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Chapter 396 – Tentacle Dish

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 This was Zhang Jin Hua's perception.

It could not be helped that Wei Xiao Bei's clothes were tattered. The Thousand Eyed Devil's flesh and blood carried corrosive properties. He had dug into its body, and although it was not able to injure him, his clothes could not resist the corrosive property at all.

After seeing Zhang Jin Hua, Wei Xiao Bei stopped treading on water. At this time the water was now up to his knees. He now chose to walk to the sh.o.r.e and thought of how to deal with this woman.

Zhang Jin Hua had imagined Wei Xiao Bei as someone who was desiring her. It could be said that her mind truly worked differently compared to normal people.

“Stand still! What are you planning to do!”

Just when Wei Xiao Bei was about to climb to sh.o.r.e, Zhang Jin Hua acted up like a dog that had its tail stepped on. She jumped up and pointed her fingers at him while covering her breast as she screamed like she had been raped.

This scream had also startled Wei Xiao Bei.

Before he was even able to speak, Zhang Jin Hua continued shouting, “Don't come here! If you come here, I'll scream!”

She was like a rabbit that had encountered a wolf. However, she did not match Wei Xiao Bei's taste at all.

He had not developed a habit of randomly killing people off. At the very least, he would not randomly lay his hands on people who were not a threat to him.

Seeing Zhang Jin Hua on guard against him, Wei Xiao Bei did not speak and walked a bit further. He ignored Zhang Jin Hua, gathered some rocks and dried up reed to make a simple fire. Then he took out a pot and placed it above.

The pot was taken from the local G.o.d's temple. It was just a normal pot and not some precious treasure, but it could expand and shrink. The inside of the pot was also quite st.u.r.dy. Although he could not bring it out to use in the real world, it had settled how he would cook food in the Dust World.

After putting water inside, he ignited the withered reeds with electricity.

He pondered for a bit and decided to make a seafood stew.

The ends of the tentacles of the Thousand Eyed Devil were very tender, but they carried a special stench. It was difficult to make it into a stir-fry dish. He could only use water to boil it and make stew.

Naturally, this was only a test. If the ends of the tentacle could be turned into delicious food, then the mid-section of the tentacle which was of better quality would be even more delicious.

Soon, the water began to boil.

Wei Xiao Bei threw the tentacle ends into the pot.

However, he immediately covered his nose and dumped everything in the pot in the lake.

There was no doubt that the experiment had failed.

Toward the smell from the boiling tentacle, he could only describe it in one word, “f.u.c.k!”

 This smells even worse than dog s.h.i.+t!

Boiling water was not able to remove the smell from the tentacle at all. On the contrary, it had made it worse. The smell even reached Zhang Jin Hua, causing her to curse at him.

She had been cursing that he was eating s.h.i.+t.

Wei Xiao Bei felt that Zhang Jin Hua had mental problems. It must be known that Zhang Jin Hua was full of interest in him while on the pa.s.senger plane, but now she had changed to this.

After throwing away the stinky water, Wei Xiao Bei scrubbed the pot clean as he became depressed at the events.

In truth, this could not be blamed on Zhang Jin Hua.

Wei Xiao Bei's current appearance was in tatters and his face still had scabs from healing against the corrosion. He had even forgotten to remove the layer of scabs. Thus his entire appearance was different from before. Even if Zhang Jin Hua had see-through eyes, she might still not recognize Wei Xiao Bei.

There was another more important problem.

Zhang Jin Hua had just experienced an illusion where she was at the peak of her life. She was still submerged at the thought of having a prince on a white horse, a grand mansion, rows of servants, countless world-cla.s.s jewelry and treasures. Even if Wei Xiao Bei returned to his true appearance, Zhang Jin Hua might just ignore him. With so many good things, why would she even pick up trash?

After failing once, Wei Xiao Bei decided to stop processing the tentacle ends.

He had viewed it as a poisonous ingredient like rat urine or dog p.o.o.p!

After fiercely scrubbing the pot a few times, he finally removed the smell from it. Then he once again placed water inside and let it boil. He placed the mid-section of the tentacle inside. After letting it cook, he dumped out the water, set the tentacle aside, and placed in some Dang Kang fatty meat.

Wei Xiao Bei still had a lot of Dang Kang meat in his storage bag. He decided that using meat with high-fat content to saute everything would be a good idea.

As the fat crackled, he placed back a portion of the meat back into the storage bag to use next time. He waited until the meat started to smoke before putting in the tentacle and sauteing everything. Then he placed in pickled vegetables he obtained from the local G.o.d's temple inside to make it a bit saltier. Finally, he added some peeled reed stalks inside.

Wei Xiao Bei had learned from a survival cookbook that the secret to cooking was to use reed stalks when fresh ginger was not available to get rid of the smell. Even if it was not effective, it would not make the dish taste worse.

After placing the last ingredient and stir-frying everything, he added one drop of Secondary Spring Water of Youth. The dish that did not have much fragrance immediately let out an irrepressible fragrance.

When this smell came out, Wei Xiao Bei frowned.

 I can't make an immortal quality dis.h.!.+

This was confirmed.

The biggest characteristic of immortal-quality dishes was that the smell would go into the food and not leak out. Even if it was left alone for half a month, it would not go bad at all.

However, this dish could only be at the level of rare quality and was far from an immortal-quality dish.

No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei was not that disappointed.

After all, there was no way an immortal-quality dish would be so easy to make.

Using the Thousand Eyed Devil's tentacles to make rare quality dishes was already not bad.

He used [Status Appraisal] to check the dish.

Name: Tentacles Sauteed in Reed and Pickles (Rare Quality)

Description: This dish was created by the [Cooking] skill. Main Ingredients: Thousand Eyed Devil's tentacles. Auxiliary ingredients: Local G.o.d's Pickled Vegetables, Lake Cui Reed Stalks, Dang Kang Lard, Secondary Spring Water of Youth. Cooked under reed fire.

Effect 1: Fragrance and taste increase by 15%.

Effect 2: Medium increase in stamina and mental strength.

Effect 3: Eating this will temporarily increase perception by 7 points, persuasiveness by 10 points, and character by 7 points.

Effect 4: Eating this will temporarily decrease willpower by 2 points, and increase the effects of illusions against the user.

Effect 5: Due to the addition of Secondary Spring Water of Youth, eating this would increase lifespan by three months.

Effect 6: This dish has an unknown hallucinatory effect.

Effect 7: This dish can be divided into ten portions.


After seeing its description, Wei Xiao Bei raised his eyebrows as he felt happy with the results. Although it was not an immortal quality dish, it could be considered as one of the best rare quality dishes he made.

A pot could be divided into ten portions which meant that Wei Xiao Bei had just finished ten dishes.

In this time, he had created more than two hundred rare-quality dishes. After this success, he should have already finished 231 dishes, finis.h.i.+ng more than half the requirement.

Perhaps after the [Cooking] skill was once again upgraded, the probability of cooking immortal quality dishes would increase.

However, returning to the main topic, he felt that the dish might have some kind of anesthetic effect. If he had the time, he planned to see what the unknown hallucinatory effect was about.

After pondering a bit more, he held the pot and placed the entire dish into his storage bag.

This scene made Zhang Jin Hua, who was enjoying the smell, stare blankly. The extremely disdainful expression that she used to look at Wei Xiao Bei had changed into an expression of curiosity.

It could not be helped that Zhang Jin Hua had thrown away her shame and came closer.

The smell of the dish was simply too fragrant. Even Zhang Jin Hua who was more than fifteen meters away could smell it.

The most important point was that Zhang Jin Hua had already been in the Dust World for three hours, causing her stomach to be empty.

Whether it was a G.o.ddess, Mary Sue, an unequaled chairwoman, or a lovestruck person there was one reality that they could not run away from, once they go hungry, they would want to eat something.

Zhang Jin Hua's curious gaze was not evaluating Wei Xiao Bei as something strange, but the acceptance of the strange matter had caused her to evaluate Wei Xiao Bei one level higher.

A man with so many skills should not be lacking in money. The most important point was that the other party could provide her with food.

“Handsome, long time no see.”

As she lengthened her tone, Zhang Jin Hua pretended to gracefully call Wei Xiao Bei.

 Zhang Jin Hua finally recognized me?

Wei Xiao Bei was baffled but seeing that the other party was looking at his pot, he finally understood.

Zhang Jin Hua had not recognized him and only did this due to food.


Wei Xiao Bei asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Jin Hua hurriedly nodded her head. Although she had been dreaming about the peak of her life, she would still be honest in such an important point time.

This could be considered as one of Zhang Jin Hua's strong points.

Wei Xiao Bei was busy experimenting with dishes. How could he have time to chat with her? He took out two pieces of normal barbecued meat from his storage bag and a bottle of water and gave it to her. Then he waved his hand, signaling Zhang Jin Hua to go to the side.

Zhang Jin Hua had originally wanted to taste the fragrant smelling dish. She never imagined that the other party would just give her two pieces of barbecued meat and tell her to move away.

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