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Chapter 2728: The Power to Destroy a City (III)

Engulfed by Bai Jin's sword technique, Jian Chen's eyes suddenly narrowed and his gaze immediately landed on Bai Jin. He was surprised.

His Laws of the Sword had already reached Sword Immortal and he had comprehended the Ultimate Way of the Sword, so his understanding of the Laws of the Sword were at an extremely profound level. As a result, as soon as Bai Jin launched an attack, Jian Chen managed to gain a complete grasp over the Laws of the Sword he had unleashed, giving him a complete sense over Bai Jin's full strength.

He could not help but recall a supreme G.o.dking he had met back in the Neptunean Divine Palace by the name of Zhu Wen.

Zhu Wen was an extremely renowned G.o.dking within the Saints' World. He was so powerful that he ranked second on the G.o.dkings' Throne back then, only below Qing Shan. He was a G.o.dking with the battle prowess of an Infinite Prime of the First Heavenly Layer.

The strength that Bai Jin currently displayed was much greater than what Zhu Wen possessed in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Only Qing Shan who held first place would have been able to overpower Bai Jin.

Bai Jin's partic.i.p.ation consoled the kings who encircled Jian Chen. Many of them let out a breath of relief, all retreating to a certain distance away instinctively to leave enough s.p.a.ce for Bai Jin and Jian Chen.

In the eyes of the one hundred and eight kings, the city lord Bai Jin's strength could only be described as unfathomable. Whether it was the one hundred and eight kings or the thirty-six lords, Bai Jin represented absolute authority to them. They could be described as on his beck and call. No one dared to challenge Bai Jin's authority.

"The city lord's comprehension of the Laws of the Sword seems to have increased yet again. Looks like the city lord is only an inch away from the Primordial realm."

"The city lord should only need a step to reach the Primordial realm, or maybe that's just half a step now."

Sensing the might of Bai Jin's attack, many of the kings were secretly surprised. However, they understood that even if Bai Jin was half a step away from the Primordial realm, he had yet to truly reach the Primordial realm. Overcoming this barrier completely was as difficult as climbing the sky. It was thousands of times more difficult for them compared to outsiders.


Suddenly, a startling explosion interrupted everyone's thoughts. Afterwards, a powerful storm of energy swept out, shaking up the kings uncontrollably.

Jian Chen's huge axe had already collided with Bai Jin's sword. The sharp sword Qi and the axe's Laws of Strength engaged in an intense clash. Jian Chen's Laws of Strength finally demonstrated signs of defeat, dispersed by Bai Jin's sword Qi.

However, Bai Jin's entire right arm had become numb as well, while the webbing between his thumb and index which he used to hold his sword ached.

But in the next moment, he erupted with soaring light. The light was so powerful that it stabbed into the sky, reaching an alt.i.tude of several thousand meters. From afar, he seemed like a huge sword that connected the earth with the sky. Under the glorious light, he directly swung his sword at Jian Chen.

Immediately, the pressure of the world came flooding over. The huge streak of light swept through the sky, as if it was splitting the earth and the sky apart.

Bai Jin's attack already possessed the might of the First Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

Jian Chen seemed like he was under great threat. He let out a furious roar and his entire body swelled. The Laws of the Strength in the surroundings gathered over violently, which he then erupted with his full strength, suddenly throwing his huge axe into the air.


When the two-handed axe approached the streak of light from Bai Jin, it exploded violently. Bai Jin's attack that could rival First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes rapidly weakened under the storm of energy created by the exploding axe.

However, the destruction of a supreme quality saint artifact was still not enough to nullify the attack completely. The residual light slashed down on Jian Chen's head, leaving behind a small, b.l.o.o.d.y mark on the centre of his forehead.

Of course, the wound had been purposefully created by Jian Chen, or in other words, he had created it where Bai Jin's attack had landed using a strand of sword Qi with the Ultimate Way of the Sword. Otherwise, even Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes would not be able to penetrate the defences of his current Chaotic Body, let alone First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

With a flip of his hand, another huge axe appeared in Jian Chen's hand. While it was different in shape compared to the one before, it was still a supreme quality saint artifact.

He had collected many s.p.a.ce Rings in the Two World Mountains and had obtained quite a few supreme quality saint artifacts. The axe-like weapons alone amounted to five or six, so running out of a suitable weapon was not an issue.

However, just when Jian Chen wanted to continue his offence against Bai Jin, his expression suddenly changed. He could sense that the thirty-six lords had already completed the preparation for the Heaven's Net Formation. It was about to turn into a killing formation of significant power.

"There are a total of one hundred and forty four spiritual veins below Darknight City. The Heaven's Net Formation actually connects with thirty-six of them from afar, forming a resonance of energy, allowing the formation to easily kill First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes." Jian Chen understood everything with the senses of his soul. Whether it was the Formation of the Hundred Kings that Bai Jin had mentioned in the city lord's estate earlier or the Heaven's Net Formation, neither of them were able to escape his senses.

However, the power of the Heaven's Net Formation made him frown. Even though the formation was no different from child's play in his eyes, he was currently limited to his role of a late G.o.dking. It was already startling enough that he had the battle prowess to match Bai Jin. If a formation that could even kill Infinite Primes failed to deal with him, it would be going rather overboard.

"The formation will be completed in five seconds. I have to end this quickly," thought Jian Chen. His gaze locked onto Bai Jin's s.p.a.ce Ring. In the next moment, his vitality rapidly declined as the signs of weakness on his face grew heavier and heavier. Faint flames even appeared on his bulky body.

The fire seemed to be the flames of life. As the intensity of the flames grew, his vitality became weaker and weaker. In exchange, a terrifying presence even greater than before emerged.

"Oh no, he's using a powerful secret technique at the cost of his own vitality. Be careful, everyone. We can't let him escape at a time like this," a king called out.

Immediately, all of the kings moved, guarding every single direction. They all knew the Heaven's Net Formation was about to be completed. At such a crucial moment, they could not let the outsider escape.

Bai Jin remained the same as before. The sword in his hand trembled, forming a net of swords that enveloped Jian Chen. He had already made up his mind. Regardless of the outsider's decision, whether he was going to fight with his life on the line or flee, he needed to make this person remain here. He had to prevent him from escaping out of the Heaven's Net Formation.

"There's still five more seconds before the Heaven's Net Formation is complete. You'll be dead for sure this time," thought Bai Jin.

However, his expression changed drastically then and there. A sense of danger that had not appeared before suddenly surged in his heart. What he saw was a huge axe blade swinging towards him with great might and lightning speed.

"Sword Technique of Severing Ways!" Bai Jin reacted extremely quickly. With a bellow, he unleashed a G.o.d Tier Battle Skill. A startling strand of sword Qi collided with the axe, producing a great boom.

However, that was still not enough. The axe cut through Bai Jin's G.o.d Tier Battle Skill and landed on his right shoulder with its remaining force, cutting off his entire right arm.

Bai Jin grunted and watched his arm fall out of the sky. He immediately panicked, because there was a s.p.a.ce Ring on his right arm. He could not afford to lose the ring.

Just when he wanted to catch his falling arm, Jian Chen suddenly appeared and grabbed the arm in a single stroke, before retreating without the slightest hesitation.

"No, dammit, give me back my arm!" Bai Jin was no longer able to remain composed like before. He was furious, charging off in the direction which Jian Chen had vanished off to without the slightest care in the world. He called out urgently at the same time, "The s.p.a.ce Ring's with him! Don't let him escape!"

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