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Chapter 540: Ambush
Towards Brother Black’s query, Sheyan chortled and replied.

"Naturally, since I’ve consecutively s.n.a.t.c.hed the items those gypsies greatly desired! Actually, knowing the personality of those perverted old hags, they would’ve definitely started a bidding war against me. Instead, her reaction was to relent."
"That undoubtedly brings up two possibilities. Either she has no money, which we can eliminate as she purchased several items in the end; or she has a method to obtain those items without expending cas.h.!.+ Hence, she allowed me to be complacent with my successful bids."
"Before leaving the auction, I realized that woman had been consistently staring at me. Following that, I carefully inspected myself and discovered this in my sleeve."
Sheyan stretched out his left arm as he spoke, revealing an astonis.h.i.+ng fingernail-sized red heart vestige on the outer side of his sleeve. Like a birthmark, this vestige penetrated deep into the fiber of his sleeve. It was impossible to it off. Moreover, few would be able to notice it in such an awkward position. If not for his suspicions, Sheyan would’ve found it hard to discover it as well.
"This should be a notation that gypsy diviner has placed on me. With it, she can easily pinpoint my location. In order to prevent advertently alarming the enemy, she forsook monitoring us; a plan of using a long line to catch the big fish. Yet this offered me the golden opportunity to borrow the might of those vikings, to slay them when they least expect!"
Reef interrupted.
"But, aren’t they afraid of the Little Lord Fokke’s diary?"
Sheyan answered.
"Placed in our party interspatial storage, that diary might as well be transferred to a new dimension; screening away all relations to this world. Therefore, those gypsies probably couldn’t sense, or determined that we wouldn’t carry the diary with us but kept it somewhere safe. Obviously, they would act without the slightest scruple."
While the trio were conversing, Rollo and his ferociously unrivalled vikings had left the butchered gypsy slaves in a scattered mess. This scene essentially looked as effortless as a tiger a.s.sailing a pack of goats.
In spite of that, yet another large swarm of gypsy slaves appeared from the darkness. Treating death with contempt, they silently pounced forward.
Sheyan immediately commanded his pirate underlings to a.s.sist.
This time, those mighty vikings started feeling pressure when challenged by nearly a hundred charging gypsy slaves. This was mainly due to their poor acclimatization to prolonged combat.
Speaking in line with Sun Tze’s Art of War, they were past the vigorous ‘spurt of energy’ phrase, and were into the waning phase.
Although the gypsy slaves inflicted poor damages, they drew in lifelessly as they stabbed forth with rakes and pitchforks; dealing impressive damages as a whole.
Furthermore, amidst the gypsy slaves, several of those gypsy guardians had shamelessly blended in.
(TL:*Recall, the gypsy guardians are the second tier of gypsy males)
Disguised in the same appearance as those gypsy slaves, those guardians hid daggers within their bodies as they threatened with deadly killing intent.
Sheyan himself personally witnessed a mishap.
While attempting to fend for another viking warrior, the viking warrior Rollo had carelessly failed to block. In turn, a gypsy guardian sneaked in and thrusted his dagger into Rollo’s belt. Yet before Rollo had the chance to retaliate, that gypsy guardian had swiftly blended back into the gypsy crowd!
One could observe that the gypsy woman directing behind the scenes, definitely possessed remarkable commanding capabilities. Although Sheyan’s arrangement had caught her off guard, she managed to pinpoint the vikings’ weakness within a short span of time, and counter-attack with

precise focus!
Such a capability could be said to be rather uncommon, and it was no surprise the gypsies were a.s.sured in allowing her to deal with their foes herself.
Faced with this tactic, the three vikings became traumatized by those disguised; feeling as though every tree or bush was an enemy. Every foe they clashed with felt like the ones who could deal a severe strike to them.
As such, they inevitably maintained a vigilant state, and treated every incoming ‘farmer’ as a menacing wolf.
....Will that incoming vegetable knife morph into a deadly cleaver? Is that thrusting pitchfork a feign or a casual reckless jab. Are those incoming hurling rocks ordinary rocks or lime?
They had just witnessed a pirate underling slas.h.i.+ng through a lime parcel carelessly, where burning calcium oxide blinded him instantaneously. After that pirate underling tumbled to the ground while groaning miserably, where the flock of despicable gypsy slaves swarmed over and stomped him to death.
Realizing the situation turning disadvantageous, Reef speared forth with a roaring ‘Shattering Cardiac Roar’.
A formless shockwave ripple swept out in a ring, inflicting devastating damages and an area negative effect to them; its effects lingering inside their bodies like maggots infesting bones. The gypsy slaves who relied on their superior numbers, were now moving with great difficulty.
Yet more critically, Reef’s roaring shockwave instantly removed the disguise of those intermingled guardians amongst the gypsy slaves.
Exterior could be disguised but not interior quality. Evidently, the damage and effects they received from the roaring shockwave was much lighter than the gypsy slaves. Hence, with careful attention, those guardians could be differentiated as clearly as fireflies during nighttime.
It was time for Mogensha to demonstrate his prestige. While puffing his cigar, he squinted his eyes and gently pressed the trigger; sniping down those hidden saboteurs within the human crowd.
Following that, Reef led the few pirates as they rapidly cut down the remaining pitiable gypsy slaves.
The panting vikings could finally catch their breaths, lowering their weapons to the ground and panting violently.
Brother Black then casually tossed a case of ‘Sudan Ointment’ to them. After they smeared the ointment on their wounds, they swiftly regathered their strength to fight.
At present, even though the attacks of those gypsy slaves were mostly futile, they maintained a despairing rapaciousness as they lurched forward; embracing their despondent fates with stubborn fighting willpower.
As Sheyan observed the battling crowd, his eyes squinted and issued.
"Reef, pay attention to those slaves. It is strange, they won’t even groan or struggle when cut down, but directly turn stiff."
Reef was stumped momentarily, before he immediately verified Sheyan’s words.
"You’re right, that’s the case. Let me see, eh? The soil beneath my feet is reddening!"
"Apparently, the manipulator behind the scene is in action." Sheyan scoffed mildly.
"Therefore, those slaves and guardians had been foreordained to sacrifice their lives from the start. If they sufficed to finish us, then good. Otherwise if they failed, their corpses and blood would be offered and transformed into means for the next a.s.sault."
Sheyan’s lips curled into a sneer. Then he bellowed out.
"Men, halt your zealous hearts from killing for now! Everyone lay siege to break through the west. The gypsies are good at employing blood and corpses for their occult magic. We must leave this accursed ground at once!"
After Sheyan issued his command, Reef immediately roared out with his ‘Shattering Cardiac Roar’; its shockwave ripple sweeping ahead fanatically, shaking the gypsy slaves around into staggers.
With the pirates huddling together, Sheyan raised up a coiling black object and tossed it into the sky.
As that object spun 5-6 metres into the air, he instantly emanated a dull golden brilliance. Upon looking closer, it appeared to be a coiled tree bark. Indeed, it was one of the viking’s ‘Birch Bark of the Hlidskjalf’.
Golden showers of mist poured down from the tree bark, before irrigating into the bodies of Sheyan’s group.
In a split second, all of them received a shocking enhancement as they speared towards the west; seemingly about to break free from the battling field devised by the gypsies.
Yet at this instant, a shrilling voice pierced out. Three figures strided out from the darkness with heavy footsteps, as they blocked the swift advance of Sheyan’s gang.
The three figures were clad in medieval armour of immense thickness; appearing akin to a steel fortress. As they trudged forward, sonorous metallic clanking could be heard. Their hands gripped onto long halberds.
One of the knights was particularly familiar. After a thorough recalling, Sheyan recognized that to be the man back in the gypsy’s tent. During that time, he was in charge of escorting slaves meant to be sacrificed; pus.h.i.+ng them into the spell circle. At present, he glared at Sheyan numbly as though he had completely lost his soul.
(TL: The gypsy knights are the third tier fighters of gyspy males)
Leading the charge, viking Rollo roared furiously as he hammered forth with his sledgehammer; carving out a deep black arc in the air.
Boom! Even the leaves on the ground spiralled into the air. One could tell how tremendous was his strength! Using brute strength to break their foes was indeed the forte of these mighty vikings!
Even though the three gypsy knights understood the difficulty to equal such strength, they opted not to evade; raising their weapons to face the shuddering impact! Evidently, their lives were solely in existence to prevent their foes from escaping. Using their own lives to win an additional second would be well worth it!
Keng! A thunderous impact resounded with sparks scattering. The two foremost gypsy knights stumbled backwards unanimously; the long halberd in their hands slightly crooked. Instead, Harold grunted as well while staggered several steps back.
Still, the mighty viking warrior wasn’t fighting alone. The other two vikings simultaneously tore forward, waving their heavy siege weapons to smash forth brutally. Meanwhile, the other pirates were not individuals who understood a gentleman’s fair fight, as they thrusted broadswords concurrently.
After a measly few seconds, the armours of the three gypsy knights had been badly battered; 7-8 deep cracks lacerated through them, revealing internal bodies of ripped and scattered flesh chunks.
The three gypsy knights vomited out mouthfuls of blood, but still, they remained unyielding as they swung their halberds to hamper their foes!

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