The City of Terror Chapter 81 - Underground Fighting (2)

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Chapter 81 - Underground Fighting (2)

This place was also the most famous entertainment place of the southwest district. In the eyes of high officials, its status was quite high.

The floor above was mostly a nightclub, but the place that truly attracted the members was what lied below.

An underground casino!

This place even invited a top-notch dealer from Macau to oversee the place. Normal experts who came here were only courting death.

However, the most dazzling place here was the huge underground arena.

This place was the most important place in the entire club.

For those high officials, they had already normally enjoyed beautiful women, famous wine, etc. Everything was already in their hands, but the scent of blood, and excitement from underground fighting made them unable to stop coming back.

“This place would regularly have experts from Southeast Asia to fight in their rings.”

Captain Zheng threw down these words before he left Wei Xiao Bei and Liu Jian Cheng to a lounge and helped Wei Xiao Bei register.

Experts from Southeast Asia?

Was this a kind reminder or a warning?

Wei Xiao Bei smiled and looked at his big senior apprentice brother.

“Xiao Bei, when you go up, remember this, if you really can't handle it, give up. Giving up is not really that humiliating.

Compared to Wei Xiao Bei's carefree appearance, his senior apprentice brother was somewhat serious.

He was not like Wei Xiao Bei. Ever since he had entered the Cheng Clan Dojo, he had already fought in many different levels of underground fighting.

If it was Liu Jian Cheng, himself who went up, there would be nothing to worry about.

However, the person going up this time was his junior apprentice brother, so Liu Jian Cheng was a bit worried.

Although his junior apprentice brother was a martial genius, the amount of time he trained was far too short. His junior apprentice brother should still be a little disadvantaged in terms of real fighting experience. If he were to face real underground experts, then a split second of hesitation was equivalent to death!

Since this was the case, Liu Jian Cheng once again hastily reminded his junior, “Xiao Bei, you are not weak. You senior apprentice brother only wants to warn you. When you go up there, do not be lenient!”

While saying this, Liu Jian Cheng's face darkened as his muscles twitched with ferocity and his tone was filled with killing intent.

Wei Xiao Bei never could have imagined that the martial arts maniac, his big senior apprentice brother, would care this much about him. For a moment, his eyes moistened and hastily replied, “Big senior apprentice brother should not worry, your junior apprentice brother understands.”

It was a lie to say that Wei Xiao Bei had the power to sweep across everyone. Since Captain Zheng was one of the Southeast Asia's experts, one could tell that the level of people in this underground arena was not low.

Wei Xiao Bei's attributes were also unbalanced right now. This had caused him to be weaker than what his attributes seemed to portray, but Wei Xiao Bie had a fatal move, releasing electricity!

Even if the opponent's strength far surpa.s.sed his, once he releases electricity, he would be able to easily turn the tables around.

With their feelings out of the way, they began to talk more, improving their relations.h.i.+p a lot.

Approximately 20 minutes had pa.s.sed. When their conversation just started warming up, the lounge door opened and Captain Zheng entered with a bag.

The bag contained a tight fitting sports underwear and a nightgown that was not at all bad quality. It was tough and durable, which signified that this underground arena truly followed the rules.

Talking about whether an underground arena followed the rules or not is kinda funny.

“This is?” Seeing Captain Zheng hand an A4 paper to him, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly confused.

However, his big senior apprentice brother received it and looked over it once and said, “This is a life and death contract.”

After looking at it one more time,perhaps checking that there was nothing wrong, his big senior apprentice brother pa.s.sed the life and death contract to Wei Xiao Bei, signifying that he should take a look.

Wei Xiao Bei was stunned when he heard the words life and death contract, but he was not the slightest bit afraid. He received it and excitedly looked over it.

However, when he saw it, there were two black words on top, duel contract. And below it was a s.p.a.ce for both contestants to sign. Below that, were the clauses of the contract such as, injures, disabilities, or deaths caused by the duel were the partic.i.p.ant's own responsibilities.

Wei Xiao Bei was silent, but when he thought about it, there was nothing wrong.

In reality, this was indeed a life and death contract, but they only changed the name. There were no words like Lou Lan Club, or underground fighting in the contract. Even if someone wanted to cause trouble, they could not use the contract to do anything.

He looked over it again. Since the contents of the contract was simple, he found no problems in it. Moreover, the contract did not even have any effect in front of the law and it was only used as a cover up.

Wei Xiao Bei signed the contract and returned it back to Captain Zheng. He quickly left since he still needed to let Wei Xiao Bei's opponent sign it.

As for appearance fee, shares, and other things, those had already been set.

Although Wei Xiao Bei was a newbie that was strongly recommended by the Cheng Clan Dojo, the appearance fee would still be 50,000 yuan and the share was 2%.

Every victory would increase the appearance fee by 10,000 and the share would increase by 1%, until it reached the limit of 5%.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was already satisfied with this amount.

How much did he earn the last time he partic.i.p.ated in underground fighting? This time's amount had increased by several folds.

As long as he won a battle, he did not need to worry about his expenses for half a year.

After Wei Xiao Bei worn the underwear and draped on the nightgown, Captain Zheng returned with the contract signed by both parties. In the underground world, this signified that both partic.i.p.ants were ready. Any attempts at backing out would receive heavy beating from the management.

Naturally, this kind of circ.u.mstance rarely appeared. After all, the income in this underground fighting arena was not small. Any person who would enter into this kind of business had already made ample preparation.

“Let's go. Two more matches and it's your turn.

Captain Zheng pa.s.sed Wei Xiao Bei to a young attendant and left with his big senior apprentice brother.

After all, only the fighter and the guide could walk in the corridor leading to the stage, while the fighter's mentor, friends, etc. must walk through a different corridor.

“Mister Wei, your opponent is a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand. His name is Ka Kong, nickname is Flying Demon, 27 years old. Ever since he started fighting, he had won 78 times and lost 31 times. He is also an expert in leg skills.”

The young guide introduced the opponent to Wei Xiao Bei while walking with him.

Wei Xiao Bei nodded at the young man. He had already examined a few sources about underground fighting on the internet. The young man introducing him the opponent beforehand was already a great show of deference.

Even if the man had just introduced the opponents name, it was seen as good enough.

From this introduction, Wei Xiao Bei was able to deduce a lot of things.

27 years old meant that the person name Ka Kong was in his golden phase.

Because Muay Thai's training method severely ruins one's body, a Muay Thai expert would be at their peak from the ages 22 to 28.

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