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Chapter 925: Chaos Divine Fruit

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Within one's body were contained endless secret realms, all of which were closed. But once they are opened, they will be endowed with power.

Ever since the Fire Order Era, all skills and techniques were built with this as the base. But of course, the innate G.o.ds were not the same.

The secret realms of the innate G.o.ds were already opened since birth, but they were also in disarray; in order to fully use the power of these secret realms, the innate G.o.ds still needed to unify these secret realms through the Six Paths Reincarnation.

But the secret realms that were not within the Six Paths Reincarnation's coverage were extremely dangerous, After countless attempts, Zhong Yue still couldn't merge them with the Six Paths Reincarnation. And without being able to be controlled, these secret realms taxed his body and Yuan Shen greatly. Besides, just the s.p.a.ce Secret Realms alone already had him cornered.

But now, the power of the fruit opened up all the secret realms within his body and that scared Zhong Yue's soul out of his body!

Yet, Zhong Yue strangely felt no pressure after the fruit opened up the secret realms and he felt more than just comfortable instead.

He even had this wonderful feeling that the endless unique tastes of the fruit were not taste but the Daos represented by the secret realms in his body!

Each and every secret realm was a type of Dao!

And now after consuming the fruit, the Daos contained in the fruit were nouris.h.i.+ng his secret realms.

Mortals were inherently inferior to innate G.o.ds mainly because their secret realms were not opened naturally like the innate G.o.ds and their quality also couldn't compare.

Hence, they had to cultivate from the bottom and enhance the secret realms' flexibility, fortifying them with their own totem pattern Daos.

For Zhong Yue, apart from the Dao Yi Secret Realms, the other five great secret realms were extremely vast and that was because they were constantly refined and expanded by him.

And the smallest Dao Yi Secret Realm that could only fit the Pan Gu Celestial Being was the toughest to refine!

Besides, apart from the six great secret realms, the other secret realms of mortals could not be cultivated, refined and expanded. Not even the monarch level ones, as that was beyond the capability of the Six Paths Reincarnation.

However, the Chaos Divine Fruit contained every Dao represented by the secret realms and after consuming it, Zhong Yue felt that every single secret realm in his body was widening and surging with unimaginable speed!

His six great secret realms continued expanding; the Bloodline Secret Realm connected his body and Yuan Shen tightly, the Wu Xing, Wan Xiang, Shen Cai, and Yin Yang widened and the dimension within them was fortified!

The Dao contained in the fruit intertwined together as they strengthened, and even the toughest Dao Yi Secret Realm was gradually getting stronger with each rumble!

The Dao Yi Secret Realm was located inside the brain. When it was closed, within the head of Qi Pract.i.tioners would be a cloudy area. This made opening of Dao Yi Secret Realm equivalent to creating the heaven and earth, requiring the creation of the Yin Yang, Shen Cai, Wan Xiang, and Wu Xing after dispersing the chaos.

At this moment, Chaos Qi ravaged his Dao Yi Secret Realm, the Qi floated up and down, allowing the Dao Yi Secret Realm to widen and the Pan Gu Celestial Being in it to also grow. As the heaven and earth grew larger, so did the celestial being!

These changes were very much pleasing to Zhong Yue as whether it be Qi Pract.i.tioners or G.o.ds, the hardest to cultivate would be the Dao Yi Secret Realm and Pan Gu Celestial Being. Hence, the growth in both his Dao Yi Secret Realm and Pan Gu Celestial Being saved him years of effort!

Monarch level existences that could have their Pan Gu Celestial Being grow a level that allowed him to support the entire Six Paths Reincarnation… Just what kind of power is that?

Now, though Zhong Yue managed to up the secret realm and the celestial being by quite an extent, he was still very far away from reaching the level of a monarch.

But the Chaos Divine Fruit still strengthened his base, after all, making even more room for his Pan Gu Celestial Being and Dao Yi Secret Realm to improve!

Apart from that, his other secret realms were also enhanced in this explosive improvement! While the gap to ascend into an innate G.o.d was still there, Zhong Yue was continually closing that gap!

At this rate, after fully absorbing the fruit's power, Zhong Yue's secret realms would rival that of innate G.o.ds!

That was the strongest effect of the fruit!

Meanwhile, as Zhong Yue was absorbing the fruit's power, the others on the s.h.i.+p were staring at the light wheels appearing behind Zhong Yue in fear and shock!

These light wheels were the projection of his secret realms and even the strongest one present on the scene only had six wheels, which was the representation of the Six Paths Reincarnation.

Yet, apart from the six light wheels, there were countless wheels that were slowly emerging from his body!

Huge or small, light or heavy, dark or bright and thick or thin, these light wheels circled around him in great numbers.

At the same time, the light wheels were rumbling; countless Dao languages mixed together, composing a beautiful melody!

Such a melody could have only existed in heaven, not the mortal realm!

“That brat!”

Fu Li grabbed onto Hundun Yu's collar, dragging him back while syaing, “That fruit of yours, do you still have another one? I can work for you! Anything, you name it!”

Hundun Yu shouted angrily, “No! I only have one and I didn't even have the chance to eat it!”

Fu Li, however, was not convinced and started searching through Hundun Yu with his rough hands, “You sure about that? Let me see …”

“Don't touch me! I'm serious!”

Hundun Yu quickly dodged and replied, “This is a fruit that only grows on the divine tree! Even the one in the Jinwu Clan wouldn't grow one in a few thousand years! There had only been a total of five fruits after my grand ancestor planted the tree 170,000 years ago! There are only eight flowers left. If you live long enough, you might be able to have one!”

Fu Li's eyes lit up right away and he said, “Then the Jinwu Clan still has this kind of fruit? Hey, this brat, why don't we go steal one or two from them? How about that? One for you and one for me!”

Secretly, Hundun Yu rolled his eyes,

Stealing from the imperial race Jinwu Clan? Do you think I'm stupid?

“They always say that I am a stupid one but it seems like you are the real dumb one here!”

Hundun Yu rebuked angrily, “Do you not know how powerful the Jinwu Clan is? Their monarch is not dead and his injuries are almost healed! Just how much effort do you think he would need to catch you!”

Yin Fanxuan, who was on the other side, murmured worriedly, “Darling seems to have his secret realms all opened… Will there be a problem? If there really is…I might have to drag the corpse out for real ….”

On the other hand, the power in the fruit continued to surge in Zhong Yue's body, the light wheels flew around, unleas.h.i.+ng the wonders of the secret realms.

While the others knew little about the dangers of opening secret realms, Yin Fanxuan was very clear of it. She had already dragged Zhong Yue's body out from the Six Paths Bead more times than she could count.

Two days later, the light wheels s.h.i.+ning outside of Zhong Yue's body reached their pinnacle. And to Yin Fanxuan's delight, the light wheels dimmed as this, indiciating that the power from the fruit had been fully absorbed by Zhong Yue.

If the light wheels did not fade, then they were still activated and that would be extremely dangerous!

Another two days later, the light wheels outside of Zhong Yue's body gradually disappeared and the secret realms were deactivated.

At long last, the efficacy of the fruit had been fully absorbed and it can no longer refine his secret realms.

As the secret realms closed up, Zhong Yue let out a long breath of relief. At this time, his six great secret realms were extremely vast that they could fit in an entire solar galaxy; even the smallest Dao Yi Secret Realm was as huge as a planet.

The Pan Gu Celestial Being who was within the Dao Yi Secret Realm had also become incredibly huge, much bigger than before!


With a move in his psyche, the light wheels spread out behind the back of his head, the Six Paths Reincarnation spun slowly and the ma.s.sive light wheels sank into the Star River, stirring the water like a water wheel.

The Six Paths Wheels were the projection of his Yuan Shen secret realms' power and through that, he had shown immense power that was now coursing in his Yuan Shen secret realms!

Shame. I am still far away from having the Pan Gu Celestial Being strong enough to lift up the entire Six Paths Galaxy. But it is already impressive enough that the Chaos Divine Fruit managed to raise my secret realms to such a level.

Zhong Yue retracted the light wheels behind his head and he suddenly recalled, I once had an intimate relations.h.i.+p with the Heavenly Lady of Jinwu Clan. If I went to Jinwu Clan to propose for marriage with her, will they prepare a Chaos Divine Fruit as a dowry…. No no! Jin Hexi was lured into having a relations.h.i.+p with me when we both cultivated the Yin and Yang Dao. If I went to propose marriage, I might be killed by her! Besides, Fanxuan will be unhappy with this. I am not sure if I can beat her right now. If I p.i.s.s her off again and get beaten up by her in front of everyone, then how would I still maintain my reputation….

On the other hand, after noticing the efficacy of the fruit was depleted, Hundun Yu immediately rushed over with Fu Li in tow. The two of them looked at Zhong Yue eagerly and asked at the same time, “Did it taste good?”

“Absolutely,” nodded Zhong Yue.

“So?” Fu Li looked at Hundun Yu.

Hundun Yu hesitated and he scratched his head, “My mission is to stay beside Mister Yi… besides, the Jinwu Clan is so dangerous….”

Zhong Yue was speechless as now he finally knew what these two were planning; they were actually brave enough to have unnecessary thoughts on the Jinwu Clan's Fusang Divine Tree. He immediately thought of something else, There should be news about Imperial Emperor Xian Tian by now.

A few days later, a messenger arrived from the Xian Tian Palace carrying a letter from the Imperial Emperor Xian Tian.

“Dear Yi, wouldn't it be boring if there is no friend to accompany me? I will have one body standing guard and the other to entering seclusion. Besides, do you think we should accept the Heavenly Monarch's invitation?

After reading it, Zhong Yue closed his eyes and he burnt it after he opened his eyes.

This guy….

He did not know what to feel; though they were on different sides since the beginning, he couldn't bring himself to deny that Imperial Emperor Xian Tian was a very admirable existence. His choice to leave one body out will definitely cause an imbalance between his celestial and demon Dao or worse, the other body will never be able to reach the Heavenly Monarch level!

But Imperial Emperor Xian Tian still chose this unwise option regardless, hence, even if Zhong Yue took him as an enemy, he still couldn't help but admire Imperial Emperor Xian Tian.

“Young man of the f.u.xi Clan, are you becoming soft right now?”

Xin Huo's voice was heard questioning him, “Have you forgotten the annihilation of your race?”

“No… I will never forget… I am just worried that my saber will not be quick enough.”

Zhong Yue replied as he slowly moved his hand on the innate divine saber, which s.h.i.+ned and reflected his face. He said, “I just hope that my saber is swift enough to let him leave this world with no pain. I need it to be quicker and stronger!”

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