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Chapter 1398: Chen Fei’s Impression of Jing Xiaolu/ Towards JiangyanTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1571: Chen Fei’s Impression of Jing Xiaolu

At noon, Chen Fei brought the results of the evaluation. Everybody could see that Chen Fei attached great importance to this matter. His speed was so fast that even Bao Sanli and Jing Xiaolu were a little surprised.

Jing Xiaolu took a deep breath nervously. Although the long-expected result should be similar to their a.s.sumption, life was full of uncertainties.No one could guarantee that there would be no accident. Hence Jing Xiaolu was still very nervous at this moment.

Bao Sanli was not at ease either. Yang Ming was not at home while there was a big slip-up. Although this matter was led by Jing Xiaolu, he was the CEO. He was responsible for checking the contract, not to mention that he signed it last. When it comes to responsibility, he was accountable for more than half of it! Previously, there was an incident in which a few of his loyal team members absconded with funds. It caused Bao Sanli to be in fear and trepidation for a while. Although Yang Ming did not hold onto and make a fuss out of this matter, Bao Sanli himself was agitated.

Therefore, he was afraid that he would do something wrong again. However, you attract what you fear. He was already careful, yet heaven suddenly sent a great opportunity in the form of cooperation with the Jiangyan Group. He thought that he could s.h.i.+ne in front of Yang Ming once this business deal was facilitated. He would have made a contribution and made up for his mistakes. Although it was a good idea, he did not expect that the other party would trick and disadvantage them right after signing the contract.

Therefore, the fingerprint identification had become the key to whether the whole thing could be solved! IfJing Xiaolu had deduced right, she would have a bargaining chip during her negotiation with the Jiangyan Group. After all, she had evidence in her hand. Even if the other party did not agree to change the contract, it could be resolved by legal means.

“Chief Chen, how’s it going?” Jing Xiaolu stood up anxiously, looking at the report that Chen Fei brought in.

“Vice President Jing, as expected, Xu Xiaobin’s fingerprints were not on the page in question.” Chen Fei handed the evaluation report to Bao Sanli and turned to talk to Jing Xiaolu.

Chen Fei admired Jing Xiaolu. In the beginning, he thought she was promoted by depending on her relations.h.i.+ps. Now, they had met face-to-face. The evaluation report explained that Jing Xiaolu was a competent person.

“Really!” Jing Xiaolu took the evaluation report from Chen Fei and read the results of the fingerprint identification. She heaved a sigh of relief. A large stone pressed against her heart was finally lifted. With this report, everything could be discussed!

“Of course it is true. You have the potential to be a criminal police officer!” Chen Fei smiled, responding to Jing Xiaolu. However, he felt contrite after speaking. Although Jing Xiaolu was already a vice president even though she was young. It seemed a bit wrong to talk to her with the tone of an elder. In this world, capability first, and age was secondary. So, he said a little embarra.s.sed, “Vice President Jing, I’m sorry. I unconsciously treated you as a child. You are almost as old as my daughter, so I casually said it…”

“It’s fine!” How could Jing Xiaolu care about this? Jing Xiaolu was ecstatic that Chen Fei regarded her as a child. Otherwise, it would be very awkward if she and Chen Feit kept using “Chief Chen” and “Vice President Jing” while chatting with Sister Chen Mengyan!

Therefore, Jing Xiaolu waved her hands, “Actually, Sister Mengyan and I are cla.s.smates. We normally have a good relations.h.i.+p! I won’t be used to it if you call me Vice President Jing! Why don’t you just call me Xiaolu, and I will call you Uncle Chen?”

“Oh? You and Mengyan are good friends?” Chen Fei was slightly stunned. He looked at Jing Xiaolu pensively. It had to be said that Chen Fei’s observation skills were keen. He noticed some problems through Jing Xiaolu’s use of “Sister Mengyan”.

She must be familiar with Yang Ming since the Ming Yang Company was actually a company controlled by Yang Ming behind the scenes. Jing Xiaolu was working there as a vice president, and she and his daughter, Chen Mengyan, were cla.s.smates. Moreover, the way she called Chen Mengyan… all of this proved that this girl seemed to have a close relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming.

“Yes,” Jing Xiaolu did not set up her defenses. Although she knew how to scheme, she couldn’t have thought that Chen Fei had noticed some problems at this moment, “Sister Mengyan and I are close friends. We often go shopping together.”

Chen Fei nodded, smiled slightly, and said, “Alright, I’ll call you Xiaolu in the future. You can just call me Uncle Chen, no need to be so formal.”

Chen Fei had likely figured out the relations.h.i.+p between Jing Xiaolu and Yang Ming. Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he was not furious. Chen Fei was clear about the women around Yang Ming. Besides his daughter, there were also Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia.

It was ridiculous to let his daughter share her husband with other women. Chen Fei naturally did not agree with it. However, Lin Zhiyun and Zhou Jiajia’s situations were exceptional, which made it difficult for Chen Fei to say anything!

Chen Fei was clear about the enmity between Lin Zhiyun and Yang Ming; he had personally handled the case. Chen Fei was also clear about how Yang Ming was inexplicably framed and how Lin Zhiyun was involved. Therefore, it could be concluded that both Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun were victims!

Also, Lin Zhiyun had finally given up pursuing Yang Ming’s responsibility and closed the case; Yang Ming had dodged a bullet! Otherwise, he might have spent time in prison.

Lin Zhiyun’s reason for closing the case was ridiculous, saying that she had arbitrarily reported the case because they had a fight as boyfriend and girlfriend…It would likely be outrageous if this was told to others. It was because of Lin Zhiyun’s final thought that Yang Ming was saved.

So, it was inappropriate for Chen Fei to say anything when Lin Zhiyun reappeared beside Yang Ming in college. Chen Fei gave all the decisions to his daughter. As long as his daughter didn’t say anything, then Chen Fei wouldn’t say anything either. Anyway, aren’t they still young?

As for Zhou Jiajia who appeared after that, Chen Fei had no reason to interfere! This girl’s deeds and methods had even made him cry!

Moreover, Zhou Jiajia was injured for Yang Ming because of Chen Fei’s case! If he had not sent Zhou Jiajia to w.a.n.g Xifan’s house to be an undercover agent, how would her life have been in danger? How would she block the shot for Yang Ming?

Therefore, because this girl had helped him solve a big case and blocked a shot for Yang Ming, Chen Fei really couldn’t say anything! Not even a word! He couldn’t say anything! A person shouldn’t be ungrateful to a friend!

Chen Fei would have been ungrateful if had an opinion on Zhou Jiajia. To make Yang Ming leave Zhou Jiajia was also being ungrateful towards her. Chen Fei chose to be silent in his dilemma. As long as his daughter had no opinion and was happy, everything was fine!

Younger generations will do fine on their own. Chen Fei finally accepted the situation and moved on. Why should I care so much? Aren’t I only afraid that Chen Mengyan will be at a disadvantage and be aggrieved? Since my daughter didn’t say anything, what else can I say?

So, Chen Fei was just a little uncomfortable with Jing Xiaolu’s appearance but he let it go. Since she was a good friend with Chen Mengyan and seemed to, attach great importance to Chen Mengyan from her tone, Chen Fei would not say anything.

“Okay, Uncle Chen!” Jing Xiaolu’s eyes narrowed into a line, elated.

Chen Fei couldn’t figure out what Jing Xiaolu was thinking, so he didn’t continue with this topic, “Do you need my help for the rest of the matter?”

“I won’t bother you anymore.” Bao Sanli knew that this kind of matter would be resolved faster if someone in the justice system like Chen Fei came forward. However, he was unwilling to cause more trouble for Chen Fei. After all, the other party was not from Song Jiang City, but from Jiangyan City. Besides, the Jiangyan Group was the largest private enterprise in the province. No one would believe that they did not have any background or network. Therefore, it would cause trouble for Chen Fei if he came forward and encountered the other party who could use their formidable background to suppress him. “The other party is someone from the Jiangyan Group. They are not so easily coerced, so it is better to negotiate through normal means first. If that does not work, we will use legal means.”

“I understand. If you have any difficulties, call me again.” Chen Fei nodded. Chen Fei knew what Bao Sanli was worried about, but he was not afraid of anything. It was reasonable for him to intervene. After all, Ming Yang Security Company belonged to the subordinate enterprises of his bureau, so it was also considered to be his duty.

Chapter 1572: Towards Jiangyan

“What shall we do next?” After leaving the police station, Bao Sanli got into the car and asked Jing Xiaolu who was in the driver’s seat. Bao Sanli was not a person who was greedy for power. Chen Fei’s positive att.i.tude towards Jing Xiaolu proved that she was really capable. Moreover, he did not handle the matter well, so he had no problem handing the leaders.h.i.+p to Jing Xiaolu!

Besides, she was Brother Yang’s woman and was thus his sister-in-law. Bao Sanli didn’t even think he would lose face. Previously, Jing Xiaolu was promoted to the vice president position because of her relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming and because two vice presidents of the company had fled. Jing Xiaolu was able to be promoted since there was a vacancy.

Yet, he didn’t take Jing Xiaolu’s ability seriously. Nonetheless, Jing Xiaolu had suddenly discovered a flaw in the contract yesterday, and today it was confirmed to be true. Bao Sanli was completely impressed by Jing Xiaolu, this young girl.

“Let’s try to get in touch with people from the Jiangyan Group first.” Jing Xiaolu thought for a while and said, “I’ll find Xu Xiaobin in a moment. I will go with him to Jiangyan City and meet the senior management of Jiangyan Group. We have evidence in hand, so we are not afraid that they will not admit it.”

“Okay… but for you to go there alone as a girl…” Bao Sanli asked a little uneasily.

“It’s okay. I’m with Xu Xiaobin. Besides, I’m going to negotiate, not fight. As a large company, Jiangyan Group will likely not use despicable methods,” said Jing Xiaolu.

“They have already used despicable methods!” Bao Sanli disapproved. “They even used hallucinatory incense in the past, what else couldn’t they do? I think we have to be vigilant!”

Bao Sanli’s words reminded Jing Xiaolu; she was stunned! Right, the Jiangyan Group might not use these despicable methods, but I am not sure about one person, Liu Jifei. Liu Jifei is at the Jiangyan Group’s headquarters now. If I go by myself, it isn’t impossible for that kid to make trouble again. Thinking of this, Jing Xiaolu started to hesitate.

“Xiaolu, how about this? I’ll take a few people to accompany you. Though we are unfamiliar with everything there, we will not be bullied easily. The other party will not dare to act lightly!” said Bao Sanli.

“Alright, it can only be like this. However, we must not take the initiative to cause trouble unless it is the last resort. Otherwise, we will definitely suffer in the other party’s territory.” Jing Xiaolu thought about it and agreed. Bao Sanli was also afraid that Liu Jifei would play tricks that she could not handle.

Bao Sanli did not take a rest after returning to the company. He gathered Bi Hai, Yu Lei, and others and rushed immediately to Jiangyan City with Jing Xiaolu.

On the expressway, a BMWX5 followed by a Jinbei Business Van speedily headed to Jiangyan City. This time, Jing Xiaolu drove Yang Ming’s BMW instead of her own. Yang Ming’s car had an official business pa.s.s which could bypa.s.s some traffic regulations in the province and save a lot of trouble.

The speed of the two cars was swift but the traffic police did not bother them when they saw the pa.s.s on Jing Xiaolu’s car. It could be seen that this small pa.s.s was very useful.

However, this thing was insignificant compared to Yang Ming’s Supernatural Investigation Bureau’s pa.s.s Yang Ming’s pa.s.s was the true all-round pa.s.s.

This was the first time that Xu Xiaobin had seen the Ming Yang Security Company’s power. Although the company was in Song Jiang, they could even get issued by Donghai’s provincial capital. He could perceive the background behind the Ming Yang Company.

However, he did not know that the actual owner of the car was Yang Ming. If Yang Ming didn’t have the special status as the Supernatural Investigation Bureau’s special consultant, this type of pa.s.s which was rarely issued in the province wouldn’t be in his hands.

However, it was perceived a little differently in Xu Xiaobin’s eyes. Apart from being secretly worried about the Jiangyan Group this time, he was a bit glad. It seems that Ming Yang Security Company not only has local power but also a certain background in the province! Also, this time I am on the same side as Ming Yang Security Company. If this matter is successfully resolved, then Ming Yang definitely will not let me suffer. I will definitely have a position at the newly established escort company.

If the matter was not resolved smoothly, Xu Xiaobin would also accept the situation and move on. Worse comes to worst, I will just quit my job and get lost! The hatred between Liu Jifei and I has reached an irreconcilable level. Even if I can’t fight him, even if I avoid and endure it silently, Liu Jifei might not let me go!

Liu Jifei will use his position to make things difficult for me. It is even possible for him to teach me a lesson! Suffice to say that it is not impossible for him to falsely accuse me and put me in prison! What can’t a guy like Liu Jifei do? So Xu Xiaobin thought that he would just quit if things couldn’t be resolved. Then, he would most probably have a place in the Ming Yang Company, and moralistic people like Jing Xiaolu and Bao Sanli would not ignore him!

So, this matter might not be a bad thing, but it is true that Liu Jifei has taken advantage of my wife for nothing! Xu Xiaobin couldn’t help but sigh after thinking of this. It is really sad that I have reached this point!

I was cuckolded by my wife, but I don’t dare to speak. Ultimately, I still have no ability. If I have enough ability and strength, then Liu Jifei will mean nothing to me.

Hearing Xu Xiaobin’s sigh, Bao Sanli seemed to understand what he was worried about and patted him on the shoulder in comfort. “President Xu, rest a.s.sured and don’t think too much. We’ll clarify for you whether this matter can be resolved or not. If it doesn’t work, then you can come to our company. I can’t give you the position of vice president, but a department manager position is still possible. At least it is much better than your previous position as an office manager.”

“Thank you!” Xu Xiaobin nodded gratefully. “President Bao, I’m relieved from hearing your words.”

“I can arrange for your girlfriend to work in the company and do some administrative work, so you don’t have to think about the burden.” Bao Sanli said with a smile.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of w.a.n.g Lixia first.” Xu Xiaobin did not expect Bao Sanli to remember his girlfriend, so he was even more grateful.

The team finally arrived at Jiangyan City before sunset and parked their car in the Jiangyan Group’s parking lot. Bao Sanli couldn’t help but sigh after looking at the magnificent building in front of him. The gap between others and I is broad!

Ming Yang Security and Ming Yang Entertainment were two of the largest companies in Song Jiang, but it was worthless to mention compared to others. With such magnificent momentum and such a majestic building, Bao Sanli felt a lot of pressure.

It seems that I still need to work hard. If I stay ignorant and narrow-minded, I will never become a very capable person! What happened this time was not necessarily a bad thing, but Bao Sanli became clear about what was considered as a big company and a big corporation.

“What matter do you all have?” The security guard asked. He approached and stopped Jing Xiaolu and her colleagues at the entrance before they entered the building’s lobby.

Originally, if there was only one person or two people, the security guard would not inquire and would just let them go. After entering the building’s lobby, the front desk would be responsible for inquiries. However, there were too many people in Jing Xiaolu’s party, and there were several strong men who made the security guard vigilant.

“I’m Xu Xiaobin, the manager of the Group’s Song Jiang branch company. This is my ID card!” Xu Xiaobin took out a card and handed it to the security guard. “These are the company’s partners. I want to bring them to see President Liu.”

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