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Chapter 38: Soul equipment

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elka.s.sar

Competing in vision, naturally n.o.body could compare with that old fox Mogensha. He squinted his eyes through a crack of the overlord downwards. Not too long later, he excitedly screamed out!

“There, to the left, 500 metres!!”

The Overlord quickly detoured and descended. Only now did Sheyan notice the distinct traces of a huge fleet of zerglings, trampled footsteps and claw marks guided a pathway! Following this zergling trail, a fading shadow could been seen amidst a gigantic cliff. Carefully observing, a pitch-black cave could be seen; shaped like the mouth of a voracious beast, it emitted a chilling sensation.

Due to the fact an ordinary Overlord already possessed the true-sight ability, Sheyan wasn’t afraid of any arachnids hidden burrowed underneath the ground. He directly leapt down, reflecting for a moment before shouting to Mogensha.

“I’ll leave Baiise with you. You two will keep watch outside, and I’ll bring the other two marines in. That should be enough to cover the narrow firing s.p.a.ce of the cave, anymore will be redundant. If the enemy appears with more reinforcements, remember you have to primarily target the hydralisks!”

Mogensha understood that he wouldn’t be of much use within such a complicated and dark terrain like the cave. Hence, he bluntly acknowledged. Sheyan wasn’t afraid of Mogensha fleeing by himself. Their current interests were already closely knitted together, sharing the same mission and their roles greatly complemented each other. Yet more importantly, Mogensha’s reputation within the Blackthorn tribe was as good as zero, if he wanted to purchase any ‘Wors.h.i.+pped’ rank things; for example increasing his attack range or movement speed, he would’ve have to engage Sheyan to a.s.sist him with it.

After the two separated, Sheyan immediately concocted a gene dosage: ‘Strength of the Bear’s flesh’; instantly propelling his strength to 20 points! He then retrieved his ‘Prometheus (III) Flamethrower’ and slung it around his neck. The cave was approximately 5-6 metres wide, and not even 4 metres in height; releasing a stifling eeriness. Sheyan reckoned that the arachnid horde consisted primarily of zerglings, even if there were hydralisks, there wouldn’t be that many. Because in such an environment, it allowed for only 2-3 hydralisks to attack at one go. The remainder had to wait behind for their comrade to fall. It would be a complete waste of manpower. Hence, nimble and slippery zerglings would be the priority.

Truthfully speaking, Sheyan alone would be able to take down hundreds of ordinary zerglings within this confined environment. If he had firepower reinforcements behind, definitely they will be able to sustain longer. Leading the two elite marines upfront, an awfully intense stench streamed into their noses. Going deeper, corpses of rotting zerglings pitifully covered the entire region. Their faint yellowish fluids coagulated into clumps of blood ponds, splas.h.i.+ng repulsively as the humans stomped over it.

Sheyan disregarded the filth as he dived and soaked himself with the zergling fluids. This behavior may seem erratic, but it widened the possibility of the vicious zerglings delayed reactions to him. Doing it was better than doing nothing, even if it amounted to nothing, he still wouldn’t lose anything.

Suddenly, one of the marines sprinted ahead and picked up a broken helmet. A terrifyingly distinct hole was penetrated through on this helmet. Muddied blood and white brain fluids filled the tip of the helmet. Naturally, one of the marines had lost his life here.

The 3 then continued advancing, discovering more horrific bodies on the way. Of course, the mult.i.tude of arachnid corpses overshadowed the human body parts. Yet the arachnid horde could be replenished easily, but for the fleeing humans, a death signified a permanently weakened defence! Not long later, complete bodies of the Roughneck special forces surfaced. Sheyan hurried along a curve in the cave, pus.h.i.+ng away clumps of zergling corpses on the way. Astoundingly, underneath a clump appeared a rather familiar face.


The long range sniper, Qiaoer.

His face was rigidly cringing, blood smeared every surface of his skin. His twin eyes were horrifically widely opened. Cracks were plenty over his upper battle armour. Yet beneath it……

There was nothing.

One could easily infer, he had been pounced down to the ground by a zergling. He then tried frantically to wrestle away the zergling, but another 2-3 more vicious zerglings swarmed in, tearing through his body with their razor-sharp fangs and claws. Within a flash, Qiaoer was reduced to half a body. Because of the battle armour, his upper body was spared. The zerglings then switched their focus.

Sheyan helped to roll down Qiaoer’s eyelids, covering his eternal grievance. His formidable long range abilities was really awe-inspiring, worthy of being one who had injured the Metals professor before. Yet he carried a weightier ambition in his heart. In Sheyan’s schemes, the people he hated most were ones with dangerous ambitions…….

The casualties begun to pile up more frequently. Amidst that, Sheyan discovered another familiar face. Within the dim lighting of the cave, he suddenly witnessed a skinny figure twitching as he sprawled over a rock. Looking closely, it was that Harnik that was seemingly on good terms with Qiaoer. He was actually still alive?

Sheyan hurried forward, about to reach out for crazy Harnik. Suddenly, a bloodied zergling burrowed up abruptly. Its coercive sharp fangs directly piercing towards Sheyan’s face!

This sudden attack really caught Sheyan off guard, forcing his body backwards as he managed to dodge the zergling. Yet this action exposed his naked throat, allowing the ferocious zergling to swiftly spin and clawed against him. In a split second, a fist arrived first as it smashed directly into the zergling’s mouth! The immense brute force instantly threw the zergling against the rocky wall.

The zergling lunged forward in defiance, snapping against Sheyan with its savage fangs. Yet its fang seem to collide against an impregnable sensation, while its primitive brain was obviously not able to process the underlying strength beneath it. In a split second, the next fist pummeled heavily onto the zergling’s eye. Yellowish fluids gushed out from its ears and nose, as a powerful kick followed it. Without a doubt, this 50 HP zergling died on the spot.

Sheyan then glanced towards crazy Harnik. Harnik was still fully intact; yet sadly, an enormous laceration tore through his stomach, leaving his guts spilling out. By now, he had already died from excessive blood loss. Looking at such a grotesque and horrible way to die, even a rabbit would grieve for the fox*.

(TN:*Having sympathy with a like-minded person in distress)

A complicated feeling welled up in Sheyan as he witnessed these familiar face he used to fight alongside with. But this feeling of sympathy and melancholy was immediately disrupted by a fit of sinister laughter…..

Sheyan swung his head round in shock.

“Oi oi oi, it’s very dangerous here. Why did you suddenly come out?”

This s.l.u.t Jinkuang had both his eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly like diamonds, his hands folded into fists as he placed it on his chest and slyly replied.

“Many thanks for master’s concern, how about some consolation for my distressed heart?”

Sheyan replied. “……. in your dreams! Wait, why is that a red glow sipping out of your fist???”

Jinkuang’s rat beard suddenly twitched up, his gaze leaked out a certain fl.u.s.ter. Bitterly smiling he replied.

“What! That’s not possible, master is your eyesight getting worse?!”

Sheyan clenched his teeth.

“Yeah right! This greedy s.l.u.t who is afraid of death, taking everything but giving nothing; why would you suddenly show up at such a treacherous location! You must’ve seen something to gain. Is it a soul equipment!!!!?”

Jinkuang hissed as he clenched his fist even tighter.

“For the love of money, master you cannot do this! If not I swear your loyalty points will drop to 0!”

With this killer move, Sheyan was instantly speechless. His expression and tone immediately changed.

“I’m just saying only, this 5 utility points is for you. A soul equipment isn’t really anything good, you still have to complete a mission for it. How about sell it to me for 100 utility points?”

Jinkuang bluntly and rudely received the 5 utility points, yet he snorted in rage.

“This n.o.ble goblin will definitely protect his own wealth, s.h.i.+t, this is actually a soul equipment? It wants to give me a mission? What! I have to kill a thousand zerglings? Wa, heavens this is almost as bad as having to pay taxes! Nevermind, I’ll just use our goblin’s secret arts to wipe away this d.a.m.nable mission!!”

Sheyan watched on as disgusting saliva scattered while Jinkuang complained. Suddenly, his eyes popped out widely. This s.l.u.t Jinkuang released his fist as a red glowing object dropped out. First he stomped over it several times, before rubbing against his filthy crotch like applying lubricant. Then he used a stone and started pounding onto it, before finally spitting a thick gooey phlegm over….. Sheyan couldn’t stand looking any longer, he sighed in his heart for this unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d. After his death, even his soul equipment was being raped and violated by such an immoral s.l.u.t, what a disgrace. But what pained his heart more was that he was unable to stop, and s.n.a.t.c.h this good item over……

Jinkuang picked up the object, spitting for the last time before wiping with his sleeve…… in the end, that resentful glow of the soul equipment actually gradually faded away. His wretched goblin was now all smiles. Sheyan’s pupils had expanded as huge as ever before. Carefully examining this equipment, it was astonis.h.i.+ngly the ring crazy Harnik was wearing. The ring was even emitted a glimmer of silver brilliance! ……. Sheyan reluctantly gave that ring one more look, deep in his heart, he understood that trying to exploit this master-servant was impossible. He stubbornly turned around as he continued to advance deeper into the cave.

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