Chaotic Sword God Chapter 866: Fight For The Divine Water Of The World

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Chapter 866: Fight for the Divine Water of the World

Jian Chen shook his head. Although the crystal coins of the Sea race and the purple coins from Tian Yuan Continent were two different currencies, he knew that the Ruler Armament was sold for too low of a price. This was all because the effect of Ruler Armaments was not as great to the Sea race compared to humans.

If it were not for the fact that Jian Chen wanted to save enough money to buy the holy water of the spirit sea, he would partic.i.p.ate in the auction and buy the Ruler Armament. Even though he had no use for it himself, the people around him could use it as it was extremely difficult to obtain a Ruler Armament on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Afterward, valuable items were all auctioned off one by one. Not only were there various pills and medicines, there were also ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources. However, these heavenly resources were all sold for a much lower price when compared to its price in purple coins on the Tian Yuan Continent.

This was because purple coins were only made from a metal that was valuable due to its scarcity. The metal’s only use was to make coins, unlike the crystal coins that were condensed entirely from water-attributed world essence. They could be absorbed to increase one’s strength and possessed an extremely great effect.

“We’ll be auctioning a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pill next. The pill originates from the distant Tian Yuan Continent and it’s a divine medicine for healing wounds. It’s extremely valuable; even heavily injured 15th Star or 16th Star Seasoul Warriors would only need a second for their severe injuries to heal. It’s equivalent to a second life. The starting price will be two hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

“Three hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…”

“Three hundred and fifty thousand grand quality crystal coins…”

“Five hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…”


Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pills could only be produced on the Tian Yuan Continent and only Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Masters could create them. Very few ever made it to the sea realm, so their value was obvious. As a result, the price of Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pills was far greater in the sea realm than on the Tian Yuan Continent. The single pill was sold for one million and two hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins in the end.

Jian Chen squinted his eyes as he sat half-inclined on the sofa. He thought to himself, “I didn’t think that Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pills would be so valuable. A single one was sold for a great price of one million and two hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins. Now that I’m a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master, maybe I should create some of them and exchange them for crystal coins too. The creation of the pills might need a sliver of the origin energy of Radiant Siant Force but the artifact spirit should have plenty of it. No need to waste mine. Though a problem would be the sh.e.l.l of the pills. There aren’t any alchemists that know how to produce the, so I can’t create those Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pills at all.”

Jian Chen already made up his mind. If all the conditions were right, he would definitely create a few Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Spirit Pills. As long as he had enough pill, creating the pills using the artifact spirit’s power should be a piece of cake. Even the legendary Cla.s.s 9 Radiant Spirit Pills would not be a problem.

In the blink of an eye, the auction had already continued for two whole days. It went for the whole length of time without any breaks. Fortunately, the people who were able to sit here possessed uncanny strength. Two days without resting, eating or drinking was unable to affect them. 

“The object to be auctioned next is a divine object that is rarely seen even in a thousand years, the divine water of the world. This water is only produced in the dangerous divine realm. It appears once in a thousand years and is extremely valuable but you cannot ignore its powerful effects. With just a mouthful, it can reborn those with ordinary talent into cultivation geniuses rarely seen even in a thousand years with unlimited potential. Other than this, the divine water has wondrous effects on 13th and 14th Star Seasoul Warriors. Not only does it increase their strength greatly, it refines their souls and allows it to become much more powerful. This builds a solid foundation for when they reach the 15th Star. If a Seasoul Warrior at the peak of the 14th Star consumes it, they have a very great chance of overcoming the bottleneck and breaking through to the 15th Star. There’s only one portion of the divine water, so please value this very rare opportunity, warriors who are seeking it. You must not miss this chance or you’ll have to wait another thousand years. The starting price will be five hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

The appearance of the divine water immediately caused Jian Chen to focus his attention. He snapped open his slightly-closed eyes and sat up straight from his half-inclined position on the sofa. This was because this divine water was the holy water of the spirit sea he required. It was produced in the spirit sea but just had a different name among the Sea race.

Noticing Jian Chen’s reaction, Nubis asked, “Is the divine water what you wanted?”

Jian Chen nodded. “Correct, this is extremely important to me. I need to obtain it no matter what.”

The patriarch of the Dare tribe glanced at Jian Chen. He said nothing. He knew the value of the divine water and was actually worried. He was unsure whether he could buy the divine water with ten million grand quality crystal coins. It was always rumored among the Sea race that those who ingested the water had an extremely great chance of reaching the 15th Star or even the 16th Star. As a result, whenever it appeared, many large tribes would fight over it.

The intense battle for the divine water had already started. Many organizations who were seated in their own private enclosures had expressed their interest in the water, all speaking their price. Very quickly, the price rose up from the initial five hundred thousand crystal coins to over three million.

“Patriarch, it’ll all be up to you whether we win the divine water of the world this time.” Jian Chen looked toward the patriarch with a stern expression.

The patriarch forced a smile and said, “Esteemed warriors, my Dare tribe will do all it can to help you.” Right now, the patriarch of the Dare tribe had no other choice. If he wanted to save the Dare tribe, he could only get on Jian Chen’s good side with all he had.

Jian Chen nodded before speaking his price, “Five million grand quality crystal coins!”

Jian Chen increased the price by over one million crystal coins in one go, causing the auction to fall silent instantly. Immediately, many people looked in his direction.

“Five million and two hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…” However, another price rang out very quickly that exceeded Jian Chen’s five million.

“Five million and four hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…”

“Five million and five hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…”

“Five million and six hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins…”

The price continued to rise; there were still many people from large tribes who refused to give up on this fight.

“Eight million grand quality crystal coins,” Jian Chen spoke his price from his private enclosure expressionlessly. The value of the holy water had greatly exceeded what he had antic.i.p.ated. He already found it a little difficult to endure as he was now very close to the ten million amount supplied by the Dare tribe. He could only raise the price madly, to express how determined he was in obtaining the water and to get others to back off.

This time, the price was increased from five million and something to eight million. It had jumped by a total of over two million crystal coins. This immediately frightening some people, clans, and tribes into giving up the battle for the divine water.

The three experts of the Menghuang tribe sat on soft sofas in an enclosure opposite Jian Chen’s. A protector elder said with a soft voice, “The previous patriarch is already approaching the peak of the 14th Star. He’s about to reach the 15th so we need to obtain it.”

“You’re right. Once the previous patriarch breaks through, the status of our tribe will increase once again. We need to buy it and bring it back for the previous patriarch,” added the other protector elder.

After some slight thought in silence, the current patriarch said, “The voice that increased it to eight million seems rather familiar. It seems like it’s one of the two mysterious experts that the Dare tribe has recruited, so that’s even more reason why we can’t let them obtain it.” With that, he called out a price immediately, “Eight million and five hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins.”

Two middle-aged men in long blue robes sat in another enclosure with darkened complexions. They were also authoritative members of a large tribe, clearly with ill.u.s.trious statuses.

“As the patriarch of my tribe, it’s a pity my son’s talent is ordinary. He probably won’t even be able to reach the 11th Star before the end of his life. How will he succeed me as patriarch in the future? The divine water just happens to be the solution to my son’s problems. As long as I have the water, my son will immediately morph into a genius at cultivation. He’ll experience no problems reaching the 13th Star and will even have the chance to reach the 15th. I need to obtain the divine water of the world. Eight million and eight hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins,” murmured one of the middle-aged men. He had named an even greater price.

Four extremely ordinary-looking old men sat in another enclosure. One of them frowned with their eyebrows pinched, while a cold light flickered in his eyes from time to time.

“Let it go, elder Hou Tu, let’s give up on the divine water of the world. Our target is the fragment of the Octoterra Map. We need to save enough money for it. We can’t waste too much on other things,” said one of the old men as he looked at his unhappy companion.

The downcast elder nodded and sighed softly. “Alright, we can only give up on the divine water. It’s a pity for it to actually appear at the same time as the Octoterra Map fragment. Otherwise, I would buy it no matter what. It’s a wondrous treasure of the world rarely seen even in a thousand years.”

“Nine million grand quality crystal coins.” A malicious-looking young man in tight, blue robes named his price from another enclosure. He had already reached the peak of the 14th Star, equivalent to a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler on the Tian Yuan Continent. The final barrier blocked him well and truly, making it extremely difficult for him to break through. He did not have much time left either so he could only break through with the help of the divine water.

“I only have a hundred or so years left. Even if I have to take out everything I’ve saved up in the past three thousand years or even all my wealth, I have to win this divine water of the world. It’s my only chance at breaking through,” growled the young-looking man. A sliver of great killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Nine million and five hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins,” Jian Chen broadcasted his price once again. Right now, he too had become downcast; he was only five hundred thousand coins away from his absolute limit.

“Ten million grand quality crystal coins.” The current patriarch of the Menghuang tribe increased the price. He had come especially for the divine water of the world this time. His tribe had not even considered fighting for the Octoterra Map fragment. It was something they had no interest in partic.i.p.ating in at all.

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