So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 598 - The Bus Factory’s Plan

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Chapter 598: The Bus Factory’s Plan

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

“Twenty million yuan?” Yang Dahai shook his head helplessly. “Factory Manager Feng, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this…”

“Old Yang, you didn’t even try. Why do you say you can’t help? Moreover, you aren’t helping for nothing. We can exchange it with shares. The reform of the factory shareholding is imminent. When it’s profitable, the amount of profit won’t be small!” Feng Wanjiang said.

“Factory Manager Feng, I really can’t do anything about this…” Yang Dahai didn’t know much about it, but he also knew that his elder brother had already owed a lot of money in order to run Entertainment City. How could he still have the money to invest in the bus factory?

Moreover, this bus factory was simply a bottomless pit. At present, it seemed that it would be a loss no matter how much was invested!

“Old Yang, President Yang hadn’t refused, but you refused first. Is it that your family is rich now, that you started to forget who helped you in the beginning?” Factory Manager Feng was somewhat unhappy. Can or not, you have to ask first before you can answer, right? Why are you refusing without asking?

“Factory Manager Feng, I’m clear about my family’s business. Although my elder brother is quite promising in that he’s running Entertainment City, in fact, he also owes money to the bank. Moreover, Entertainment City is in cooperation with others. How does he have money to invest in our factory?” Yang Dahai smiled bitterly.

“It turned out to be like this…” Feng Wanjiang was also well prepared today. He probably had inquired about this before. Yang Dahai was telling the truth. Besides, Feng Wanjiang didn’t intend to ask Yang Dashan to invest. Yang Dashan’s thing was just an opening for the latter topic. So he continued, “You and Yang Dashan are brothers. Your family has split for many years. I think you won’t be able to persuade your brother as well.”

“This is indeed the case. Thank you, factory manager, for your understanding!” Yang Dahai breathed a sigh of relief. He was really in a difficult position before.

“Hehe, we all understand each other. If it’s your own business, you won’t refuse it. But you can’t decide on your brother’s business, right?” Feng Factory Manager said with a smile.

“That’s right. That’s right!” Yang Dahai said quickly.

“Hehe.” Feng Wanjiang waved his hand and pointed to Yang Ming. “Is he your son?”

“Yeah, my son, Yang Ming.” Yang Dahai said, “He used to play around at the bus factory when he was young.”

“En, this young man looks like a talented person. How old is he?” Feng Manager Feng nodded and smiled.

“Oh, nineteen…” Yang Ming secretly became guarded. Who knew what Feng Wanjiang was playing with?

“Nineteen? Not bad, not bad! My kid is already twenty-five. He’s still living with no purpose every day. He took a postgraduate certificate, yet he still wants to study for a Ph.D. He’s getting crazy with studying. I’m not sure when can he start earning money!” Feng Wanjiang sighed. “Old Liang, what about your kid?”

“Forget it. Don’t mention it. He’s useless. He only knows about playing games all day. He can’t even go to work properly. I helped him to find a job, but he just messes around every day.” Liang Yanjun said.

“Look. Old Yang’s teaching is still faring better!” Feng Wanjiang said, “I’ll have to admit it!”

“Hehe, what’s so good about this kid? He only plays around!” Although Yang Dahai said so, his son was being praised. How could he be not happy?

“I heard that he’s now starting a business with a friend? The investment is huge. It’s a company that sells jewelry!” Feng Wanjiang finally broached the topic. This was the purpose he came for today.

“He? It’s only a small business.” Yang Dahai waved his hand after hearing it.

“How is that a small business? It’s a jewelry company! I heard that the investment is about ten million yuan, right?” Feng Wanjiang said, “The scale isn’t small!”

“This… I’m not very clear…” Yang Dahai was an honest man, but at this moment, he also heard the intention of Factory Manager Feng. The factory manager wanted to get an investment from Yang Ming!

“I have a friend who also works in jewelry. He told this to me!” Feng Wanjiang smiled and said, “Yang Ming, you are really a successful young man. You are better than your uncle!”

“Uncle Feng, you’re overpraising.” Yang Ming also felt something wasn’t right. Why did the topic suddenly s.h.i.+ft to me?

“Yang Ming, now uncle has a difficult problem in my factory. Can you help uncle? You think about it. You can start your jewelry company whenever you want to, but the restructuring of uncle’s factory is imminent. If no money is invested, no matter how I restructure it, I will still go bankrupt!” Feng Wanjiang said very sincerely, “Besides, this investment isn’t an empty investment. The factory can give you shares. If the restructuring is done, you can make money, too! This is better than you trying hard with your own company, right?”

“…” Yang Ming was speechless. Do you think I’m still a child? Can these words persuade me? If the situation of the bus factory was really good, then do you still need to hustle around? There would have been enterprises buying shares or injecting capital long ago! Did you need to wait until now?

However, Yang Ming couldn’t say this. After all, the person in front of him was his father’s leader. He gently refused. “Uncle Feng, I’m operating my company with my cla.s.smate. Can the company not run if I say so? Besides, the formalities have been approved. We have settled the place for the company. It’s impossible to quit halfway!”

“Yang Ming, you are also a child of the bus factory. How can you do this?” Feng Wanjiang pretended to be unhappy. “What’s wrong with your company’s size becoming smaller? The factory is all on you!”

“I’m sorry, Uncle Feng. I can’t do anything for you. Investment isn’t child’s play. Besides, my money isn’t my own. It’s my G.o.dfather’s money. I can’t decide on how to use the money.” Yang Ming shook his head and turned him down.

“Old Yang, didn’t you say it? You can decide on your own family business. I won’t force you with your brother’s business, but Yang Ming is your son. Can he not listen to you?” Feng Wanjiang thought. You, kid, don’t agree? That’s fine. As long as your father thinks it through, I will see if you invest or not!

Feng Wanjiang subconsciously regarded Yang Ming as a child. Therefore, he believed that Yang Ming had no reason to object as long as Yang Dahai agreed.

“This…” Yang Dahai was suddenly stunned by Feng Wanjiang’s words. Indeed, he did say this before, but he didn’t expect Factory Manager Feng to exploit this in the blink of an eye!

“Big Ming, can you watch this factory that’s running well go bankrupt?” Feng Wanjiang continued, “We have so many workers. They are all waiting to eat! Before your family got rich, think about how hard your life was.”

“I think it’s fine…” Yang Ming said, “I didn’t feel that life was really hard in the past. Our life is very happy…” Yang Ming couldn’t say anything else, so he could only word it in an optimistic manner.

“How is it fine? Your kid really doesn’t know how expensive daily necessities are!” Chairman Liang said, “You ask your dad how hard is his life? Old Yang, you speak truly. How’s the life of the workers in our bus factory?”

“It… is indeed not good…” Yang Dahai sighed and said.

Yang Ming shook his head. My dad is always honest. If he said so, how can I reject him? Indeed, the lives of the workers at the Song Jiang Bus Factory were very hard. In Yang Ming’s experience, it was luxurious to have a few more dishes at the restaurant. Yang Ming understood this, but he wasn’t a philanthropist. Although he had money, he couldn’t simply waste it, right?

“Look, kid, your father is honest!” Liang Yanjun said, “Yang Ming, you can’t ignore it this time!”

Yang Ming’s face expression was troubled, and Yang Dahai’s wasn’t better. After all, it was his own working unit, so he said, “Okay, Factory Manager Feng, let’s not talk about this. I’ll discuss with Yang Ming again, and his G.o.dfather’s side…”

“Well, then we’ll have to trouble you, Old Yang. You must succeed!” Factory Manager Feng saw that Yang Dahai loosened his words. He immediately said, “Then this thing is settled. Old Liang and I won’t bother you anymore!”

As he said this, they stood up and prepared to leave. Feng Wanjiang and Liang Yanjun also knew that this thing couldn’t be forced too tightly. So far, Old Yang was a man who had great affection. He had special feelings for the bus factory. So as long as he thought it through, this matter wasn’t hard to solve.

“Factory Manager Feng, farewell!” Yang Dahai got up and sent them off. Yang Ming and Mother Yang didn’t stand up. Mother Yang was unwilling to have Yang Ming invest. Wasn’t this money wasted if he invested?

After Feng Wanjiang and Liang Yanjun left, as Yang Dahai just closed the door, Mother Yang spoke up, “Old Yang, you can’t promise them. This Song Jiang Bus Factory is just a bottomless pit. No matter how much money you invest, it’s useless. Our Big Ming didn’t get this money easily, and he wants to start a business. You can’t ruin his future!”

“I naturally know about it…” Yang Dahai sighed and sat back down on the sofa. “But now…”

“What but now? I tell you this thing, no way.” Mother Yang refused. “Don’t even think about it. Yang Ming, go back to your room. Ignore your dad!”

“Ai!” Yang Dahai took a heavy breath and picked up the cigarette on the table. He pulled out one and held in his mouth. He lit it up and smoked.

Yang Ming was pushed into his room by Mother Yang. But he could still see the scene in the living room with his special abilities. His dad was smoking by the side and his mom kept scolding him.

Yang Ming was also a bit troubled. This d.a.m.n thing, he simply didn’t want to be involved in it! This kind of state-owned factory had too many drawbacks. How could it be improved if money was invested?

Yang Ming shook his head and didn’t think about it. He picked up the phone book on the table and prepared to call his friends to greet them for Chinese New Year. Although Yang Ming had sent text messages to his friends last night, he still had to call some of them with whom he had special relations.h.i.+ps.

Yang Ming first dialed the number of Liu Weishan. This was his own elder. He naturally needed to prioritize first. However, the person who picked up the phone was Xiao Qing. Yang Ming smiled and said, “My wife, happy Chinese New Year…”

“Yang Ming?” Xiao Qing was stunned. Then she whispered, “Don’t mess around. This is the phone in G.o.dparents’ house!”

“Hehe, aren’t you the one who picked up this the phone? It’s fine. No one heard it.” Yang Ming said.

“Forget it. Did you call for Dad?” Xiao Qing asked. The reason why she asked this was because if Yang Ming was looking for her, it was impossible for him to call the landline of Liu Weishan’s home. He would call her phone instead.

“En, I wanted to greet G.o.dfather to wish him a happy Chinese New Year.” Yang Ming said.

“Well, you wait. I will call Dad now.” Xiao Qing said.

After a while, Liu Weishan’s voice came over. Yang Ming greeted him and Chu Huifang in turn. Afterward, he greeted Zhong Hanlin and Auntie Zhong who were staying here, and then he hung up the phone.

According to the degree of intimacy with him, the rest was Sun Jie and Lin Zhiyun. As for Chen Mengyan, he had just separated from her, so he didn’t have to greet her again.

Yang Ming called Sun Jie first. It didn’t take long for Sun Jie to pick up the phone. “h.e.l.lo, Yang Ming?”

“Hehe, it’s me. It seems that you are quite familiar with my number?” Yang Ming smiled.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t know the name of the caller will show in caller ID!” Sun Jie said with a bit of anger, “What are you looking for? Say it!”

“Sweat, must I have something to look for you?” Yang Ming was a bit ashamed.

“I remember that seems to be the case, right?” Sun Jie joked.

“I really have nothing this time… I’m here to wish you a happy Chinese New Year.” Yang Ming said.

“It turns out to be a greeting. Happy Chinese New Year, too. Hehe, I thought of calling you just now, but I didn’t expect you to call first!” Sun Jie said, “Right, you have not forgotten the thing you promised me before, right?”

“What’s the matter?” Yang Ming was stunned being asked by Sun Jie.

“It is coming to my home to pretend to be my boyfriend during Chinese New Year!” Sun Jie reminded him, “Are you trying to neglect it?”

“Oh, you’re talking about this! No problem! “Yang Ming didn’t mind. I have already pretended other people’s boyfriend. It’s so perfect. It’s not a big deal to pretend to be Sun Jie’s boyfriend! It’s just that the Sun Jie’s family is different from Lin Zhiyun’s parents. Is Sun Hongjun an ordinary person? Yang Ming was afraid that they would be exposed.

“En, I will call you in a few days!” Sun Jie said, “I’m still busy. I won’t talk to you first. Be prepared. Don’t expose it, or else, I will make you suffer!”

“…” Yang Ming was speechless. Isn’t it me who’s helping you? Do you still want to blame me when it’s exposed? However, Yang Ming couldn’t reason with her because Sun Jie had already hung up.

Later, Yang Ming called Zhang Bing, Tian Donghua, Hou Zhenhan, Bao Sanli and others to greet them on the new year. Finally, he dialed the number of Lin Zhiyun’s home.

Why was Lin Zhiyun’s turn last? In fact, it wasn’t Yang Ming being biased, but Yang Ming decided to go out with Lin Zhiyun today. Logically speaking, his current ident.i.ty was her boyfriend, so he should visit her house.

Fortunately, yesterday he stayed at Chen Mengyan’s house for Chinese New Year. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have the time today! Yang Ming didn’t call Lin Zhiyun’s cell phone, but instead, he dialed the landline phone at her home.

“Auntie, happy Chinese New Year!” Yang Ming said to the other side of the phone.

Lin Zhiyun’s mother, Shen Yueping, was answering the phone. When she heard Yang Ming’s voice, she immediately became enthusiastic. “Yang Ming, hehe, happy Chinese New Year, too! Looking for Yun Er? I will call her right now!”

“En, I’m not in a hurry. Auntie Shen, are you and Uncle Lin doing well?” asked Yang Ming.

“All good, very good. Since Yun Er met you, our family is much happier than before!” Shen Yueping smiled and said, “You wait. Yun Er is coming! Yun Er, phone; it’s Yang Ming!”

After a while, Lin Zhiyun picked up the phone. “Yang Ming, are you looking for me?”

“En, I wanted to greet you for a happy Chinese New Year!” Yang Ming said.

“Happy Chinese New Year…” When Lin Zhiyun heard Yang Ming only looked for her to greet her for a happy Chinese New Year, she was a little disappointed in her heart… Other couples would go out to the temple together during the Chinese New Year.

Just now, on TV, it was playing the grand occasion of the temple fair from last year. Lin Zhiyun was envious watching it. It was a coincidence that the Shen Yueping also asked a question, “Aren’t you going to the temple fair with Yang Ming?”

Lin Zhiyun didn’t dare to answer. Although she also hoped that Yang Ming would date her, she knew her relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming was just fake. Yang Ming still had another girlfriend so Lin Zhiyun couldn’t ask for anything.

Therefore, although Lin Zhiyun’s heart was full of expectations, at this moment, she still didn’t demand anything from Yang Ming. She just greeted him with a “Happy Chinese New Year.”

“I will go to your house in a while. Are you all going out somewhere later?” Yang Ming said suddenly.

“Ah?” Lin Zhiyun was shocked. “In a while? Come to my house?”

“En, what’s wrong? Are you really going out?” asked Yang Ming.

“No… no… Don’t you have to accompany your girlfriend?” Lin Zhiyun asked while lowering her voice.

“Are you not my girlfriend?” Yang Ming said the obvious.

“Huh?” Lin Zhiyun opened her mouth and couldn’t say anything for a long time. What does Yang Ming mean? Is he regarding me as his girlfriend? Or is it just a kind of play?

If it’s the first case, what is Chen Mengyan then? Lin Zhiyun was feeling dizzy subconsciously… The impact of being in love was a bit strong.

“Wait for me. I will come over now. Tell Auntie Shen for me.” Yang Ming smiled. Now, he seemed to be able to imagine Lin Zhiyun’s surprised and cute look.

“Oh…” Lin Zhiyun said a word blankly, and then Yang Ming hung up the call.

Of course, it must be a full play even if it’s just an act. In the closet, Yang Ming found the couple’s vest that he bought with Lin Zhiyun and put it on.

Outside his room, he saw his father was still smoking on the sofa. The ashtray was already full of cigarette b.u.t.ts. Maybe his mother was tired. She just watched the TV programs herself, and no longer cared about his dad.

Yang Ming suddenly felt a bit sad. Dad is being too honest and he’s affectionate. If it was another person, how is the welfare of the factory related to him? If the factory is closing down, then do I have to take out my own money and throw it in?

Most likely not only would it not solve the factory’s problem, but people who didn’t understand the situation may say that this family is stupid.

It seems that I can only let my father calm down and think about it. Yang Ming greeted his parents and said that he was visiting his friend. Then he went out of the house.

Today, the cars on the street were extraordinarily fewer, but there were quite a number of taxis. He stopped a taxi and went to Lin Zhiyun’s house. Shen Yueping had already gotten the news from Lin Zhiyun that Yang Ming was coming. So when Yang Ming knocked on the door, Shen Yueping opened the door.

“Auntie Shen, Uncle Lin, Happy Chinese New Year!” Yang Ming said to Lin Zhiyun’s parents who were standing inside the house.

“Happy Chinese New Year! Come inside the house. It’s warmer inside.” Shen Yueping took Yang Ming into the house, and then she gave Yang Ming fruits and peanuts.

“Don’t busy yourself, Auntie Shen. I’m not eating…” Yang Ming wasn’t at ease. What is the difference between me and a son-in-law visiting the house?

Looking up at Lin Zhiyun, this girl also had a blushed face. She had lowered her head. It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

“Ei?” Shen Yueping suddenly looked at Yang Ming’s vest, and then she said with surprise, “Yang Ming, why is your vest so familiar? Yun Er also seems to have one, right? Is it like this? Yun Er?”

“Ah… I… ” Lin Zhiyun didn’t think her mom’s eyesight was so good. Her mom could notice that Yang Ming’s vest was the same style as hers. I have only worn it a few times, right?

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