So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 352 - Rubbing Ointment Flirtatiously

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Chapter 352: Rubbing Ointment Flirtatiously

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

In the afternoon, after Yang Ming left Xiao Qing’s house, it was already three o’clock. At this hour, it was impossible to go to cla.s.s. Since there was nothing much to do, Yang Ming was readying himself to visit Lin Zhiyun’s house to see her. On the way, he went to Fang Tian’s house. Yang Ming remembered that Fang Tian had a special liniment for bruises and injuries which would be good for Lin Zhiyun’s injury.

Originally, Yang Ming wanted to get it yesterday. However, since Yang Ming left Fang Tian’s house key in the dormitory, he could only go there today.

After Yang Ming went back to his dormitory and got the key, Yang Ming drove to Fang Tian’s house. Just as he was going to take out his key to open the door, suddenly a hand was tapping on Yang Ming’s shoulder!

Yang Ming’s heart suddenly burst into shock. In this period of time, both his instincts and responsiveness had improved significantly. Yet, for the person who tapped onto his shoulder, Yang Ming didn’t feel his presence at all!

“Who is it?” Yang Ming turned immediately and behind him with horror. The hand had suddenly disappeared, and there was no one behind Yang Ming! Never mind a person, there wasn’t even a bird’s feather!

Seeing the empty alley, Yang Ming’s felt a chill running down his spine! Grandma [1], am I that unlucky on this big bright day? Was it my own illusion?

It was not good to say this, but the feeling that Yang Ming had now was that it wasn’t a person at all. It was a ghost!

Yang Ming frowned. He looked at the surrounding environment. It all looked quite normal. It was impossible for someone to hide without being discovered by him.

Yang Ming forcibly dismissed his inexplicable thoughts and opened the door of Fang Tian’s house. He went in and closed the door. Then he quickly entered the innermost room. He pulled out a big box from the bottom of the bed and started searching for the special ointment.

Although Fang Tian owned many things, it was very properly organized. Yang Ming didn’t spend much effort to find the ointment. It was a big bottle. Since Yang Ming didn’t have a small bottle, he took everything in his hand. He would put it back later after he finished using it.

Yang Ming took the bottle of ointment and walked outside the door. Just as he left the courtyard door and was about to lock the door, he suddenly heard a ” kuang dang ” sound from the house made by some unknown object. Yang Ming frowned and wanted to take a look at it, but at this moment his phone rang.

Yang Ming stopped paying attention to the things in the house. He locked the door and hurriedly picked up the phone.

“h.e.l.lo?” Yang Ming answered after picking up the phone.

“Brother Yang? I’m Bi Hai!” Bi Hai’s voice came from the phone.

“Bi Hai? Is something the matter?” Yang Ming couldn’t help but frown when he knew it was Bi Hai. Yang Ming’s voice was a little cold. It was this guy who embarra.s.sed me today. Although it wasn’t a big deal, what was his intention? Fooling me with a counterfeit?

“That… Brother Yang, where are you now?” Bi Hai couldn’t see Yang Ming’s expression, so he didn’t know whether or not Yang Ming was angry at that moment.

“I’m at the door of Lin Zhiyun’s house!” Yang Ming said coldly, “Yesterday her leg was injured, so I came over to see her!”

” Ah !” Bi Hai suddenly remembered it, and this time he also heard the dissatisfaction in Yang Ming’s tone! He thought that Yang Ming was angry because of yesterday’s incident, so he felt that it was the time for him to perform. He quickly said, “Brother Yang, Ge Xinyao and I also feel that what we did yesterday was quite wrong. We were thinking about meeting our sister-in-law. Let’s do it this way. Ge Xinyao and I will come over now!”

“You both? Come over?” Yang Ming hesitated, but he felt that it was appropriate to let Ge Xinyao apologize to Lin Zhiyun. So he said, “Okay, do you know the Shanty Town?”

All he heard was Ge Xinyao’s voice, “I know where… I have Sister Lin’s address here…” Then it was the voice of Bi Hai, “Ge Xinyao knows. We are coming over now!”

“Okay.” Yang Ming said a faint sentence and hung up the phone as he walked toward Lin Zhiyun’s house.

On the other side, Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao started getting busy. The two of them first went to buy a big fruit basket and some vitamins. They rushed to Lin Zhiyun’s house with the newly bought cell phones.

“Lin Zhiyun hasn’t gotten a cell phone yet, right?” Bi Hai asked in the taxi.

” En , no. Why?” Ge Xinyao said.

” Hehe , I’m still smart. Take a look. I bought two cell phones so we can give her and Brother Yang each a phone!” Bi Hai said proudly.

” Oh ya ! Why didn’t I think of it?” Ge Xinyao nodded, hoping that Brother Yang won’t be angry with them after this.

“Actually, I think Brother Yang had no intention to blame us anymore, or else he wouldn’t recommend us to Brother Bao.” Bi Hai shook his head and said, “Now, Brother Yang may be dissatisfied because of Lin Zhiyun’s injury yesterday, so you must maintain a good att.i.tude. Don’t treat Lin Zhiyun the way you treated her last time!”

“Brother Hai, you can rest a.s.sured. I know what to do!” Even if Bi Hai didn’t remind her, Ge Xinyao knew what to do. Originally, she was the kind of person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. Now that Lin Zhiyun had Yang Ming backing her up, her status naturally increased! I can’t catch up even if I rode a rocket! No matter how great Bi Hai was, he won’t be able to surpa.s.s Brother Bao. So, now Ge Xinyao was willing to call Lin Zhiyun, Lin Sister.

” En , then I won’t say much. Brother Yang may seem to have a good temper, but I can see that he doesn’t mind so much about the other things. But if it involved his woman, Brother Yang won’t be as accommodating. So, you must pay attention to it in the future!” Bi Hai said, “Wu Xinkai had this outcome because he put his mind on Brother Yang’s woman!”

Ge Xinyao had visited Lin Xinyun’s house once, and it was from that point onward that Ge Xinyao began to look down on Lin Zhiyun. She was just a poor little girl. How could she be compared with a rich princess like Ge Xinyao? Because Lin Zhiyun looked prettier than her, Ge Xinyao began to mock Lin Zhiyun in every way. She didn’t expect the feng shui [2] to turn around. This was a girl from the slums whom I once frowned at. Now I actually had to rush to her house! I still had to get others’ agreement for it!

Yang Ming came to the door of Lin Zhiyun’s house and knocked on the door.

After sending Xia Xue out, Lin Zhiyun was ready to go back her room to read some books. She didn’t expect a few knocks on the door again. Did Xia Xue forget something? Lin Zhiyun quickly came to the door and asked, “Is it Sister Xia Xue?”

“Xia Xue?” Yang Ming was stunned but he said, “I’m Yang Ming.”

” Ah ?” Lin Zhiyun quickly opened the door and said, “Yang Ming, how come you’re here?” Because she had just discussed with Xia Xue about the incident with Yang Ming, when she saw Yang Ming, Lin Zhiyun’s face was still somewhat flushed.

“I am here to visit you and get some medicine for you!” Yang Ming raised his hand and showed Lin Zhiyun his hands which was carrying the medicine. Then he asked, “Did you mentioned Xia Xue just now? She wanted to come?”

“No… Sister Xia Xue was here before. She just left now.” Lin Zhiyun said, “I just thought it was her.”

“That was the case. What was Xia Xue here for?” Yang Ming frowned because his relations.h.i.+p with Lin Zhiyun was quite subtle and complicated. Moreover, Xia Xue was an insider. Yang Ming was concerned that she would say something bad about him. This violent girl had a big mouth. She may not mention the bad things about him deliberately, but I was just concerned about her unintentional words.

“Nothing much, she was here to take a look at my injury.” Lin Zhiyun said, “Didn’t she bring me back here yesterday?”

Yang Ming glanced at Lin Zhiyun and said nothing. Undoubtedly, Lin Zhiyun was lying. This was the case since yesterday. Not only did she conceal the fact that she knew Xia Xue yesterday, but she was also obviously lying today. Because Xia Xue took her to the alley of the house yesterday and didn’t come in at all. It was impossible for her to know the specific address of Lin Zhiyun’s home! However, Yang Ming didn’t intend to pursue this problem. Since Lin Zhiyun wanted to hide it, I’ll let her hide it!

” Oh . Let’s not speak about her anymore. Come. Take a seat on the sofa. I will rub your leg with ointment!” Yang Ming said.

“I have already rubbed it by myself yesterday.” Lin Zhiyun pointed at her own leg said, “Do we need to rub it again?”

“Well, this medicine is very effective. The effect should be better than the one yesterday.” Yang Ming said.

“If that’s the case, okay then…” Lin Zhiyun nodded. In fact, she didn’t have much hope. She just didn’t want Yang Ming’s effort to be wasted.

Although Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming had already had skin contact before, it was during an unconscious situation. Now, when Yang Ming’s hand touched her calf, Lin Zhiyun’s body started shaking by itself. In fact, a sense of warmth and excitement wandered all over her body in a split moment.

” Ah …” Lin Zhiyun gave a slight moan. It was uncertain whether it was because of pain, or because of the strange feeling that was caused by having her calf touched by the opposite s.e.x.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt? I’ll try to be lighter…” Yang Ming was going to use the method that Fang Tian taught to give Lin Zhiyun some ma.s.sage. However, after hearing the moan, he sc.r.a.pped that intention and instead started to apply the medicine carefully.

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