Chaotic Sword God Chapter 626: Showdown with a Saint Ruler (Two)

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The tremendous clash of energy persisted for a while before finally starting to ebb away. At a glance, one could see that the previously untouched mountain ridges protecting the Jiede clan had been reduced to a complete mess. Not a single part of the range resembled the pristineness it had exuded before.

A battle between Saint Rulers was far more powerful and devastating than a battle between Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen and the patriarch of the Jiede clan floated several hundred meters away from one another. In this one battle between them, they were equally matched, neither held an advantage over the other.

The patriarch revealed a cross look on his face. Jian Chen’s strength was completely unexpected and far beyond his imagination. It left a sour taste in his mouth. A Saint Ruler of several hundred years was being forced down by the newly crossed over Saint Ruler, Jian Chen. From the exchange they just had, Jian Chen’s strength wasn’t unmanageable.

“But how did he cultivate so fast? It was only a few months at most, but his strength has increased by leaps and bounds to the point where his strength is comparable to mine. His talent is far too terrifying. If he can accomplish so much at his young age, I’d imagine that it’d only take him another hundred years to become a Saint King.”  The patriarch quietly muttered to himself. Already, he was starting to see Jian Chen in an entirely different light.

Back in Mercenary City, Jian Chen had only been a junior with decent skill to him. Thus, Jian Chen was someone that could be disregarded like an ant, but after several months, this ant had suddenly swelled up to a tremendous size. It could pose trouble even for him, and that was something that did not sit well with him.

Jian Chen’s growth was far too fast. It was so fast that the entire continent would be stunned by it.

A hundred meters away, Jian Chen stared down the patriarch with a calm face. His eyes were intimidating, and his body released a tremendous aura that shot into the air with an impressive amount of energy. At the moment, he looked like some sort of war G.o.d that towered over everyone else with indomitable strength. To be even more specific, he was like some sort of undefeatable G.o.d of the sword that was ready to split the world with his powerful sword Qi.

Suddenly, a gray-colored energy began to float around Jian Chen’s body. This was an incoming surge of Chaotic Force, gathering wisp by wisp in his hand. Soon enough, his palm was twinkling with a gray-colored light. With such a large amount of energy gathered, the s.p.a.ce around it started to twist and distort once more.

When the patriarch sensed the amount of energy gathering in Jian Chen’s palm, he grew serious as well. As a Saint Ruler, he was able to sense that the energy in Jian Chan’s hand was far stronger than his own Saint Force. This realization was extremely troubling and he was left no time to hesitate. With both arms moving into action, his palms moved in front of his chest to acc.u.mulate an extremely mystical power that attracted the profound mysteries of the world. As his hands moved, the s.p.a.ce surrounding him started to flow like water. It was like some sort of mysterious power was accelerating the flow of time.

At this sight, the ten Heaven Saint Masters that were watching knew that the two combatants were charging up their attacks. Without even needing to be told, they immediately grabbed the people hiding behind the manor’s barrier and fled as far as possible. They could not guarantee that the barrier would be able to hold up against both Jian Chen and their patriarch’s attack.

Several seconds pa.s.sed before Jian Chen took the first move. With his palm thrusting forward, the Chaotic Force that had acc.u.mulated in his palm came flying out like a stream of water. Carrying a tremendous power, the Chaotic Force traveled toward the patriarch.

“Ha!” At the same time, the patriarch let out a deep grunt. His palms shot out as fast as lightning, letting loose the mysterious energy he had been acc.u.mulating. This energy contained the profound mysteries of the world. It could not be seen nor felt by those who did not comprehend it. It was something that fused with the world and s.p.a.ce itself, mysteriously and indescribably.

When the two energies collided in the air, the expected explosion from the collision of these two energies, strangely, did not happen. There was no fallout from the energies was.h.i.+ng over the surrounding area either. Instead, the s.p.a.ce where they collided gave a mighty shudder and shake as the energies tore it apart. A single meter long fissure appeared in the sky, but was quickly patched back up by the world. At the very center of the collision was a single black hole, but unlike any normal black hole, there was an extremely faint light from a star that could be seen inside.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force was stuck in a deadlock with the patriarch’s profound mysteries of the world, in a constant struggle to win over the other. Eventually, both powers tried to cancel each other out as their energies began to fade. Within several seconds, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force ended up the winner of the exchange while the profound mysteries of the world had been completely used up. The remaining Chaotic Force had not been slowed in the slightest. It continued to fly toward the patriarch.

“What is this energy? How is it so powerful!?” The patriarch cried out in astonishment. Pus.h.i.+ng out with his palms again, he forced out even more Saint Force from his body to try and counteract the slightly weaker Chaotic Force.

“Master, you can’t keep going on like this. Your usage of Chaotic Force is far too much; also, the true might of it is not being displayed. It is only with the Chaotic Body that the Chaotic Force can show its true might.” Ziying’s voice explained in Jian Chen’s mind.

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat after hearing this. He immediately gave up the idea of using the Chaotic Force as a projectile against his enemy. At a thought, the wind elements in the world gathered around him, surrounding Jian Chen with an azure light. Jian Chen flew straight for the patriarch.

“Master, the Chaotic Force should be distributed throughout the body to show off the might of the Chaotic Body.” Qingsuo instructed with a singsong voice in Jian Chen’s mind. They were extremely knowledgeable about the Chaotic Force unlike Jian Chen, who had only just made contact with it. He was a complete stranger to this powerful energy, and required the two sword spirits to guide him on how to use it.

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