Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1622 - Ninth stage realm’s might (3)

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Chapter 1622: Ninth stage realm’s might (3)

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Cui Yuan Shan was stunned.

From the looks of it….. could it be that Murong De was not deliberately mystifying but…. he was telling the truth?

Before he could even react, Li Moying’s icy cold gaze swept past him as he opened his mouth indifferently.

“Sect Master Cui, you cannot take him away!”

Cui Yuan Shan’s face flashed past a furious look. He was an established pract.i.tioner for quite a number of years and he had never been commanded in such a way by a junior.

Unfortunately, Li Moying did it and furthermore, in such a just and forceful way.

Cui Yuan Shan replied, “Young Sect Master Li, please be clear of who you are speaking to! Li Lingchuan caused harm to my Green Clouds Sect’s eldest disciple and this is of utmost concern hence this Sect Master has the authority to take him away! Furthermore, Leng family had been investigating Leng Yi Feng’s cause of death, so this Sect Master must definitely hand this person over to them!”

Cui Yuan Shan forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart as he made an exception to explain a little more.

The main thing was because he didn’t bring along any ninth stage realm Elders and was there alone on Celestial Light Sect’s turf so he didn’t want to create any trouble.

When Li Moying heard that, there was still no expression on his face as he continued speaking, “Li Lingchuan plotted against me and my fiancée in Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region and this debt…. Cannot be forgotten! He can only be dealt with by me. Sect Master Cui…. Please return him!”

Cui Yuan Shan was shoved back by a similar reason as his face was so stuffed that it turned red.

From what he saw, the explanation that he gave earlier was already lowering his own status, giving this young junior enough face so Li Moying should just be tactful and leave the stage , respectfully allowing him to take the person away!

Whoever knew that Li Moying was actually unmoved and he even obstructed right in front of him.

He couldn’t help but flew into a rage, “Li Moying! Who do you think you’re talking to? Move aside for This Sect Master! Otherwise, I’ll capture both of you and send you over to the Leng family! Don’t forget, Leng Yi Feng’s death is connected to you as well!”

Cui Yuan Shan berated him while unhesitatingly releasing his Profound Energy from within.

A ninth stage realm top exponent’s suppression enveloped the entire public square and many pract.i.tioners present weren’t able to take it as they started shuffling backwards.

But Li Moying who was facing Cui Yuan Shan stood high and mighty as he was motionless, as though Cui Yuan Shan’s Profound Energy suppression had no effect on him at all.

Cui Yuan Shan had never met with such a thing and on seeing Li Moying behaving in an opposite reaction as what he had expected, he immediately threw up blood and retreated a little, feeling that he had lost face further he continued to unleash his Profound Energy.

This time round, even a top exponent like Murong De started feeling uncomfortable.

Li Lingchuan who knelt on the ground was throwing up blood as he bent over and curled up.

Even so, Li Moying still didn’t show any signs of discomfort. On the contrary, his lips curled upwards slightly and signs of ridicule started appearing on his face.

This expression completely infuriated Cui Yuan Shan.

“You little fellow, did you really think that you have outstanding innate talent and you can go up against an established senior? You’re simply too conceited! If you don’t move aside, then This Sect Master will not continue being polite!”

He was just about to give his fullest and seriously deal out his move to show Li Moying some colours.

But at this moment, Murong De stood in the middle to stop him as he cried out, “Sect Master Cui, misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding! Don’t be ras.h.!.+ Moying he almost died under his own junior brother’s hand and is still feeling upset over it which is inevitable hence he’s acting a little out of control not knowing what’s more important. He’s young and still ignorant so I’ll speak to him then he’d start to get over it! Sect Master Cui please don’t hold it against a junior!”

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