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Chapter 1530 - Withdrawal of the Monarch Ranking


An overwhelming saber intent shattered the blue light and the rules of cultivation before colliding with the South-Heaven Gate. The giant gate slightly shuddered.

"Qin Nan, have you forgotten about us?"

Heaven G.o.d Lu wore an ancient armor while unleas.h.i.+ng an immortal intent. His eyes had several ancient palaces floating inside. His aura had surprisingly reached the seventh-layer Human G.o.d Realm.

It was the limit of the Canglan Continent.

Meanwhile, the G.o.d Ranking and Monarch Ranking were different than they usually were too.

They had finally shown their true appearance. One had red hair while the other had white hair. Both of their faces were full of wrinkles. They were wearing a golden robe, with countless names flickering on them.

The names were the people who had achieved the Martial Monarch Realm and Martial G.o.d Realm through acquiring the Monarch Horoscopes and G.o.d Horoscopes since the rules of cultivation were modified.

"Destruction of the Heavens and Earth!"

Qin Nan's battle intent skyrocketed. He threw a fist forward, unleas.h.i.+ng a dark glow surging across the place, as if it was creating a world of destruction.

The attacks that the four authorities had executed immediately dissipated.

"Heaven-Resentment Hammer!" "Sword of Void!" "Enforcement of Words!"

The G.o.d Ranking flung its sleeves and executed more than a hundred reputable moves simultaneously.

Not only was it able to absorb the power of Martial Monarchs and Martial G.o.ds through the Monarch Horoscopes and G.o.d Horoscopes, it also had access to the strongest attacks that they had invented.

"Sky-Desolating Saber!"

Qin Nan did not back off. As he slashed forward, wisps of Sky-Desolating Qi transformed into enormous beasts devouring the attacks.

He had nullified the attacks with a single slas.h.!.+


In the nick of time, several chains emitting immortal glows appeared out of nowhere. They quickly wrapped around Qin Nan's body, preventing him from moving.

Heaven G.o.d Lu had been waiting. He performed the Five Demon Immortal Seals when he saw his chance.

"Ten Thousand Ultimate Immortal Flame!"

The South-Heaven Gate unleashed countless runes which combined into a golden flame in the shape of a lotus. As it floated toward Qin Nan, everything along the way was melted.

"Origin force!"

Suddenly, a gray-white light ray flew into the flame.


The flame evolved instantly into a ten thousand zhang illusionary figure of a phoenix. The flames spread rapidly as the phoenix swung its claws fiercely at Qin Nan. 

To the South-Heaven Gate and its crew, even though Qin Nan was the strongest Martial G.o.d of all times, and had mastered the four Extremities, his potential would still be limited by the origin force as long as he was still in the Canglan Continent.

The attack was enough to inflict serious damage to him even if it wasn't enough to kill him!

"Light of the Great Dao, illuminate the surroundings, laws of the world..."

Qin Nan uttered the words in a thunderous voice. A blinding blue-golden glow burst out of his body and shone upon the phoenix. The creature immediately halted its attack and burst out screeching.

After achieving the Martial G.o.d Realm, Qin Nan was able to turn the Dao Rune in his body into an attack!

Even though he was unfamiliar with the exact uses of the Dao Rune, he clearly knew that with a strong enough cultivation, he was able to suppress the origin force and the rules of cultivation with the Dao Rune.

"What just happened?"

The four authorities were stunned.

Heaven G.o.d Lu, in particular, was dumbfounded. He had failed to ascend as an immortal in the past. Even though he knew there were further levels beyond the four Extremities, he had never seen them before.

If he knew Qin Nan had mastered the Dao Realm, he would thoroughly change his plan.

"Monarch Ranking!"

Heaven G.o.d Lu quickly reacted. He performed a seal and uttered a roar.

"Hunyuan Immortal Art!"

The Monarch Ranking made its move. It gathered the rules of cultivation into a primordial light. However, before Qin Nan could react, the light suddenly slammed into the chains.

"Monarch Ranking, you..."

The eyes of Heaven G.o.d Lu, the South-Heaven Gate, and the G.o.d Ranking widened.

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I wasn't lying to you! Even though I can't help you to defeat them, I won't target you either!"

The Monarch Ranking burst out laughing. Its figure slowly vanished.

The Monarch Envoys disappeared with it too.

On top of that, the rules of cultivation, and a portion of the origin force supporting the G.o.dly mountain s.p.a.ces were gone.

Its departure had greatly influenced the strength of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The three authorities immediately wore dark expressions. They did doubt the Monarch Ranking before, but they never thought it would actually collude with Qin Nan. 

"Did the Monarch Ranking leave?"

The Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the other authorities were overjoyed.

Judging from the strength that Qin Nan had displayed, without the Monarch Ranking around, he would have a great chance at suppressing the three authorities.

"Unstoppable Step, Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan proceeded with his attacks. His movement and speed reached the limit. From afar, it looked like he had split into three as he fought the three authorities.


The ground began to sink. Even light was devoured.

Even though the fight between the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the other authorities, and the experts of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground had escalated quickly, the fight between Qin Nan and the three authorities turned out to be the most eye-catching.

"Qin Nan has suppressed the three authorities by himself!"

The experts of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground realized something. Their hearts were filled with fear as they began to feel the urge to run for their lives.

They had totally lost their confidence seeing how unstoppable Qin Nan was.

"Leave Heaven G.o.d Lu and the G.o.d Ranking to me, go and shatter the South-Heaven Gate."

An icy voice appeared. A snowstorm started pouring down across the place, aiming at Heaven G.o.d Lu and the G.o.d Ranking.

Empress Feiyue had finally arrived. She immediately executed an immortal art. Each snowflake contained the will of Dao, which was able to seal off the origin force and the rules of cultivation.

"Empress Feiyue!"

Heaven G.o.d Lu and the South-Heaven Gate's hearts sank.

However, they no longer had a chance to escape. They had no choice but to fight with all they got.

"Qin Nan! Are you seriously continuing? The Monarch Ranking is conspiring behind the scenes. It won't bring any good to you! Why don't we stop fighting, I'll open the Canglan Seal and let your people ascend..."

The South-Heaven Gate uttered a groan. Qin Nan's strength had exceeded its expectations. He had started to threaten its life.

As such, it had willingly lowered its head.

It a.s.sumed that Qin Nan and his people insisted to fight it because the Canglan Seal had prevented them from ascending to the Nine Heavens.


Before it could finish, Qin Nan snapped furiously. His body unleashed a rising blood glow as his eyes turned bloodshot.

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