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Published at 22nd of July 2019 05:45:09 AM Chapter 863: 863

A loud bang rang out, and the most shocking scene appeared!

Following two loud shouts, the two figures clashed and parted, leaving countless afterimages in the air . The speed of their fight grew faster and faster . In the eyes of the crowd below, the sky was suddenly filled with countless Zhan Mu Bais and countless Cao Guo Fengs . Each afterimage was incredibly real with more appearing every second…

By the time the afterimages vanished, more had already appeared!

The two sides' speed had already reached the extreme!

Such a quick battle was not a foreign thing to the crowd . After all, there were many Saint level experts there . Although their abilities were not equal to Zhan Mu Bai and Cao Guo Feng, they were still existences within the same realm! While they were looking at the battle between the two with shock, they could see that they were truly fighting for real this time . Each move was meant to cause the greatest amount of damage, and neither was going light on the other at all!

As long as either one of them was slightly careless, the fight would instantly turn detrimental!

The extremely ruthless techniques used caused the crowd to feel their skins p.r.i.c.kling with shock . If those techniques were used against them… most likely, they wouldn't be able to receive them at all .

What would happen if they couldn't receive them? Without a question, they would be dominated quickly and killed in a gruesome manner!

Fellow Saint Emperors who fought alongside each other, old friends who interacted with each other for 600 years, actually ended up fighting in such a manner, as if they wanted to kill each other!

The main instigator Young Master Jun was watching the fight in midair with great excitement . A Saint Emperor level fight was filled with so many things to learn! Moreover, these two Saint Emperors were not holding anything back, putting their lives on the line as they fought!

Although this matter was caused by him, Jun Mo Xie did not feel even the slightest bit of guilt .

One could only say… it was just a coincidence!

I never thought that I would become a rare genius in your eyes and want even less to become the successor for you bunch of old fellows . I only went out for a walk and met the number one lunatic under the heavens by chance . Just when I was prepared to execute my grand plan, you guys spoilt everything .

This Young Master is definitely not that whatever Free and Natural Physique talent . At least this Young Master still has this bit of understanding . This is not some whatever prenatal body; it's a postnatal body that cannot be more postnatal! Only at the age of 16, 17, was this postnatal body being cultivated . Regardless to whichever genius in the world, this was late by 15, 16 years!

Perhaps one should say that mine is the Hongjun PaG.o.da Physique . Have you heard of that before? No? That's right…

It would be strange if you've heard of it!

Besides, this Young Master's eyesight is not so ordinary and casual . You guys think you have the qualifications to give me legacies? Are your legacies better than the number one cultivation technique The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune? Can you provide me with limitless Spiritual Qi like the Hongjun PaG.o.da? Do you all have any Primal Chaos Purple Qi? It's not that I'm looking down on you; most likely, you all haven't even heard of it before right? If you want to take me in as a successor, you all still need to cultivate for a few thousand more years!

Just with that bit of skill and those little rubbish techniques, you want to recruit this Young Master? Your qualifications are too lacking! At the very least, you should have the same level of strength as the Nine Nether First Young Master to barely be eligible! And that would only be a secondary consideration, not even a first choice…

The three Holy Lands are vast and mighty, and the Misty Illusory Manor is haughty and overbearing . Jun Mo Xie had sworn to oppose the three Holy Lands, but this Young Master temporarily is unable to beat them in a straight fight .

I'm currently in a bind and am looking everywhere for allies . Now, you've scared away my potential ally . Then, since you people treat me as Tangsen's longevity flesh to be eaten by you, if I don't find some trouble for you all, wouldn't I be letting down your sincerity too much?

From the moment you guys discovered me, this trouble had already landed on your heads .

If you hadn't discover me…

Then, I can only shrug my shoulders…

After all, I'm right in front of you . If you didn't discover me, that's your own problem; it can't be blamed on me…

So the entire way, Young Master Jun displayed his best acting skills, perfectly portraying the role of a simple mountain village boy who came to a famous big city, yet unexpectedly encountering a big situation, allowing the awestruck emotions and excitement of such an event to show clearly in his behaviour . Then, he even conveniently threw out the 'information' that his supposed Free and Natural Physique had also eaten the Spirit Stone Immortal Milk and also expressed his willingness to come under their apprentices.h.i.+p…

A perfect performance, paired with the fact that this actor's physique was extremely similar as well!

Just a few sentences had caused those old fellows to be so taken up with him that they practically could not let him go . As long as there was an emotional attachment, it would make things easier . Whether it was a good deed or a bad deed, everything became much easier to do!

As long as there was emotional attachment, even if one was committing rape or being raped, it would be considered love making between a couple; as for framing someone else… it would be like driving a light carriage on a familiar road . When water flowed, a channel would be formed! Furthermore, it would inspire the greatest rage and hatred…

So once the Saint Emperors from the Misty Illusory Manor brought him back, he simply took the chance when they were discussing animatedly to slip out with the Yin Yang Escape Art, finding an unfortunate fellow from the Chen Family with a physique similar to his and bringing him back .

Then, at an appropriate time, he purposely created a small commotion, changed into black clothes, and floated through the window…

Young Master Jun actually did not do many things in this process . He simply ran around madly, and smashed that unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d's head into pieces with a single slap… then, after altering his voice a bit and saying a few words, he directly escaped .

The technique he used was naturally also something that was extremely similar to Saint Emperor Zhan's famed technique . It was only a pity that Young Master Jun's impersonation was not very on point . Then again, if the impersonation was too accurate, it would instead arouse the suspicions of others .

Per Jun Mo Xie's predictions, the Misty Illusory Manor and the three Holy Lands would most likely have a big argument after this, and both sides will be unhappy . It would even be possible if the alliance between them broke up .

If there's only the people of the three Holy Lands left among his enemies, the pressure on his side would lessen greatly .

But Young Master Jun seemed to have still overestimated the endurance levels of this bunch of old fogies . Or rather, he'd overestimated the importance of his 'Free and Natural Physique'! Those old fogies completely did not act according to his script and directly initiated a deathmatch!

This result was far out of Young Master Jun's expectations . It seemed a little too ludicrous?!

Too fierce!

Too shocking! Looked like this 'poison' he set was too strong…

How he supposed to know that the Free and Natural Physique was akin to a living breathing treasure in Cao Guo Feng's eyes! In terms of importance, it was even more important than all the treasures he'd acc.u.mulated in his life!

The legendary Free and Natural Physique that he'd secured with great difficulty, and his best successor, had been turned into a pile of rotten flesh . Cao Guo Feng was almost on the verge of losing his mind…

How would Jun Mo Xie have known that Cao Guo Feng had looked for such a unique physique for five, six hundred years? The hope and delight of five, six hundred years, had been turned into nothing…

If he hadn't seen Jun Mo Xie's physique himself, then even if he heard the news of such a physique being killed, he would only sigh and shake his head with pity . But now that he'd already secured the disciple and was at the height of his happiness, he was suddenly kicked into the depths of h.e.l.l in an instant…

Saint Emperor Cao had experienced the extremities of heaven and h.e.l.l in the span of a single night!

This contrast was simply too huge…

So Cao Guo Feng's insanity and rage had already exceeded anything that Jun Mo Xie could have imagined .

But right now, Jun Mo Xie was not considering such matters at all . He was stroking his chin and considering .  Since it's already so lively now, then how should I make the situation turn even worse? If all these hundred something people could all perish together now… what a wonderful matter that will be ah…

At this time, the battle between the two Saint Emperors had already reached a feverish pitch!

Both Saint Emperors already took out their weapons, and they were truly aiming to cut their enemies down .

Two sharp swords whizzed through the air like lively dragons, and the two's figures filled the entire sky, as sword rays flashed like lightning .

On the ground, the six Saint Emperor who “knew” the situation well and a large group of completely clueless people watched with trepidation and cold sweat pouring down their brows; Saint Emperors were indeed Saint Emperors . Just this offensive strength was truly overpowered…

Fortunately, the two persons' realms were closer to each other, and it was not to a point where death or life could be determined in just a few strokes . So they could still control their strengths, and their energies did not flow out much . Otherwise, this beautiful Chen Family manor would have already turned into a pile of rubble long ago!

The Saint Emperor who came with the Illusory Blood Sea this time, Lord Hai Wu Ya, walked over, dressed in a set of purple robes . Scowling dangerously, he looked at the six Saint Emperors and asked, “Everyone, what's going on? Why are the two of them fighting all of a sudden? Weren't they just discussing the matter of the Free and Natural Physique disciple? Look at the two of them . How will they discuss now?”

Misty Illusory Manor Saint Emperor Bai Qi Feng snorted and replied expressionlessly, “Lord Hai has needlessly worried . The matter about the disciple no longer needs any discussion . ”

“Oh? Brother Bai, what's happened here? Please enlighten this old man . ” Hai Wu Ya raised his head and looked at the battle with furrowed brows as he asked .

“What else is there to say about it? That Zhan Mu Bai is despicable to the extreme! Brother Hai, your three Holy Lands truly has a galaxy of talents ah . Right now, it's just that old Cao made the move first . If he didn't, this old man would have attacked personally! Looking at a piece of trash like that dirties this old man's eyes! A person of his caliber is actually a pillar of the three Holy Lands… looks like the Elusive World of Immortals is truly declining…” Bai Qi Feng flung his sleeves with a belly full of rage as well, turning his head around, not willing to say anymore .

This disciple was also one-seventh his… but just like that, he'd been killed!

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