The City of Terror Chapter 228 - What Kind Of Object Is Divinity?

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Chapter 228 - What kind of object is divinity?

    Just from its appearance, one could already tell that it was strong!

    It was so strong that Wei Xiao Bei could feel danger from it!

    Since he already provoked the monsters of the farmer's market, he did not care anymore and threw a [Status Appraisal] at the flesh monster. Afterwards, he did not bother looking at the information he obtained and ran away.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei's speed had quickly reached its peak and swiftly reached the end.

    After reaching a split in the road, he decided to go back the way he came. After all, a familiar road was safer. Moreover, the direction that he moved in should still have a lot of Zombies, Zombie Dogs, and Lickers. They would become a wall that would hinder the flesh monster from him.

    After escaping a certain distance, Wei Xiao Bei placed most of his attention on his surroundings while contemplating a bit in his mind.

    He inspected the information he had obtained. First was the farmer's market.

Name: Mutated Farmer's Market (Divine)

Race: Transformed Body

Gender: None

Age: 8

Creature Rank: 4 Star Elite

Status: (Blocked)

Skills: Bewitchment Control, Flesh Altar, Alteration, Nurturing

Special Skills: Religious Summon (Fake), Inferior Divinity (Low)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on Hand: (Blocked)

    Mutated Farmer's Market? Divine? 4 Star Elite!

    Seeing this, Wei XIao Bei felt like being able to escape was his good fortune.

    A 4 Star Elite Creature!


    It must be known that the only 4-star creatures that Wei Xiao Bei had seen before was the giant snake of the river back in Bai Ta County, the Radiant Sacred Beetle in Cui Hu City's desert, the Citizen of Long Bo, and the Fire Dragon (Young)!

    The Radiant Beetle itself was a 4-star Elite Creature!

    Although it had been smashed to pieces after provoking the Fire Dragon (Young), Wei Xiao Bei had still seen how strong it was.

    From this, it could be seen how terrifying the Transformed Farmer's Market was.

    Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a moment before checking out its skills.

    Bewitchment Control: This ability could be used to influence people's feelings. Once an intelligent creature is bewitched, controlling them becomes possible, but it is impossible to command them to do things outside their subconcious.

    Flesh Altar: Can create a flesh altar to harvest the power of belief.

    Alteration: Intelligent creatures that are bewitched are transformed with the power of the flesh altar.

    Nurturing: Borrow the power of the flesh altar to strengthen controlled creatures.

    Religious Summon (Fake): Summon a fake Evil G.o.d through the power of belief.

    Inferior Divinity (Low): The Mutated Farmer's Market had gathered years of negative thoughts and inferior evil thoughts to gain a low divinity. From then on becoming a creature with divinity. Although the divinity is inferior, it still gave it the special properties of life extension and increased resistance. Leveling up divinity will grant more special properties.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that his mind was in disarray, but he quickly recovered.

    He felt that he had touched upon the surface of something that he shouldn't have.

    He could understand most of the information. After all, he had been reading quite a lot of novels.

    Against this, Wei Xiao Bei had his own opinions so he did not think about it much.

    He also had a rough understanding on the so-called divine creature.

    From the description of the skill, as long as a creature gained divinity, they could become divine creatures.

    Divine creatures were high-end creatures. They were creatures among creatures.

    They might not be very strong, but even the weakest divinie creature should have more special properties than normal creatures.

    A few examples would be a longer life span, immunity to fire, ice, poison, and others. They might even gain the ability to fly or see through illusions if the divinity was high enough.

    In short, divine creatures were stronger than the normal version of a creature.

    In shorter terms, divine creatures were creatures with cheats.

    If it was because Wei Xiao Bei could not kill it, he would have returned to attack it and see what kind of thing was this divinity.

    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei checked the next information he obtained.

Name: Mao An Ge (Fake Chosen One, Controlled)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Creature Rank: 3 Star

Status: (Blocked)

Skills: Intermediate Power Burst, Walking Like Flying, Spider Arts

Special Skills: Bloodsucking, Control Resistance, Physical Damage Resistance, Intermediate Regeneration

Weakness: Because nurturing was cut off, status decrease by 30%. Willpower will be disordered every 10 minutes.

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on Hand: None

    Mao An Ge!

    This was something Wei Xiao Bei never imagined.

    The flesh monster was actually Mao An Ge!

    He had become a 3-star creature and gained a set of skills.

    This made Wei Xiao Bei stupefied.

    Mao An Ge was originally a 1-star human, but he became a 3-star human in such a short period of time!

    This nurturing was simply too fast.

    His abilities and special ability were more terrifying.

    Wei Xiao Bei placed his attention on the abilities.

    Intermediate Power Burst: A stronger strength increase compared to Elementary Power Burst. This ability can be obtained when muscle reaches 40 points.

    Walking Like Flying: Activating this ability doubles speed! This ability can be obtained when flexibility reaches 20 points.

    Spider Arts: Allows the user to move at half speed on walls, mountains, and even ceilings. This ability can be obtained when balance reaches 20 points.

    Bloodsucking: After drinking blood, all status value increases by 20%.

    Control Resistance: Because of being controlled by the farmer's market, gain resistance to other control abilities.

    Physical Damage Resistance: All physical damage decrease by 20%.

    Intermediate Regeneration: A stronger recovery speed compared to Elementary Regeneration. This ability can be obtained when health reaches 40 points.

    Every ability was strong.

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but suck in cold air when he saw this.

    However, he had seen through a few things.

    For example, when Mao An Ge's flexibility reached 20 points, he had gained [Walking Like Flying]. On the other hand, Wei Xiao Bei gained [Improved Body Movement].

    [Walking Like Flying] doubles speed, while [Improved Body Movement] increased flexibility and had a connection with reaction time.

    In short, there were differences between abilities. [Walking Like Flying] was better for escaping, while [Improved Body Movement] was better for fighting.

    Other than that, the [Spider Arts] was gained after balance reached 20 points, while Wei Xiao Bei gained [Ground Rooting].

    [Spider Arts] had a wider range of application than [Ground Rooting], but [Ground Rooting] was better on inclines less than 45 degrees. On inclines greater than 70 degrees, [Spider Arts] was better.

    It could be said that each had their own uses, so they must not be lumped together.

    Thus, Wei Xiao Bei realized that different people could gain different abilities when their attributes reach the threshold of 20 points, while the next time that he would gain abilities would be at 40 points.

    No matter what was said, Mao An Ge's changes after being controlled were too huge.

    However, this was normal. After all, the Mutated Farmer's Market was a 4-star Elite Creature and even a divine one at that. Moreover, it appeared to not have any fighting strength by itself since it had the [Nurturing] skill, so creatures that it nurtured should not be weak.

    However, this was already heaven defying in Wei Xiao Bei's eyes. Luckily, the BMW guy had been killed by Mao An Ge.

    Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to deal with 2 3-star creatures.

    Following the pa.s.sage of time, Mao An Ge was getting closer.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that Mao An Ge had used his [Walking Like Flying] skill. It could also be seen that he had used [Spider Arts] as the obstacles seemed to be nothing in front of him. These two abilities combined had allowed Mao An Ge to run at abnormal speed even on vertical walls.


    Wei Xiao Bei cursed, but he was not envious, since Mao An Ge was in a sorrowful state.

    His conscience had been controlled by that monster so having so much strength was useless. It would be better to just jump down a building and die.

    In any case, Wei Xiao Bei had already made this decision in his heart. He knew that being controlled by monsters would not have a happy ending. The only other problem was if these monsters could control corpses.

    Wei Xiao Bei ran in front as Mao An Ge chased behind.

    Other than their closing distance, ahead of Wei Xiao Bei was unknown lands.

    A few wandering Zombies began to appear in the vicinity. When they heard Wei Xiao Bei's running noise, they swayed and formed a blockade.

    However, with Wei Xiao Bei's speed, the Zombies could not even block him.

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