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In a single stride, Jian Chen traveled countless of miles away from the Qinhuang Kingdom. For the five Imperial Advisors, they had traveled into a strange new area.

The s.p.a.ce Gate they had traveled from slowly disappeared from view as Jian Chen took the tiger cub ahead and started to scout the area out. No matter where he turned his head to, he could see no signs of plant life or anything else, the entire place was a barren land.

“Great Imperial Protector, where is this place?” One of the Imperial Advisors spoke with a questioning look as if trying to figure out what place this was.

“Qing Shaofan, you should stay behind the Imperial Protector and speak less rubbish.” Another Imperial Advisor spoke.

Forcing out a smile, Qing Shaofan laughed in embarra.s.sment, “I’m just very curious.”

From the five Imperial Advisors that followed Jian Chen, there was Xiao Tian, Qing Shaofan, Dongyi Junbai, Cao Keqin, and Tian Luo. Two of the elders were Qing Shaofan and Dongyi Junbai who were both Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. Cao Keqin and Tian Luo were both Third Cycle Heaven Saint Masters, but all five of these men were already over a hundred years old.

It was at this moment the tiger cub had suddenly awoke by opening its bright eyes in curiosity at the strange new place it was in.

Taking notice of the cub, Jian Chen placed it on the ground. The cub was already decently big and was already the size of a mature dog. By this point, it wasn’t suitable for the tiger to be around Jian Chen’s chest.

On the ground, the tiger cub started to run around merrily while everyone watched it revolve in a circle. From time to time, it would sniff each one of the five Imperial Advisors.

Taking out a map from his s.p.a.ce Ring, Jian Chen scoured over it before looking dejected as he glanced around. “I don’t have a map of this area, so I have no idea where we are. Let us find a nearby road.” Jian Chen didn’t have the most accurate coordinates of the Gesun Kingdom, so the s.p.a.ce Gate had only sent them to an approximate area near it. Right now, Jian Chen didn’t even know if he was in the Gesun Kingdom or not.

Qing Shaofan cupped his hands together, “Then please guide us well, Imperial Protector.”

“Well then, let’s leave this place.” Jian Chen waved his hand, causing a large bubble of wind to envelop the tiger cub and levitated it into the air.

“Mrrr… mrrrrr…” The cub began to growl in discontent as it flew into the air. It was as if it wanted to be held by Jian Chen instead. Both of its eyes looked pitifully toward Jian Chen as tears began to well up in them.

“Haha, Imperial Protector, this magical beast of yours is quite intelligent. It has to be a high leveled magical beast.” Qing Shaofan spoke.

Laughing, Jian Chen chose not to explain anything and instead patted the cub’s head with his hand. “You’ve grown far too big for me to carry anymore, allow me to bring you through the air with my wind element instead. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.”

As if the tiger cub understood Jian Chen’s words, it continued to shake its head as tears continued to roll down its face as if wanting to be put down on the ground. In the next moment, its entire body began to shrink at a rapid pace before turning into the size of a tiny cat. It looked adorable.

“Eh? This magical beast can manipulate its body size? How extraordinary.” One of the five Imperial Advisors looked beyond surprised at the cub.

Even Jian Chen had a surprised look on his face, but he knew of the tigers ident.i.ty already and so he quickly calmed down. Shooting a glance at the five Imperial Advisors to his side, he smiled, “This white tiger is vastly different from the other ones, being able to change its body size is its innate ability.”

“That sounds about right. This tiger like magical beast even has wings on its back. This must be a Variant. Some of the magical beast Variants have unknown abilities that can allow a good amount of the magical beasts to be able to transform their body.” Dongyi Junbai spoke up. He was the oldest out of everyone here and so his experience wasn’t lacking.

After that, no one had bothered to investigate the tiger’s ident.i.ty, allowing Jian Chen to breathe out a breath in relief. Holding the tiger to his chest, Jian Chen began to fly through the air.

An hour later, the group of travelers had already flew for a long distance. At this moment, a tiny city suddenly came into view.

With his eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly, Jian Chen hastened his way over there with the group of men behind him shooting along into the city with him.

This was a Second Cla.s.s City so it wasn’t too large. The moment Jian Chen walked in with the other five Imperial Advisors, the cat sized tiger c*cked its head all around as it took in the sights.

Walking into the largest store in the city, Jian Chen bought the most expansive and detailed map of the surrounding area. In a quick moment, he had located the coordinates of the Gesun Kingdom in comparison to where he was. Right now, there was 15,000 kilometers of distance to travel and two kingdoms to go through.

“Shopkeeper, might I ask, do you know if there is a war or anything happening within the Gesun Kingdom?” Jian Chen asked.

“The current state of the Gesun Kingdom is a mystery to me since it’s too far away. However, some news did travel here that a war had broken out three months ago. I believe there were four kingdoms that united against the Gesun Kingdom, ai, that kingdom is finished.” The shopkeeper sighed.

Paling, Jian Chen quickly tossed a purple coin onto the table and walked out with the map. After distinguis.h.i.+ng the way, Jian Chen flew into the air in the direction of the Gesun Kingdom.

Straight away, the five other Imperial Advisors flew into the air in pursuit, leaving the rest of the streets in silent awe at the six figures. In half a day, the entire streets exploded with gossip relating to them.

Within a Second Cla.s.s City, an Earth Saint Master was already hard to spot, but a single Heaven Saint Master was even more rare. With six of them suddenly appearing out of nowhere, it would lead to a huge uproar for everyone.

For the rest of the day and night, Jian Chen continued to fly without stopping. Finally on the morning of the second day, they finally arrived at the bordering kingdom of Qiangan Kingdom’s stronghold, stopping there in order to obtain some information. He had to make sure of the current state of affairs and make a contingency plan.

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