Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 1241 - Exhibiting One’s kills

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Chapter 1241 – Exhibiting One’s kills

Xiao Hong was taken aback, she just gave a casual comment. How did it go to something else?

“Xiao Hong is a blunt person that knows how to drink it but not talk about it. You Yue is the master of tea tasting!” She pushed the ball to Sima You Yue.

“Oh?” Jun Wei s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Sima You Yue. “Miss You Yue can taste tea?”

“I can a little bit.”

“Then try.”

Sima You Yue softly sniffed the tea that Mo Yu handed to her. She originally had wanted just to say something but it resulted in a poem she had heard before.

“An iron-colored wrinkled frosted belt, holding an excellent verse, the tongue root has not tasted innocent, but the nose smells the holy fragrance.”

Xiao Hong and Jun family head did not understand Sima You Yue’s words, but Mo Yu knew what she meant.

She was a somewhat knowledgeable guy.

“Tie Guanyin is a very simple tea to make. This tea tastes mellow and sweet but because of the water temperature and brewing time is not enough. The taste of the tea was affected and does not display fully the aroma of the tea.”

Jun Wei’s and Mo Yu’s expression changed, but more so Mo Yu. This tea was the best tea he found in the Human Realm, and it was better than the previous teas he had. In order to infuse this scent, he specially lived with the tea farmers for more than a year, until he felt that he brewed well enough before leaving. But she said he didn’t make it well enough?

“So you know how to make tea?” Mo Yun murmured. Although Jun family head didn’t hear any joy or anger, it made his heart shuddered

“A little bit.” Sima You Yue reply.

“In that case, how about you make a pot of tea for everyone?”

Sima You Yue pondered for a bit. “Sure.”

Mo Yu handed her the tea set but she declined it.

“I prefer to use my own tea set.”

With a wave of her hand, a whole tea set appeared on the table. Then she started brewing.

Mo Yu saw that her tea set was as good as his. He realized she was also a tea lover. His impression of her improved a lot.

But he didn’t know that You Yue didn’t like tea that much at first. Because Wu Lingyu liked it and she happened to know a lot of ways to make tea, she made it for him from time to time. She slowly fell in love with it.

She used to prefer to drink alcohol.

Boil water, pick tea leaves, brew, wash cups, and finally brew again. She waited for ten seconds before pouring into a small cup. Then she picked it up with tweezers and show everyone.


She picked up a cup for herself. She sniffed and smiled contentedly.

Mo Yu’s group of four people never saw such a method of brewing before. They curiously picked up the small cup of tea.

Mo Yu sniffed lightly and commented, “Eyes golden and bright as amber. This smell is natural and rich, but I don’t know how it will taste.”

“You won’t know if you don’t taste it. See what is the difference between my tea and yours?” Sima You Yue drank her tea and was in a good mood.

Mo Yu didn’t think her tea would be better than his but it did smell good.

However, after he tried it, he immediately forgot his previous thoughts.

People like them were well versed in tea ceremony, they can tell even if the difference was slight. Not to mention, hers was obviously better than his brewing.

“What is your tea-making technique?”

“Kungfu tea.”

Sima You Yue saw that he finished and offered him another cup with her tweezers.

She was already beautiful, and her movements were graceful. Her temperament made him feel that drinking tea with her was a pleasure.

“Kungfu tea…”He held the cup of tea and glanced over. His gaze landed on her. “Can you teach me?”

“This Kungfu tea is not hard. I think you should know the process after watching me.” Sima You Yue replied.

“But as long as a certain part is not done right, it will ruin the whole cup of tea. I want to know all the steps in detail.” Mo Yu said. “Miss You Yue, can I go find you for the tea ceremony?”

Sima You Yue was startled. Were they that familiar?”

“Sorry, I…” Before she finished her statement, she felt Xiao Hong’s pleading look. She then reverted, “In this case, You Yue also would like to discuss with Young Master Jun.”

They stayed at the teahouse for a while. When she saw Fatty Qu’s group come out of the stores, she said, “Jun family head, my friends have come out. We will be leaving.”

Xiao Hong glanced at Mo Yu in dismay. “Jun family head, Young Master Jun, we will be leaving.”

“Miss, have a safe journey.”

Sima You Yue and them left the private room. Her smile faded from her mouth.

Bei Gong Tang glanced at her and said nothing.

“Xiao Hong, we went out shopping for a long time. Let’s go back.” Sima You Yue exclaimed after leaving the teahouse.

Xiao Hong saw that her face was not well. “Are you angry?”

“No.” Sima You Yue replied. “You want to get to know him more. I understand. I’m not angry. I’m just a bit tired.”

“Right, we have been shopping for quite a while this year. I will send you back.” Xiao Hong suggested.

Sima You Yue wanted to say no, but she was afraid she was being too abnormal and suspicious. So she agreed.

Inside the private room, Jun Wei and Mo Yu were tasting tea.

“Lord, why didn’t you kill her? If the ghost concubine knows, would she be angry?” Jun Wei asked.

“I told her that I would help her investigate the person. I did not promise to avenge her.” Mo Yu said. “It’s a pity if such a super person was killed?”

“The tea she makes is really extraordinary.” Jun Wei was quite sure of this.

He often tasted tea made by Mo Yu and had become used to the tea that ordinary tea did not draw him in. Sima You Yue’s tea, honestly, was indeed better than the tea made by his lord.

“It’s hard to meet such an amazing person. If you don’t work hard, wouldn’t coming to the Human Realm be in vain?”

“Lord is right…”

Xiao Hong sent them to their courtyard and returned. Thinking of how she might often meet Mo Yu, she smiled happily.

Sima You Yue waited after for her to walk far, before entering the door with Bei Gong Tang, and the group with a calm face.

Fatty Qu and the group saw Sima You Yue’s expression changed. “What’s wrong?”

“That Jun Mo Yu is abnormal.” Sima You Yue said. “He is a member of the Ghost Clan. He is very strong. When I was in your private room, I felt his killing intent on me.”

“Ghost clan? How do you know?”

“Qing Yi told me.” Sima You Yue said. “Moreover, I think he seems to know me.”

“Why do you still agree to let such a person come to the mansion?”

“If I refuse, I might not be able to leave the private room….”

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