Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2254: Shocking News, Part Two

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Chapter 2254: Shocking News, Part Two

"It seems like Cang will rise in the Primary Upper Realm in no time!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the authorities of formidable factions were fully aware of the situation. The same thought crossed their minds.

Even though it was a pity they could not suppress Cang, it was not necessarily a bad thing for them.

If Cang was planning to reclaim his glory, he would definitely become a Ruler of Dao and a Heaven Highness.

They might have the chance to team up and resolve the awkward problem of this era.

"Secure the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor!"

The authorities soon moved out.

Qin Nan clenched his fists, but he soon let go and forced himself to lend Progenitor Mingchu and the others a hand.

Half an hour later, the battle finally came to an end.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness ended up claiming one Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. The w.a.n.g Clan and Li Clan also had one, while the alliance set up by the Sky Taihuang Sect also had one. Lastly, the last Orb of the Heavenly Emperor fell into the hands of the Wu Clan and the Zheng Clan.

The whole Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm. The cultivators of the Thirty-First and Thirty-Third Small Immortal Realms were relieved.

"Come, let's go inside the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the authorities took a quick glance at Empress Feiyue before they went away.

"My master, you don't have to worry much. Knowing Empress Feiyue's strength, even if she awakens the memories of Cang's daughters, she will be able to preserve her heart like you and not be influenced," Moxie said.


Qin Nan nodded. He looked at Empress Feiyue's outstanding figure.

He did not take long too awaken Zhou Di's memories last time, but Empress Feiyue was not done until now. The memories she was awakening must be complete instead of fragmented.

"My master, I'll look after Empress Feiyue for you. You should head to the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace to see if you can find anything."

Moxie said respectfully, as if everything he did was for Qin Nan's sake.

"That won't be necessary," Qin Nan said.

Moxie's eyes flickered, but he did not say anything more and backed away to the side to wait patiently with Qin Nan.

"The situation now..."

Zhou Xundao shook his head inside Qin Nan's soul.

The situation was in such a mess that he could not see what was going to happen in the end.

Meanwhile, the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace floating in the sky suddenly shook vigorously. The light it was emitting grew ten times stronger like an ancient sun.

In addition to it, faint sounds were echoing in every corner of the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm, as if several ancient saints were waking up from deep slumber to teach all living things the Great Dao.


Following a series of shocking explosions, Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the authorities who went inside the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace went flying out of it as if they had just received a tremendous blow.

Qin Nan looked up and saw astonishment on their faces.

"Wutian, Brave Wolf, what happened?" Moxie asked.

"Mas...master...Ye...Ye Zhaoxian..."

The Seventh Immortal, Demon Emperor Wutian was talking with a trembling voice. The shock he was experiencing was like when he saw Qin Nan was Cang's reincarnation.

"Calm down! What about Ye Zhaoxian?" Moxie groaned. His voice was imbued with an art.

Moxie and Qin Nan both saw a figure walking out of the entrance of the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace.

His face was soon revealed to them.

It was a young man with sharp eyebrows and pale skin. He was wearing a long robe of the Eight Trigrams. His long black hair was reaching his ankles. He had an indescribable mystical presence.

The young man's aura was only in the Peerless Ruler Realm, yet for some reason, everyone felt they were of the mundane world while facing him.

"Ye...Ye Zhaoxian's true self?" Moxie blurted out with great shock.

The four Supreme Highnesses were supposed to have fallen in the ancient battle without any exception!

Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue had to be reincarnated while Cang was in a strange state!

But Ye Zhaoxian had returned in his own flesh?


Qin Nan was dumbfounded too.

The whole place fell deadly silent, with only the sound of wind and breathing.

Ye Zhaoxian's eyes scanned the crowd before stopping briefly on Qin Nan. He withdrew his gaze and performed a hand seal.

"The Dao of Time, tracing back to the beginning!"

Ye Zhaoxian's hand seals s.h.i.+fted continuously as he was shrouded in a white mist.

Everyone could sense several days had pa.s.sed even though it had only been a few moments, as if time had been sped up.


Some time later, Ye Zhaoxian's aura skyrocketed as if an ancient seal had been broken.

Nine Heavens Supreme!

Peak Nine Heavens Supreme!

Master Realm!

Peak Ruler Realm!

His aura had reached the peak Ruler Realm in a short period of time. The Power of Rules rippling from him was utterly shocking.

His cultivation level was still rising instead of stopping!

"Is this all my cultivation can recover to?"

A moment later, Ye Zhaoxian murmured to himself and performed the hand seals in the reverse order. His aura started declining rapidly.

It finally came to a stop in the early stage of the Ruler Realm.

Ye Zhaoxian withdrew the seals and took a deep breath. He looked even more elegant.

"Fellow cultivators, I'm extremely lucky to be able to retain my flesh as I'm reborn after dying once."

Ye Zhaoxian looked at the crowd. He was neither acting imperiously, nor being friendly. He said, "I have two things to say."

"First, I will not join hands with anyone, including Cang. As long as no one provoke me and stop me from pursuing my Dao, I will not attack any faction. Please stop worrying and waste your time guessing my motive."


He paused briefly before he continued, "I've observed your cultivation and the condition of the world. I believe the ancient battle has damaged this world greatly, and part of the blame is on me."

"Therefore, in order to make up for it, and for my own benefits, I invite every cultivator above the Greater Success Stage of the Ruler Realm to come to the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace on the first day of the coming month!"

"I'll bring them to the Blue Heavens to establish a place to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm!"

The words served as a shocking explosion, leaving the authorities who were present in awe.

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