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Chapter 786: The Battle Ceases

The battle in the depths of the Cross Mountains was extremely intense. It was in a state of absolute chaos where even the sun and moon seemed to dim, alarming the entire continent. Even millions of kilometers away people could clearly feel the terrifying ripples of energy from the battle.

The experts of the Tian Yuan Continent battled with the high cla.s.s magical beasts of the Beast G.o.d Continent from dozens of kilometers above the Cross Mountains to the sky of the northern ocean. The entire region seemed to be turned upside down, like water flowing backwards. Great waves formed constantly, causing water levels to fall by nine meters for the entire region. Meanwhile, the earth-shaking roars of magical beasts shattered the surrounding s.p.a.ce resounding from the sky one after another.

Moreover, the outer s.p.a.ce battle between the path lord of carnal desires and the tiger emperor Lankyros was extremely intense. Even though no one could see them, frightening ripples of energy erupted constantly in the blue sky, causing the entire region to distort. Every time the two Saint Emperors clashed, it contained the power of destroying worlds, able to easily void a region of s.p.a.ce itself.

Both battles, no matter in the ocean or in outer s.p.a.ce, shocked the entire continent. Not everyone knew about the Beast G.o.d Continent invading; it was only limited to Saint Rulers. Heaven Saint Masters and those below could sense the terrifying explosions of energy from the distance, but they had no idea what was going on, causing all the people to become oddly panic-stricken.

Jian Chen was uneasy remaining in his room in the Radiant Saint Master Union headquarters. From the very moment the invasion had begun he had already been rather restless. He had no idea what the ten protector clans would do when they found out he had the Winged Tiger G.o.d.

But no matter what actions they would take, Jian Chen believed they were all extremely detrimental to himself. Even if the experts from the Beast G.o.d Continent were repelled, they would not let the Winged Tiger G.o.d remain with him and most likely take it for themselves before attempting to tame it.

After all, the Winged Tiger G.o.d was an ancient beast G.o.d. There would always be a day in the future where it would exceed Saint Emperor, and controlling the Winged Tiger G.o.d also meant directly controlling the entire Beast G.o.d Continent.

“I hope bad things don’t happen too soon. Just one year. I only need one year,” Jian Chen thought. Currently, all he could do was pray in his heart. He knew he was as weak as an ant before the Beast G.o.d Continent and the ten protector clans, possessing no power to resist at all.

“Never thought that Beast G.o.d Continent would actually come invading our continent. But this has nothing to do with the five of us. We only need to complete the tiger king’s mission. Just monitor Jian Chen without worrying and find an opportunity where we can do it.” Old man Situ’s group all muttered in their hearts in the inn outside the union headquarters.

At the same time, the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect that were still in their difficult search for old man Situ also raised their heads to look into the distance from time to time. “Once we finish the mission, we need to immediately head to the northern ocean to a.s.sist the sect master in repelling the Beast G.o.d Continent.”

The concealing array of the city remained activated, concealing the presences of everyone inside the city. The four people were unable to use secret techniques to find old man Situ’s group, so they could only slowly comb through the entire population like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Three days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. The giant battle at the northern ocean continued. The battle between hundreds of experts had caused the energy of the world in a radius of several millions of kilometers to fall into disorder. All the fighters in the region were no longer able to absorb any of it for cultivation.


A great crack, like a bolt from the blue, reverberated across the entire sky. It filled the entire region with an energy of destruction while giant cracks began to appear in the sky. Its blueness turned into a pitch-black instantly, forming a grand scene that had not been seen for countless years.

Shortly afterwards, two resplendent streaks of light fell from outer s.p.a.ce. With lightning speed, they directly arrived at the sky above the sea; they were the path lord and the tiger emperor.

Currently, they both were surrounded by a coat of dense rainbow light obscuring their appearances. The terrifying pressure from them caused the world to tremble while the surroundings s.p.a.ce to distort. The very pressure itself was enough for the s.p.a.ce to collapse.

The great battle that had persisted for three days also came to a rest with the return of the path lord and tiger emperor. Although the violent battle had alarmed the entire continent, surprisingly no one had died, though there were quite a few injured.

All the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent had come but at least they gained the upper hand against less than half of the Beast G.o.d Continent. What they currently wanted to do was to repel the Beast G.o.d Continent, not to take a fight-to-the-death. Once heavy injuries and death occurred, the situation would become much more severe.

If the two continents truly went to war with each other, the Tian Yuan Continent would suffer great losses in the end even if they played their final cards in repelling the Beast G.o.d Continent.

“Path lord, you’re much more powerful than I imagined.” The tiger king’s voice was rather gruff. Even though his face was hidden, his complexion was definitely not great. He had fallen to a disadvantageous position in his battle against the path lord of carnal desires.

“Tiger emperor, take your people back to the continent where you belong.” The path lord’s voice was very plain and without any emotions. His voice was very scholarly and refined, and vaguely carried some femininity and malevolence.

“Path lord, I’ve only brought half of the entire Beast G.o.d Hall this time. If all ninety-eight of us are here, with all the experts of every clan, what will your Tian Yuan Continent have to repel us? You won’t be able to fight us all even if the ten protector clans and the Mercenary City use the Emperor Armaments. I must bring back the Winged Tiger G.o.d this time. If you still want to interfere, I’ll gather all of them and declare full-out war against the Tian Yuan Continent.” The tiger king roared powerfully. He seemed extremely confident.

However, no one knew that the confidence displayed vastly differed from the bitterness in his heart.

The Beast G.o.d Continent had a total of three great experts; they were the ruler of the continent, the Saint Emperor Cangqiong of the Peng clan and himself, the tiger emperor of the Tiger clan. Similarly, the Beast G.o.d Continent was divided into three factions that were each ruled by one of them. The continent was controlled between the three Saint Emperors.

The ruler was the most powerful among the three, so he controlled the most powerful faction of the continent. After him was the Saint Emperor of the Peng clan, controlling a second faction. Cangqiong was only second to the ruler.

Meanwhile, he, the tiger emperor, controlled the weakest faction.

Currently, the ruler was in a crucial moment of his seclusion. He was unable to leave until he made a breakthrough, so he was temporarily unable to interfere with the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent. In addition, Cangqiong stood on the side of the Winged Tiger G.o.d, which made it absolutely impossible for him to do anything detrimental to the Winged Tiger G.o.d. The tiger emperor even feared that Cangqiong would instead appear in a crucial moment to help the Winged Tiger G.o.d by fending him off.

As a result, only two of the three factions of the Beast G.o.d Continent could be used to fight the Tian Yuan Continent. However, there were also several elders in both factions who wors.h.i.+pped the Winged Tiger G.o.d to a mindless level. If they learned about the true reason why he and the ruler wanted to bring back the Winged Tiger G.o.d, many voices of objection would appear, and there might even be some of them who would throw themselves at death in resistance.

After all, the Winged Tiger G.o.d was the publicly-acknowledged G.o.d of the continent. A few beast of antiquity elders who blindly wors.h.i.+pped it would definitely oppose them in doing anything detrimental to the Winged Tiger G.o.d. If this broke out in the land, the outcome would be extremely severe. Even the ruler would not be able to suppress it.

Although the ruler was currently the most powerful on the continent and possessed very great prestige, he was still very far away from the Winged Tiger G.o.d in the eyes of most citizens on the continent.

The Winged Tiger G.o.d was essentially G.o.d to the continent. It was he who had lead all the magical beasts to such a prosperous present day.

As a result, the tiger emperor had only brought half of the experts from the Beast G.o.d Hall this time. Combined, they were the all of the most trusted high cla.s.s magical beasts of both factions. The tiger emperor did not bring along any other experts because he feared that they would announce his plan with the ruler once they learned about it and, as a result, bring on some negative effects. They would be cursed and spat on by the entire continent.

If the Tian Yuan Continent was unwilling to step aside in this attack, he could only wait for the ruler to come out of seclusion before reconsidering something else.

However, the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent had no idea about these hidden facts of the Beast G.o.d Continent. The Pure Heart Pavilion pavilion master stepped forward and said calmly, “We, the Tian Yuan Continent, will help you search for the Winged Tiger G.o.d of your Beast G.o.d Continent, but you cannot take even a step onto the continent.”

Hearing that, Lankyros paused for a long while. Afterwards, he agreed, “Okay then. Because of the ancient agreement, I’ll believe you all this time. I give you all three months. I hope you can find the Winged Tiger G.o.d in this time and hand it over to the Beast G.o.d Continent.

Finally, the grand battle that had lasted for three days came to a close. The experts of the two continents had reached an agreement where the Beast G.o.d Continent would no longer attempt to intrude on the Tian Yuan Continent, but they had to hand up the Winged Tiger G.o.d.

With the battle ending, the experts all dispersed off in various directions. However, the ten protector clans all gathered in Mercenary City under the invitation of the city’s grand elder.

In a s.p.a.ce opened up in Mercenary City, the white-clothed Tian Jian currently sat with the representatives of the ten clans around a conference table in the floating palace he cultivated in.

“Everyone, the Winged Tiger G.o.d has appeared once again, and this time on our Tian Yuan Continent. I wonder how everyone feels about this?” Tian Jian said with a clear voice.

“The Winged Tiger G.o.d is an ancient beast G.o.d. When it fully matures, it will exceed Saint Emperor. In the ancient times, our continent had an expert like Mo Tianyun protecting it, so we did not fear the beast. Now that Mo Tianyun is gone, what power do we have to rival it after it successfully matures? This is why we cannot allow the Beast G.o.d Continent to obtain it,” A grim, middle-aged man said gruffly.

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