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Chapter 553: Cry for Help

Covert methods must be employed to deal with issues that must be kept in the dark.

Tang Xiu may not have high emotional intelligence, but he was highly intelligent. After handing over the issue to Gu Xiaoxue and returned to the carefree life he had enjoyed in the previous two days, Han Qingwu always looked for him once every morning and evening to chat on some random topics, yet he never talked nor mentioned the matter of the memory fragments and scenes inside her mind.

Slowly, a few days pa.s.sed by.

In stark contrast with Tang Xiu’s leisurely life, Yao Xinhua pa.s.sed his time in anxiety and a day was akin to a year for him. It was a week already, and there had been no news on his Fourth Uncle—Yao Qingteng. The news he ultimately obtained was that there was no trace of him in Jingmen Island, as if his Fourth Uncle had vanished without a trace.

He had a suspicion that it was the work of Tang Xiu, but the result of the investigation was that Tang Xiu had always been in the Everlasting Feast Hall and never left the site even a step.

Furthermore, there was another thing that troubled and gave him headaches. Unbeknownst to him of what kind of supernatural being he had provoked, all the stuff he always carried, including his wallet that contained his ID card and bankcard, had been stolen. He didn’t even know when and how the culprit did that. It was just like… when he got stunned by Tang Xiu at the charity and wasn’t able to notice how Tang Xiu did it.

Nevertheless, the issues here had all been relayed to his family, and he was ordered to continue staying in Jingmen Island to observe the changes and circ.u.mstances quietly.

At the Everlasting Feast Hall…

The fragrant smell of dishes fluttered in the air in hall of the first floor. Ji s.h.i.+yan, who was donned in a casual suit, calmly sat in front of the dining table in the corner while savoring the dishes. A few days had pa.s.sed and Druffet had already left, yet she stayed in the Everlasting Feast Hall.

She just learned Tang Xiu’s status as the Big Boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Though she was surprised and felt it was somewhat accidental, she felt that if she could get close to Tang Xiu and entered his good books, the advantages and benefits she could get in the future would be many. Furthermore, there was also another idea that crossed her mind.

As of recently, her boss had been bewitched and captivated by a vixen. Under the spell of their pillow talks, his att.i.tude toward her began to change and it made her quite frustrated, so much so that she had the idea to leave the company. Therefore, when her Boss sent her to Star City to escort Druffet, she set her eyes on the Magnificent Tang Corp as well as Tang Xiu. To her surprise as well as joy, the person Druffet was visiting was named Tang Xiu, who turned out to be the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, her former acquaintance.

Hence, she kept staying here, trying to find time to see Tang Xiu again.

“h.e.l.lo, your dishes have all been served.” A beautiful waiter put the last dish on the table and said with a smile.

“Could I bother you with something? I want to see Tang Xiu, can you help me?” Ji s.h.i.+yan nodded and suddenly asked.

“I apologize, I have no right to call the Boss,” said the waitress with an apologetic expression.

“If you can’t, could you please tell your superior?” Asked Ji s.h.i.+yan. “I’m a guest here, shouldn’t you meet the requests of the guests?”

“This… I’ll try!”

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu walked into the dining hall of the restaurant. After glancing around, he walked toward the corner of the hall and took a seat across Ji s.h.i.+yan. Tang Xiu waved to Ji s.h.i.+yan, who got up, and then smilingly said to her, “I heard that you’re looking for me, is there something you need from me?”

“Indeed. I do have some matters to talk you about, Mr. Tang,” said Ji s.h.i.+yan smilingly.

“What is it?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“What do you think of my ability, Mr. Tang?” Asked her.

Tang Xiu sized her up, before smilingly nodding, “Your ability should be good, given your previous position and the way you handled issues with your work.”

Ji s.h.i.+yan sat straight and asked, “Do you think you can use me?”

“Do you want to change jobs, by chance?” Asked Tang Xiu back in surprise.

“I do have the idea, but I have yet to find my next home,” Ji s.h.i.+yan nodded.

“I want to know the reason first,” said Tang Xiu after a few moment’s silence.

“The truth is, I’m a trusted aide of my current Boss and am usually tasked with important positions and responsibility in the company,” said Ji s.h.i.+yan reluctantly. “However, my Boss was recently captivated by a woman who has a personal grudge with me. You should have heard things about pillow talks, no? To be honest, these pillow talks were really powerful. I have been being treated coldly lately, and I’ve been given many field a.s.signments. I feel that if this situation keeps going on, it’s very likely that my current company will kick me out without me handing over my resignation.”

Tang Xiu suddenly understood and then smilingly said, “I’ll give you two weeks. After you have dealt with the issues with your current employer, then go to Star City to find Kang Xia. I believe she will arrange you a suitable position.”

Ji s.h.i.+yan’s eyes brightened up and excitedly said, “I believe my choice to enter the Magnificent Tang Corporation is correct, since the prospect of future growth and development of this company is the brightest one I’ve ever seen. I thank you in advance for this chance, Boss. I promise you that I’ll work hard.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Speaking about it, we had experienced some things together, so leave out the ceremonial talk. Anyhow, was the reason you kept staying here because you wanted to talk to me about this?”

“Yes!” Ji s.h.i.+yan nodded with a smile.

“Ji s.h.i.+yan, there are times you can hear some words and some others that you cannot; and sometimes there are things you can disclose and some others that you must not. You’re a smart woman. I’m sure you understand what I mean,” Tang Xiu said.

For a moment, Ji s.h.i.+yan’s face scrunched up and hesitated before she eventually got a glimmer of insight. She then nodded and said, “I seem to have accompanied Mr. Druffet to see you a couple of days ago, but I forgot the content of your conversation.”

Giving her thumbs up, Tang Xiu praised, “Young people are promising and worthy to be taught. All right, since the dishes have already been served, let’s have dinner together. You won’t mind it, right?”

“It’s my pleasure!” Said Ji s.h.i.+yan with a smile.

Originally, the meal should end in a pleasant atmosphere. However, just as Tang Xiu had a few mouthfuls, his mobile phone suddenly buzzed and rang. As he took out the phone and saw the caller ID, he suddenly felt a headache, because the caller was Han Qingwu.

“What else do you need, Teacher Han?”

“Tang Xiu, HELP ME!!!” Han Qingwu’s cry came out of the mobile phone.

Tang Xiu abruptly got up and his complexion changed as he asked in a heavy voice, “Where are you? What happened?”

“I’m in Big Baimo Shopping Center on the Haibin Road. I… I went out and got surrounded by a few people,” said Han Qingwu hurriedly.

Tang Xiu gave a hand gesture to Ji s.h.i.+yan, left the dining hall in big strides and quickly rushed to the parking lot. On the way there, he met a patrol group and directly called out to the eight men.

“Take me to the Big Baimo Shopping Center on Haibin Road.”


The eight experts of Everlasting Feast Hall answered in unison.


Inside the Big Baimo Shopping Center…

Han Qingwu’s expression was restless and anxious as she stood with her back against the wall while staring at the dozens of youths in sportswear in front led by a youth sporting a crew cut hairdo. At the front of the dozen youths was the crew cut young man called Huang s.h.i.+qing, who wore disdaining look and coldly said, “b.i.t.c.h, you broke my little brother’s arm, so you must go with us today. Otherwise, the Huang Martial School will lose completely face.”

“I won’t go!” Han Qingwu raised her handbag and furiously yelled.

At present, though her strength and speed were ten times stronger and faster than before, she still didn’t know any martial arts. She may be able to defeat anyone in front of her if it was a one-to-one bout, but there were dozens of youths in front of her, a number she couldn’t beat at all.

“You won’t go?” Huang s.h.i.+qing sneered. “Hmph, you no longer have that option.”

“It was your younger brother who molested the other women. I hit him since he also made a move on me!” Han Qingwu angrily shouted. “Who would have imagined that he would be hit so badly that his arm got broken? I warn you. If you dare to act unruly toward me, I’m sure someone will come to pack you up shortly.”

“Are you relying on the phone call you just made? Hmph, what a joke!” Huang s.h.i.+qing sneered. “There are indeed a few people in Jingmen Island that I, Huang s.h.i.+qing, cannot afford to stir up. But I don’t give a d.a.m.n care for any f.u.c.king layman you drag here. If you got the ability, call someone from the Ouyang Family.”

The Ouyang Family?

Ouyang Lulu’s face appeared inside Han Qingwu’s mind, but she immediately cast it away. Though Lulu was a native of Jingmen Island and a member of the Ouyang Family, she wasn’t that close to her and maybe, she wouldn’t want to help her. She would even probably watch from the side, gloating at her misfortune and bitter experience, treating it like a joke!

“I warn you! That person I just called is very powerful. Many powerful people are afraid to act rampant before him. If you dare to act untoward, I’m sure he will definitely pack you up for good. Wait for him to come here if you don’t believe me.”

“Wait for him to come?” Huang s.h.i.+qing mocked. “This father has no time to waste. Drag her to our school. If this father doesn’t give her a good lesson this time I won’t be able to swallow this anger.”

Another youth rolled his sleeves up and smirked, “Brother Qing, this woman is very great, give her to me to smack her a.s.s! I promise you she will be very docile after I have packed her up, and then I’ll take her to apologize to you, Brother Huang!”

“She’s yours!” Said Huang s.h.i.+qing lightly.

The youth looked excited and instantly strode toward Han Qingwu, directly grabbing her shoulder.


Han Qingwu swung the handbag towards him. Her right leg quickly sent a kick and hit the youth’s face, sending him backward.


After flying backward for five plus meters, the youth’s body finally slammed to the ground and directly fainted.


The remaining dozens of youths were dumbfounded. They never expected that Han Qingwu, who looked so delicate and fragile, could actually kick their comrade until he pa.s.sed out. They previously thought that Han Qingwu could break Huang s.h.i.+yang’s arm because he was struck with bad luck and fell by himself. But now it looked like this woman was really strong!

Huang s.h.i.+qing squinted his eyes. The speed displayed by Han Qingwu’s kick was slightly faster than his fastest speed; this fact secretly made him vigilant. However, when he saw the panicked expression on Han Qingwu’s face, he let out a sneer and growled, “Xiao Dao, grab this b.i.t.c.h for me!”


A stocky and imposing youth, called Little Blade, flushed toward Han Qingwu. His leg swiftly whipped onto Han Qingwu’s shoulder and heavily hit it, causing her to directly slam to the ground.

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