So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1061 - The Beginning of the Establishment of the Iron Triangle

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Chapter 1061: The Beginning of the Establishment of the Iron Triangle

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhao Ying nodded with a blush and said, “After I graduated from teacher-training, I worked as a math teacher for three years… Then, I enrolled in postgraduate…”

Hehe , no wonder. The teacher will never know the little tricks of the students.” Sun Jie smiled.

Xiao Qing didn’t notice that two bad students were discussing the relations.h.i.+p between the teacher and the student. However, even if she knew, she couldn’t do anything to Sun Jie. As long as Sun Jie didn’t make fun of Xiao Qing, she was already considered as extremely lucky.

Ever since that time she fooled around with Sun Jie and Yang Ming in the hotel, Sun Jie always mentioned this matter inadvertently which made Xiao Qing really uncomfortable.

Although Xiao Qing was not a very traditional person, the things that were done that day were too ridiculous, especially with the addition of this little fairy, Sun Jie. In the end, she didn’t know whether it was Yang Ming or Sun Jie who pushed her down, or they pushed each other down. In short, Xiao Qing had never experienced such a ridiculous night. Every time she thought about it, she felt her face become hot.

Therefore, Xiao Qing was very afraid that Sun Jie would mention the incident again. However, Sun Jie would keep bringing up this matter intentionally or unintentionally, which made Xiao Qing very helpless.

The lecture finally ended. A few more daring students who thought that their conditions were more superior could not help but surround the desks of Sun Jie and Zhao Ying.

“Two fellow cla.s.smates, do you have time? Why don’t you accept my grace and have a meal together?” The one who spoke was Fan Jinzhe, a boy who looked pretty good in cla.s.s. He was quite particular with his outfit as well. He already had a medium-sized company. The company had a few hundred thousand of income every year. In the eyes of ordinary people, he was already a Prince Charming.

However, in the postgraduate cla.s.s of the economics department, the conditions of Fan Jinzhe were really nothing. Many people did not start their own companies outside, but their families owned companies. They studied as economics graduate students but also to better succeed their parents.

Therefore, when Fan Jinzhe said this, it caused the two other boys next to him to be angry! There are already not enough to go around. You, motherf*cker, still want to be a man who wants to dominate two? F*ck off!

“Fellow cla.s.smate, my name is Chen Piaoyi. Can I have a meal with you?” Chen Piaoyi’s father was an investor and had a medium-sized financial investment company. Through the stock market in 2007, he earned big money! Chen Piaoyi had been particularly interested in finance since his childhood. Apparently, Chen Piaoyi was a gentle intellectual. Between Zhao Ying and Sun Jie, he was more interested in Zhao Ying.

Although Sun Jie was also excellent, Sun Jie was too s.e.xy and enchanting. In contrast, the gentle Zhao Ying was his ideal type.

Therefore, when he asked for a date, he naturally spoke to Zhao Ying.

“Beauty, how about having a grand meal together?” Tang Jiaqian, whose father was a nouveau riche 1 , relied on raising pigs. Hence, his given name was quite explosive, which meant that their Tang Family was really rich.

Naturally, Tang Jiaqian’s character was also rather boorish. Although he went to college, his mannerism was not so elegant. For Tang Jiaqian, Sun Jie was a s.e.xy stunner that was his dream type.

When Fan Jinzhe saw the two of them working together to date the beautiful girls leaving nothing for him, he was startled immediately. “I came first. What is the meaning of this, you two? How could someone who came first get the last piece?”

“So what if you came first?” Tang Jiaqian didn’t want to listen. He glared and said, “Do you think this is a queue to buy food? You can even talk about getting the last piece for coming first? The beauties have the choice to eat with whom. It is not up to you to decide!”

“It’s like buying stocks. It is not necessarily those who buy first who would earn money. It is all about timing!” Chen Piaoyi also ridiculed.

Hmph !” Fan Jinzhe saw that the two were still working together, and he was p.i.s.sed.”You two prodigals depend on your family. If you are capable, ask girls out without using your family’s wealth.”

“You…” This sentence struck Tang Jiaqian’s weak spot. Indeed, the money he used now was from his family, but he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it. Isn’t the money at home not his? However, he was p.i.s.sed from Fan Jinzhe’s insult of him being incapable and unreliable. “When I was helping my dad to sell meat, I didn’t know where you were playing with the mud 2 …”

“Sister Xiao Qing, let’s have lunch together!” Sun Jie stood up and waved to Xiao Qing as if nothing had happened.

“How many times have I said this? Call me Teacher Xiao in the cla.s.s!” Xiao Qing said feebly, but she couldn’t help it with Sun Jie.

“Teacher Xiao, it is then…” Sun Jie’s smiled mischievously and left the three men. She came to Xiao Qing’s side and said in her ear, “In the future, I’ll also call you Teacher Xiao when we are in the hotel…”

Ah …” Xiao Qing’s face suddenly turned red. This Sun Jie is really a little fox. What she said comes out shocking just like that lecherous guy, Yang Ming. She can even be worse!

Xiao Qing coughed. “Call me anything you want…”

The three boys saw that Sun Jie and Teacher Xiao were close. They lost hope when Sun Jie and Teacher Xiao ate together, but they did not dare to grab her away from the teacher! They knew about Xiao Qing’s ident.i.ty, the director of computer science. They would only provoke Xiao Qing if they decided to stop attending university in the future!

Hence, they had to give up Sun Jie temporarily and turn their attention to Zhao Ying. Fan Jinzhe was just about to speak, but he heard Sun Jie turn around and shout, “Come, Zhao Ying. Let’s go together!”

Zhao Ying was suffering from these flies when Sun Jie happened to call her. Naturally, she ran over happily. When she met Xiao Qing, she said somewhat apologetically, “Teacher Xiao.”

“Zhao Ying, let me introduce you, Sister Xiao Qing. We have a good personal relations.h.i.+p!” Sun Jie looked at Xiao Qing and said with a smile.

Good personal relations.h.i.+p. Xiao Qing’s face suddenly turned feverish.

“Zhao Ying? Since you are a friend of Little Jie, then you can call me Sister Xiao Qing privately like her. I’m not much older than you.” Xiao Qing was helpless, but she had to let Zhao Ying call her Sister Xiao Qing.

“Sister Xiao Qing…” said Zhao Ying sweetly.

The three girls went out of the room together, leaving only three drooling wolves in the cla.s.sroom. The three people all failed, and it didn’t make any sense to fight for it. They sighed as they returned to their seats and packed up.

Yang Ming had nothing to do after receiving his new books. He wanted to call Chen Mengyan and ask her out for lunch, but Chen Mengyan said that several sisters in the dormitory had not seen Zhao Sisi for a long time. They were going to have lunch together, so she couldn’t have lunch with Yang Ming at noon. Lin Zhiyun was also dragged along by Chen Mengyan, so Yang Ming had to give up.

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