Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 780 - What’s called a tycoon! (4)

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Chapter 780: What’s called a tyc.o.o.n! (4)

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Huang Yueli thought for a moment and replied, “Hmm… then I’ll take the mountain top’s best closed door cultivation room and for now, I’ll rent….. three days for now!”

Senior Brother Lin blinked and thought that he had heard wrongly.

“You.. what did you just say? Can you repeat yourself once again?”

Huang Yueli repeated herself, “I want the closed door cultivation room on the top of the mountain, one day twenty star currency that type, and I’ll rent three days first.”

Senior Brother Lin almost fell onto the ground with shock and after a moment, his senses returned to him.

“Y..y..y… You say you want to rent the twenty star currency a day’s closed door cultivation room!!”

Huang Yueli was rather speechless as she replied, “Yes, that’s right. It’s the one which costs twenty star currency. Senior Brother, your hearing isn’t too good? Have you suffered some injury previously?”

“Are you kidding me, you’re a new student and you want to rent the room that costs twenty star currency a day!”

Huang Yueli heard him continuously repeating and emphasizing and his senses turned dull as though he had not noticed what she was saying at all which left her with black lines all over the top of her head.

“I say, Senior Brother Lin….. I’m not kidding and you didn’t hear wrongly. Can you please help me to check if there are still available rooms on the mountain top? Hey, wake up!”

Brother Lin had just managed to calm himself down and he stared at her eyes before giving his advice, “Junior Sister, I advise you not to rent such an expensive room! Twenty star currency a day and you only have a total of one hundred star currency! Don’t think one hundred star currency is a lot. Everything in the academy costs star currency and moreover star currency is extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely….. hard to earn! What’s more, you are just going to rent three days, what can you do in those three days? It’s a complete waste of money! Even those top ten core students who had joined the academy long ago don’t spend star currencies in the way you do!”

“About this…. I have my own plans…..”

Senior Brother Lin persuaded her earnestly.

Huang Yueli replied not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Senior Brother Lin, I know you mean well but I’ve already thought through it clearly. I need that mountain top’s closed door cultivation room, three days duration. If you’re not able to help me rent, then I’ll go find someone else to ask!”

Senior Brother Lin sized her up for half a day and seeing her composed expression bearing a ‘I’ve decided’ look, he sighed, “Alright, since you insist on not listening to my advice…. Sigh!”

He heaved another long sigh as that glance seemed like he felt resentful towards her for failing to meet his expectations as though he had been looking at a wastrel from head to toe.

The other new students looked like they had just met a ghost.

What’s called a tyc.o.o.n?

This was it!

Other people’s annual income was just one star currency and she had directly rented a twenty currency per day closed door cultivation room without batting an eyelid. Once the three days was up, sixty star currency would disappear! This was more than half of her fortune!

This talented young la.s.s from South Sky Region’s innate talent was rather high but did she know how to calculate?

Where do you find a person who would do things in such a manner?

“Your room rental is done, mountain top room number one. Three days duration, you can go now.”

“Thank you Senior Brother Lin, see you next time.”

No matter what thinking other people had, Huang Yueli kept an indifferent face as she received the token that Senior Brother Lin pa.s.sed to her.

She turned around and headed towards the mountain top.

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