei did not have so many scabs.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei cooked another pot of congee, but it was only rare-quality.

At this point, he understood that no matter how great Fortune Tea's effect was, it only increases the chances of making an immortal quality dish slightly.

Seeing that there was almost no s.p.a.ce left in his storage bag, Wei Xiao Bei cleaned the pot and stored it. Afterward, he took out a bowl of rare-quality congee to recover his stamina and mental strength to extend his stay in the Dust World.

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