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Chapter 1531 - The Peerless Strike

"Destruction Battle Saber!"

Qin Nan did not waste any time talking to it. He fully gathered the Destruction Will and the will of the Divine G.o.d of Battle on the Heaven-Shattering Saber and executed an incredible slash.

It was the strongest attack that he currently had.

"Activate all rules, South-Heaven Fles.h.!.+"

The South-Heaven Gate immediately gathered all the origin force, rules of cultivation, and martial intents on itself, resulting in a blinding blue glow.

It had sensed a shocking threat, even stronger than the slash that the Magical Hair Sword G.o.d had burnt his life force to execute.


Everyone heard a shocking explosion. They subconsciously turned around. Their eyes were immediately filled with astonishment.

They saw a huge crack at the center of the enormous gate. It was over eight thousand zhang long and over four hundred zhang deep.

Even with the South-Heaven Gate's magnificent figure, the crack had taken up a tenth of its size.

In other words, if the same slash was executed nine more times, it would shatter the South-Heaven Gate!

However, the crack soon recovered at a shocking rate.

Even though the slash was equivalent to the strength of the eighth-layer Human G.o.d Realm, and was able to kill a seventh-layer Human G.o.d, it was still not enough to inflict serious damage on the South-Heaven Gate.

"Qin Nan, you have asked for it!"

The South-Heaven Gate was enraged. It uttered a furious roar as if a seal was broken. A G.o.dly glow burst out deep within it.

Whoosh whoosh whoos.h.!.+

At that instant, ancient beasts, mysterious artifacts, strange talismans, and many things else burst out from the gate like a remarkable tide trying to devour Qin Nan's figure.

Qin Nan seemed extremely minuscule before it.

The South-Heaven Gate's biggest secret was not the portion of origin force it possessed, but the mysterious artifacts it contained inside.

Each of the artifacts possessed shocking power. If they were not in the Canglan Continent, each artifact was capable of destroying an Earth G.o.d Realm expert.

However, the spirit of the South-Heaven Gate had only controlled half of them.

If it could control all of them and unleash the power of the terrifying existence deep inside the gate, it would have no trouble destroying Qin Nan, Empress Feiyue, the G.o.d Ranking, and everyone else.

"The South-Heaven Gate can even do that?"

The joy on the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the other authorities immediately froze.

"Bring me the spear!"

Qin Nan transmitted his thought as he clashed with the G.o.dly artifacts.

He had already merged his will with the Dragon-killing Dao-destructing Deity-eliminating Spear before it was fully refined. He could summon the spear with a single thought.

He had yet to use the spear as he was probing the South-Heaven Gate's true strength, to wait for the perfect timing.

And now, the time had arrived!

"The South-Heaven Gate is using the artifacts. Its control over the gate is now the weakest. Qin Nan surely has some other tricks up his sleeves since Empress Feiyue is helping him. I should start the preparations, and when the chance comes..."

Several thoughts crossed Heaven G.o.d Lu's mind as he witnessed the scene. He immediately proceeded with the setup he had been preparing since ten thousand years ago.

He had no choice but to take the risk. Even if it would cost his lifespan and everything, he had to secure the greatest fortune and stand victorious.

"We still have a chance to win the war!"

The experts of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground calmed down as the fear in their hearts were driven away. They immediately executed strong moves instead of just running away from the battle.


Their figures suddenly stiffened as a great pressure was approaching from the distance.

"Something is flying over?"

The South-Heaven Gate, Heaven G.o.d Lu, and the G.o.d Ranking were startled. They immediately looked at Qin Nan.

What are they up to this time?

Meanwhile, above the half-G.o.d region...

Following a great blast, everyone immediately witnessed an astonis.h.i.+ng sight, as a peerless glow swept across the sky within an instant.

Following it, a huge crack spread across the enormous sky with no visible end to it!

"What...what was that?"

The cultivators looked into the sky. Their hearts were trembling as their faces were filled with terror. It felt like the whole Canglan Continent was being pierced through at that instant.

In less than ten breaths, the cultivators of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground were startled, including the three great authorities.

They all sensed an indescribable, suffocating pressure looming over them.

"Destruction Fles.h.!.+"

Qin Nan uttered a roar and unleashed the boundless Destruction Will and the will of the Divine G.o.d of Battle to cover his body. It was as if he had turned into an ancient t.i.tan.

Following it, a terrifying spear over thirty thousand zhang long appeared in front of the crowd.

The moment it appeared, it felt like everything had lost their brilliance.

It included the authorities, the ten G.o.dly mountain s.p.a.ces, and the South-Heaven Gate and the great authorities.

Instead of describing it as a spear, it felt more like a G.o.d of Destruction capable of destroying everything.

"South-Heaven Gate!"

Qin Nan rose into the sky. His giant Hand of Destruction grabbed at the rift and held tightly onto the spear.


Even with his current cultivation, the moment he grabbed the spear, it felt like he was being pressed down by an immortal mountain. His body immediately experienced a series of explosions, as the G.o.d force in his body dissipated rapidly from the impact.

Fresh blood poured out from his body and dyed the crimson-golden armor red.


In the nick of time, the power of the primordial rules of the Heavens and Earth gathered and landed on Qin Nan to strengthen him.

"Take this!"

Green veins surfaced on Qin Nan's forehead as he fully unleashed his will. His aura reached its limit as he swung the spear at the South-Heaven Gate with his full might.

The G.o.dly objects blocking in front of the South-Heaven Gate were turned into ashes within an instant.

On top of that, a series of explosions took place across the Canglan Continent, as the lands began to crack into pieces.

"The Six Great Immortal Intents!"

The spirit of the South-Heaven Gate was overwhelmed with fear. It subconsciously unleashed all its power to defend against the attack.

Following it, the cultivators witnessed the peerless strike that everyone would still discuss in excited after thousands of years.


A terrifying explosion echoed in the ears of the cultivators.

The sky above the half-G.o.d region was devoured by a brilliant glow.

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