Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1624 - Ninth stage realm’s might (5)

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Chapter 1624: Ninth stage realm’s might (5)

If he didn’t make Li Moying pay a painful price, then where would his face be placed?

Towards Wind attributed pract.i.tioners, wind blade was an extremely ordinary Profound Skill but under the drive of a ninth stage realm’s torrential Profound Energy, the air gathered in mid-air into blade images but was extraordinarily strong as though it could tear the entire heaven and earth apart. Wind attributed energy revolved around the sharp blade bearing a devastating stance in everyone’s heart!

Wind attributed pract.i.tioners’ speed were extremely swift and it only took a flash before it was just inches away from Li Moying.

“Heavens! Li Moying is a goner!”

“Too terrifying, so this is a ninth stage realm pract.i.tioner’s potential! He could simply call upon the wind and summon rain, totally not something that ordinary people like us could imagine!”

“Finished, Li Moying he…..”

Amidst the cries, many of them were so afraid that they covered their eyes, especially for those young ladies who secretly admired Li Moying, they didn’t dare to see him being cut into half by the wind blade!

Murong De hurriedly struck out in an attempt to save him.

But his potential was originally much weaker than Cui Yuan Shan and adding on to the speed which a Wind attributed pract.i.tioner had, not to mention that Cui Yuan Shan had suddenly struck.

Under various elements, Murong De’s Profound Energy missed the wind blade and he could only watch with his eyes open at the blade which had sliced open the s.p.a.ce as it landed onto the top of Li Moying’s head.

He drew in a breath of cold air!

However, the image which was in his mind did not appear.

Li Moying was facing an abruptly descended wind blade but he totally made no signs of attempting to evade it. In fact, he didn’t even bother to put out a defensive stance.

It was until the wind blade was right on top of his head when he moved slightly as he raised his hand up.

A blue purplish streak of lightning violently flashed, instantly attracting thunder.

A loud “BOOM” sound reverberated and the explosive sound rang above Celestial Light Sect as a bolt of lightning split opened heaven and earth, forming a line with the thunder light in Li Moying’s palm!

This bolt of lightning was simply too bright and many pract.i.tioners of weaker cultivation were blinded the moment that lightning lit up as their eyes started tearing, totally unable to see anything.

Whereas for pract.i.tioners with higher cultivations, they could only barely see that bolt of lightning which suddenly released a powerful amount of energy, clas.h.i.+ng fiercely against Cui Yuan Shan’s wind blade.

An intense explosion sounded!

Raging wind and electric currents started to land on the public square, causing torrents of miserable shrieks.

After a moment later, the explosive repercussions then slowly subsides as those pract.i.tioners who had gone dizzy from the effect could barely pick themselves up, raising their heads to look at the situation on the stage.

Celestial Light Sect’s VIP seats had been blown away.

Amid the mayhem, Li Moying and Cui Yuan Shan were at a distance of ten meters away from each other.

Cui Yuan Shan’s condition was far from good. His face was pale and his entire face was filled with dust and ash and the protection armour which he wore was blasted into shreds with multiple wounds on his body as it kept on seeping out blood.

His eyes were wide open as he displayed an expression of disbelief as he used his finger and pointed towards Li Moying’s direction. As he did that, his entire body started trembling uncontrollably.

“You….. you, you…. how is it possible? How is this possible???”

Li Moying shot a glance at him coldly, “Why is it not possible?”

Cui Yuan Shan seemed as though he had suffered a huge blow as he started to talk incoherently, “How could you… possibly….. I am…. In ninth stage realm! How could you possibly block it… impossible!”

Li Moying’s icy cold voice was heard, “Haven’t you seen it for yourself? This is of course because…. my cultivation is also in the ninth stage realm!”

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