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"So, you guys started to experiment and found that, by killing the version of you in other parallel universes, you'll be able to plunder their source energy for yourself? That's how you strengthen the power of your father, Fang Lin?" questioned Sheyan coldly.
"Wrong!" spat Bind mockingly. "For ordinary people, even if they do that, they'll only get a tiny amount of source energy, almost negligible. But those who are an important node in the parallel universes have thousands of times the amount of source energy that ordinary people possess. They're the only ones worth killing!"
"Think about it. Before this, you're just trash that has unremarkable potential. You're not even qualified to be selected as a Chosen by your Realm. But why have you escaped danger again and again after joining the Nightmare Realm and kept growing until the way you are today?"
"I'll tell you the reason! When we killed the Fang Lin in other parallel universes, you've also absorbed a large portion of the source energy that escaped from them! Free source energy has very similar characteristics to liquid. As written in the research report, under normal circ.u.mstances, it'll preferentially flow into the identical biological important nodes nearby. However, if there's a strong existence in the distance, the strong existence will become like a whirlpool, actively pulling the faraway source energy to them!"
At this point, Bind expelled a sigh and said, "You lucky fool, you should've been able to keep benefiting without putting in any effort. It wasn't until I fought with you and found that you can actually control Evil Sword Apophis that we begin to suspect you. Only those with our special blood can use the sword. It so happened that an important servant of Father's has also recovered his most important soul fragment around that time. Father didn't tell us anything, but this att.i.tude is a kind of information in itself. It wasn't hard for us to deduce the existence of the despicable tumour, the disgusting parasite, the lucky leftover that is you!"
"Wait a minute," Sheyan suddenly interrupted. "Didn't you say that source energy will only flow to the identical biological important nodes in other universes? What does your father slaughtering the other versions of himself have anything to do with me? In theory, it should be my dead father who gets the benefit. Why do I benefit too?"
"Because your father, the businessman Fang Lin, had also joined a Nightmare Realm! And he possessed the strength to go against us! In the end, he wasn't our match and ended up being killed, but his power was not to be underestimated. When we killed him, we were not aware that he had already prepared a contingency plan."
"Thinking back about it, he did not die on the spot back then. He had faked his death and hung on until he could see you. He pa.s.sed on to you his precious source energy and prepared all kinds of protective measures for you before he truly died! And in retrospect, your mother's suicide was really suspicious too. Perhaps she didn't actually kill herself out of grief over your father's death, but to prevent us from getting any information about you out of her!"

Upon hearing that, something hot burned in Sheyan's chest. Comparing the things Bind told him with some of the memory fragments he recalled before, they felt so real!
Many a time, he had resented his parents who had cruelly abandoned him when he was so young! But now he knew the truth. The love of a parent knows no bounds! They loved him so deeply and fiercely that they did not hesitate to give up their precious lives for him!
The reason his memory before the age of three was so messy was probably something deliberately done by his father in order to prevent others from finding out his ident.i.ty while he was still young and weak.
A storm brewed inside Sheyan, and he only managed to calm down after a while. At this time, he could not help thinking that, if he had a child, would he sacrifice so much for his child too? If he were to leave here alive today, he would definitely make a baby right away!
Bind certainly could not predict what kind of random thoughts were running through Sheyan's mind. But Sheyan quickly raised his head and stared at Bind with a mocking sneer.
"You claim that my father's source energy has been pa.s.sed down to me. But if that's the case, why was I not even qualified to become a Chosen? Is source energy so worthless?"
"You're an idiot. It's hard talking to someone so ignorant," Bind sneered back. "Source energy originates from the Starting Point. It's the most mysterious type of energy that already exists during the birth of the multiverse and is the basis of all life! Even the Nightmare Realms can't fully understand it; they're just way ahead of most people in their understanding. It's not surprising that they can't detect it if it's deliberately hidden. Besides, do you really not possess the potential to be a Chosen? Do you really not have some natural abilities that are a lot stronger than other contestants?"
Sheyan wanted to say no, but his expression suddenly changed. Certain memories that he had almost forgotten surfaced in his mind.
[ You are attacked by x.x.x and receive 7 points of damage. This damage ignores defence. Its precedence is: Domain precedence. ]
(No precedence < slight="" precedence="">< authoritative="">< domain="" precedence="">< domain="" authority)="" [="" you="" are="" attacked="" by="" x.x.x.="" your="" hidden="" innate="" ability,="" 'endurance',="" is="" triggered…="" ]="" [="" conflicting="" data="" detected,="" precedence="" determination="" in="" progress…="" ]="" [="" data="" irregularity="" detected.="" data="" irregularity="" detected.="" ]="" [="" check="" ongoing...="" ]="" [="" check="" pa.s.sed.="" your="" hidden="" innate="" ability,="" 'endurance',="" reduces="" the="" physical="" damage="" by="" 25.="" ]="" [="" you="" will="" only="" receive="" 1="" point="" of="" damage="" from="" this="" attack.="" ]="" "....."="" "the="" ability="" that="" enables="" me="" to="" conquer="" the="" nightmare="" worlds…"="" "the="" frightening="" innate="" ability="" that="" can="" confuse="" the="" nearly="" omnipotent="" nightmare="" realm,="" leading="" to="" irregularities="" in="" data..."="" "is="" that="" the="" embodiment="" of="" the="" source="" energy="" that="" my="" father="" left="" for="" me?"="" "yes,="" it="" should="" be.="" if="" i="" just="" lead="" an="" ordinary="" life,="" the="" source="" energy="" hidden="" inside="" me="" will="" gradually="" affect="" my="" destiny,="" slowly="" helping="" me="" grow="" into="" an="" awe-inspiring="" figure="" who="" can="" influence="" the="" state="" of="" the="" world."="" "however,="" because="" i="" joined="" a="" nightmare="" realm,="" the="" mysterious="" source="" energy="" materialised="" as="" an="" innate="" ability.="" although="" it="" could="" no="" longer="" influence="" my="" destiny="" and="" help="" me="" become="" a="" great="" man,="" it="" protected="" me="" in="" the="" endless="" battles="" in="" the="" realm!"="" "the="" truth,="" is="" this!"="" "father...="" father!!"=""   ***="" "you="" should="" have="" no="" more="" doubts="" now."="" the="" one="" who="" said="" that="" was="" not="" bind.="" it="" was="" another="" man="" who="" had="" appeared="" together="" with="" prince="" pombaru="" while="" sheyan="" was="" in="" a="" daze.="" "so="" now,="" you="" can="" die="" in="" peace!="" when="" our="" father="" killed="" your="" father="" back="" in="" the="" days,="" he="" lost="" three="" of="" his="" companions.="" the="" source="" energy="" that="" escapes="" from="" you="" after="" your="" death="" should="" be="" enough="" to="" revive="" them."="" when="" sheyan="" saw="" prince="" pombaru="" here,="" the="" truth="" behind="" the="" big="" ben="" research="" inst.i.tute="" was="" finally="" made="" clear.="" the="" highest="" ranking="" inst.i.tution="" in="" the="" empire="" turned="" out="" to="" be="" the="" nearly="" dying="" first="" generation="" nightmare="" realm="" that="" bind="" belonged="" to.="" all="" the="" technologies="" developed="" by="" the="" big="" ben="" research="" inst.i.tute="" were="" built="" upon="" the="" technical="" support="" given="" by="" the="" nightmare="" realm.="" sheyan="" s.h.i.+fted="" his="" gaze="" to="" the="" strong,="" muscular="" man="" who="" had="" just="" appeared,="" then="" back="" at="" bind="" again.="" he="" suddenly="" smirked.="" "so="" you're="" bind's="" second="" brother?="" the="" one="" named="" soar?="" you="" guys="" must="" feel="" good="" about="" yourselves,="" don't="" you?="" but="" to="" me,="" you="" two="" are="" just="" really="" sad."="" "what="" the="" h.e.l.l="" are="" you="" talking="" about?"="" bind="" and="" soar="" both="" took="" a="" step="" forward="" at="" the="" same="" time,="" the="" anger="" in="" their="" eyes="" fierce="" enough="" to="" consume="" someone="" alive!="" sheyan="" narrowed="" his="" eyes="" and="" told="" them="" coldly,="" "i="" once="" carried="" out="" a="" secret="" mission="" for="" the="" imperial="" army="" to="" explore="" a="" planet="" called="" uplos.="" the="" planet="" is="" controlled="" by="" the="" predators="" and="" is="" made="" into="" their="" hunting="" ground.="" they="" would="" catch="" all="" kinds="" of="" powerful="" beasts="" and="" breed="" them="" there="" to="" be="" hunted.="" on="" the="" planet,="" i="" met="" a="" test="" subject="" who="" was="" caught="" by="" the="" predators="" after="" escaping="" from="" the="" big="" ben="" research="" inst.i.tute!="" his="" name="" was="" originally="" tom,="" but="" the="" name="" that="" the="" research="" inst.i.tute="" gave="" him="" was="" test="" subject="" type="" e="" no.="" 7.="" the="" experiment="" he="" was="" involved="" in="" was="" called="" the="" ten="" strongest="" project."="" prince="" pombaru="" had="" a="" really="" ugly="" expression="" on="" his="" face="" when="" he="" heard="" what="" sheyan="" said.="" he="" forcefully="" cut="" sheyan="" off.="" "shut="" him="" up!="" this="" guy="" is="" just="" spouting="" nonsense!"="" however,="" an="" ominous="" feeling="" rose="" in="" bind="" and="" soar's="" hearts.="" the="" short-tempered="" soar="" swung="" his="" hand="" at="" prince="" pombaru's="" face,="" knocking="" most="" of="" his="" teeth="" off="" and="" sending="" him="" flying="" metres="" away!="" the="" prince="" sprawled="" on="" the="" gra.s.s="" and="" did="" not="" get="" up="" afterwards!="" sheyan="" looked="" at="" the="" two="" guys="" in="" front="" of="" him="" with="" pity="" in="" his="" eyes="" and="" continued,="" "that="" guy="" called="" tom="" made="" a="" very="" strange="" request="" before="" he="" died.="" he="" said="" i="" must="" pay="" the="" big="" ben="" research="" inst.i.tute="" a="" visit.="" i="" feel="" like="" he="" didn't="" make="" that="" request="" out="" of="" kindness.="" moreover,="" he="" gave="" me="" a="" weird="" feeling.="" the="" whole="" time="" i="" fought="" with="" him,="" i="" felt="" like="" i="" was="" fighting="" with="" a="" living="" puppet.="" at="" the="" time,="" my="" combat="" order="" was="" too="" low="" for="" me="" to="" figure="" out="" what="" the="" problem="" was,="" but="" now="" that="" i'm="" an="" arbiter="" and="" have="" the="" sensory="" threads="" as="" well="" as="" the="" micro-calculation="" ability,="" i="" finally="" understand="" that="" it's="" because="" he="" either="" had="" no="" soul,="" or="" his="" soul="" wasn't="" whole!"="" "because="" tom="" left="" a="" deep="" impression="" on="" me,="" i="" collected="" some="" of="" his="" cell="" samples.="" the="" a.n.a.lysis="" done="" by="" the="" realm="" showed="" that="" he="" had="" been="" cloned="" multiple="" times,="" likely="" because="" his="" body="" const.i.tution="" was="" highly="" compatible="" with="" the="" cells="" of="" one="" of="" the="" ten="" strongest.="" that="" is="" to="" say,="" tom="" was="" just="" a="" clone,="" and="" the="" memories="" that="" he="" had="" of="" his="" childhood="" and="" teenage="" years="" were="" either="" forcefully="" injected="" into="" his="" brain,="" or="" were="" something="" that="" were="" contained="" in="" the="" cells.="" but="" ironically,="" the="" strong="" emotional="" support="" he="" gained="" from="" those="" false="" memories="" enabled="" him="" to="" endure="" the="" experiments="" long="" enough="" for="" him="" to="" escape="" from="" that="" h.e.l.lhole="" of="" a="" research="" inst.i.tute.="" oh,="" how="" fate="" toys="" with="" man!"="" bind="" and="" soar="" were="" trembling="" all="" over,="" their="" breaths="" chaotic="" and="" their="" eyes="" bloodshot.="" they="" could="" vaguely="" guess="" certain="" things="" now,="" but="" they="" still="" refused="" to="" admit="" it.="" "what="" does="" this="" have="" to="" do="" with="" us?"="" bind="" asked="" stubbornly.="" sheyan="" narrowed="" his="" eyes,="" then="" sighed="" dramatically.="" "unfortunately,="" you="" guys="" give="" off="" the="" same="" kind="" of="" feeling="" that="" tom="" did.="" my="" intuition="" tells="" me="" that="" you="" two="" and="" tom="" are="" actually="" the="" same="" type="" of="" people="" –="" sad,="" pitiful="" clones="" that="" have="" incomplete="" souls!="" your="" beloved="" father="" is="" probably="" just="" using="" you="" guys="" as="" tools!="" you="" can="" be="" discarded="" any="" time="" he="" wants!"="">

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