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The moment the news of the 4th United Fleet's near complete victory had been sent back to the commanding department, the commanding officer for the ground-based army, General Robert, knew that it would soon be the ground-based army's turn to perform. Right now, the war preparations happening on Miracolo Planet and Miracolo II Planet were in the final stages—at least, for the first phase of the military campaign, which they were completely prepared.

A total of over 60 fully-mechanized infantry divisions and over 20 armored divisions had been prepared for deployment in the first phase of land invasion, and amongst them included the Federation's 1st Ground-Based Armored Division and the Aviation Squadron 3rd Armored Division that were part of the trump card divisions who were to become the main force of their invasion. As for the vanguard of their land invasion, the Aviation Squadron 16th Armored Division and the replenished 9th Armored Division that shone greatly in the Miracolo Planet's war would be the main force.

When the 9th Armored Division was defending Miracolo's largest industry city, New Rome, they used half of their forces to coordinate with their brother division to hold the place until Federation's large-scaled counterattack occurred. They had fought countless fierce battles and had seen many companies and battalions having great achievements. As for the 16th Division's achievements, it happened on the Garo Mountain military campaign. When this division was deployed to Garo Mountain, the supreme commander, General Blatter, had fundamentally no other soldiers left to reinforce them. If the 16th Division could not hold on to their ground, then the Federation would have to retreat before the dawn of victory arrived, as there were no troops defending the area up to a few kilometers behind this division. The Imperial Army would then be like a beast being led out of the cage, charging forth in the vast region and smas.h.i.+ng the Federation's defense into pieces! Fortunately, it was the 16th Division that had been deployed. This division had not only defended the base, but they had also charged forward during their last counterattack, destroying and capturing many soldiers from the Imperial Army despite the enemy having a force a few times larger than theirs.

In the Aviation Squadron 9th Armored Division's room of honor, it was hung with all sorts of banners and collective medals. On the front wall, there was an empty s.p.a.ce, and a new soldier/recruit had come here before, asking why an empty s.p.a.ce was left behind. The old soldiers would reply, "That is a position which we reserved for a Battle Mecha engineer who have achieved a first cla.s.s merit! During the most crucial of moments in New Rome, if not for this Battle Mecha engineer who destroyed the enemy's forward command base's command department, forcing the Imperial Army to delay their offense by two days, the 9th Division at New Rome would most likely not exist now. The Division Commander said that a hero will always emerge during a chaotic era. That Battle Mecha engineer could even create such a miracle, so let's just leave this position for him! And also for any future heroes!"

This single sentence by the Division Commander had made every new recruits who just entered the 9th Division to surge with hot-bloodedness and fascination. So they themselves also had the opportunity to create miracles! This empty s.p.a.ce had seemingly become the ambition of every single person from the Aviation Squadron 9th Armored Division, and from then on, the 9th Armored Division had their own spirit, causing a great increment in terms of their teamwork and combat power!

As for the 16th Armored Division that was currently busy preparing for war, the Special Scouts Battalion, which had been promoted into a regiment, did not have any anxiety at all before the battle even though they would be stepping onto the large-scaled transport s.h.i.+p in just a few dozen hours, becoming the first batch of vanguards carrying out the land invasion of Galileo's main planet, Lucerne Planet. They were instead just reading books, playing ball, or boasting around; all of them were truly carefree, seemingly as if they did not regard the upcoming war as something important.

The soldiers which this regiment had been replenished with were outstanding old soldiers who fought a hundred battles from other regiments within the division; they were the best soldiers, though these soldiers felt curious as well, especially towards that mysterious vice company commander who brought a single section with him to the rear enemy lines while playing with the enemies. This sensation was especially intense in Thoriko's company, as several special scouts had followed him all the way into the mess for the company's fundamental level officer to ask him, "Please tell us who the company commander is. If other people outside were to ask us about our company's past radiant deed, then we will still have something to say, won't we?" Thoriko stared at them before saying, "This is a military secret. Do you think I'm here to tell you about this so that you can go out and show off?"

The moment they mentioned the vice company commander, several old soldiers in the mess became sharp. This group of people who had walked out from the rear enemy lines with Fatty were either platoon commanders or team commanders and were conferred with medals. In the entire 16th Division, these people were truly proud of themselves.

The vice company commander, Steller, said, "Dage, what do you say the vice company commander is doing now?"

Dage Duncan did not even look up from his book: "Most likely bullying someone else."

Dage Duncan came from the Bermuda Starfield's Labra Planet and took on the role as a marksman in Thoriko's platoon. Compared to other Battle Mechas, his warrior-cla.s.s pioneer had been fitted with an additional energy cannon as compared to the other Battle Mechas. The firepower he released was extremely accurate and fierce, and he was someone who could be depended on for any need of firepower a.s.sistance. His personality was also as such; he would usually not speak, and whenever he spoke, it would be a single sentence.

The group of them did not realize their reply would be as such. First, they would be stunned for a moment before the entire room roared with laughter while nodding their head. This past vice company commander of theirs was a master in ensuring he did not suffer a loss. After entering the special scouts battalion, he had already started creating trouble. Even now, that Alice would have a weird expression whenever she looked at the Special Scouts Regiment.

If comparing methods, he would absolutely be unparalleled, as he had stunned everyone in pa.s.sing all three rounds! Furthermore, he was wretched and was full of craftiness and cunningness. If anyone was to infuriate this Federation hero, that person would be the first to cry. Other's need not be said, but the past commando battalion commander, Grant, who had been deployed over to the Bermuda military district, had remained sullen over the fact that the fatty had destroyed his mechanical leg.

Throriko laughed while sighing at the same time: "If only the vice company commander could come back, I wouldn't mind returning to being a team commander!" The group of them nodded at the same time, feeling that battling with this vice company commander was comfortable and amusing, so much more satisfying than being an officer.

Those new soldiers that were by the side looked towards each other. It has been close to 20 days since they first entered the Special Scouts Regiment. During the ordinary days, each one of these commanding officers were more bullish than the other. When they fought in the war, they were indeed very formidable. It was fine if their techniques were good or if they had a tacit understanding of what to do, and more importantly, all of them were ruthless. During their everyday training, these new soldiers could obtain some clues when they were fighting against them; they felt unbearable as if being teased. Each of them were shameless and fearless and loved challenging others. Those who dared to challenge the Special Scouts Regiment were few and far between, but hearing from them, there was someone whom these old soldiers all accepted, and this legendary character, whom the new soldiers had never seen before, led to them asking, "d.a.m.n, how bullish exactly is this person?"

The bull, Tian Xing Jian, was currently studying battle examples. Russell estimated that this Fatty still had quite a lot of potential to be dug out and had to be imposed additional pressure, thus he left behind enough battle examples for an ordinary person to a.n.a.lyze for an entire year. Fatty's a.s.signment was that he had to finish within a week, memorizing every single important point of these battle examples!

Despite this week being the busiest period for the intelligence department, An Lei took some time off to visit him at Russell's office. Rus.h.i.+ng over, she brought him several clean sets of clothes for him to change into and a pot of soup brewed by Mother An before strangely kicking and blaming him, "Nymphomaniac! Your professional knowledge is really rich, eh!?" Fatty was stunned for half a beat, and only then did he understand that the big, white rabbit matter was being taken care of by the intelligence department.

But he could not care about any other matters. Now, inside Fatty's head was just battle examples and more battle examples and all sorts of data, a.n.a.lysis, combat case studies, battle outcome deductions, troop deployments, time difference, underhanded means, diversion tactics, and many other methods. He was just like a reservoir that had been constructed, absorbing everything to the best of his ability. During the process of memorizing and a.n.a.lyzing, he started to unknowingly ponder over several case studies and what he would do if he was in that circ.u.mstance. This was the very first step Tian Xing Jian had taken towards forming his own combat school of thought.

Gyaca Woods Empire's number one general, Gordon, stood in front of that window, lightly tapping the cigarette in his hand on the ash tray placed by the window ledge. He sighed. This window and the scenery outside did not give him any of the wisdom which Russell had. Just like how the secretary did not understand the question of why he liked to stand here, he similarly did not understand why Russell would feel like looking out this window.

A voice sounded out from behind him, breaking the thoughts of Gordon.

"Respectable General Gordon, I think that you have met some trouble."

Gordon, who had his thoughts broken, indignantly turned around. Once he saw clearly who it was, he became tongue-tied.

There stood beside his chief confidential secretary were two people. The one who spoke to him was a young man; this person was someone Gordon was extremely familiar with—he was none other than the Gyaca Woods Empire's Mo Dun Royal Family's third successor, Third Prince Stephen.

And standing beside this most talented person in military affairs within the royal family was a thin and short old man. Gordon might not have met him before, but he wasn't that unfamiliar with him. He was none other than the director of Naga Federation's military research inst.i.tute, Director Liebgott, and someone who ranked above Russell. Naga Federation was one of the largest democratic nation within the West Faction. Due to a border conflict with the Republic of Ryan, this Federated nation had finally joined the West Faction, which was mostly comprised of nations with imperial regimes. Politics only consisted of benefits and not righteousness. The victor would be the one qualified in saying they were righteous, while at the same time, concealing all sorts of vile acts.

Three years ago, Stephen had defeated more than a hundred outstanding compet.i.tors with absolute domination, becoming the student of the number two general of the Naga Federation, which was a huge military nation. This led to a great increase in the number of commoners and n.o.ble powers shouting out in request for Stephen to become the first successor.

However, the military remained in support of the actual first successor, Crown Prince George Morton.

The relations.h.i.+p between the military and the royal family was subtle. Although they would absolutely comply with the orders given by the royal family, the military would still play their own moves for certain issues. The power of Stephen was truly too concentrated. To the generals, this wasn't always a good thing. As for Crown Prince George, he was much better in this aspect since ultimately, he would prefer to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery [1], and at times, his temper would be quite violent. Still, he would not bring any threat to the entire Empire. In this nation that was run by the royal family and the military, a more mediocre ruler would be something they could accept more easily.

The moment Gordon saw these two people, he knew that there was some trouble happening in the military. Stephen had come to intervene right when the military was at its most awkward moment. And behind him was that thin and short, old man. Even though he was the savior of the nation, he would also bring disaster to the nation.

Ever since Russell left, n.o.body would be able to contend against this famous military expert in the military.

He himself included!

Translator's Thoughts Chaos

[1] Frequenting the brothels.

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