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Jian Chen lifted a heavy eyelid, only to see the blurry figure over him start to clear up. The very first thing to register in his mind was the earthen color of a roof tile over his head. There was a crack on this tile and it had cobwebs with spiders crawling all over. They were enjoying the insects that had stumbled into their webs.

Jian Chen ignored the movements of the spiders as he turned his head to look around himself. All he could see was the interior of the room he lay in with a few dark, shadowy spots. However, he could still make out the small arrangements in the room.

The room was rather simple in terms of arrangements. Aside from the decades-old wooden table and stools, there was nothing else. On the floor, if it wasn’t covered by slabs of marble, there were patches of earth to make up the rest of the ground.

“What is this place?!” Seeing the environment he was in, Jian Chen grew suspicious despite being so tired. Immediately becoming aware of the pain in his head, the memories of what had just happened to him before he fell immediately came cras.h.i.+ng into his mind like a tidal wave.

Jian Chen could remember that he had been sent flying down the cliff by the Earth Saint Master. He landed in a body of water below and lost consciousness there, but what happened after, he had no idea.

“I didn’t die, so I must have been saved by someone.” Jian Chen quickly came to a conclusion with a small wave of happiness. At first, he had thought that he had died; he had not expected to live after falling down the cliff.

“The Harido clan and the other clans that attacked me in Phoenix City; I, Jian Chen, will not forgive this.” The memories continued to flow into Jian Chen’s head as a furious hatred empowered the glow in his eyes. Both of his hands clenched tightly as he repeated the names and committed them to heart.

As Jian Chen stretched his body, a wave of pain came coursing through his body and he couldn’t help but let out a small grunt of pain before turning pale.

As the pain pa.s.sed, Jian Chen took in a deep breath. As he lay on the bed, he focused on his body and realized he was only wearing some simple clothing. Other than that, he could also feel that all of his wounds on his body had been bandaged up.

Then Jian Chen’s eyes landed on his waist and came to a startling realization; his s.p.a.ce Belt was missing.

“Where is my s.p.a.ce Belt?” Jian Chen began to panic a bit. All of his belongings, including the Bi clan heirloom given to him by his mother and the s.p.a.ce Ring given to him by his father, were inside it. He also had tens of thousands of purple coins stored within his s.p.a.ce Belt; if he were to lose his s.p.a.ce Belt, then his life would be gone as well.

Plus, the s.p.a.ce Belt also had his Cla.s.s 4 and Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores. Those were the most crucial things for his cultivation.

Jian Chen’s panicked eyes spread all over the room as he tried to scan for his s.p.a.ce Belt. However he was only greeted with disappointment as he couldn’t find a single trace of the s.p.a.ce Belt.

Before he could think any further about his s.p.a.ce Belt, a pair of footsteps could be heard walking toward his room. The wooden door slid open as a short pants-wearing man walked in.

The man had a simple look to him that made him seem rather average. As the middle-aged man strode into the room, he looked at the awake Jian Chen with a smile. “You’ve finally awakened. You’ve been asleep for two whole nights. If it weren’t for the fact that you were still breathing, I would have thought you were dead.”

Jian Chen looked at the man and asked, “Where is my s.p.a.ce Belt?”

Seeing the frantic expression on Jian Chen’s face, the man laughed gently before walking to the adjacent side of the room where a cupboard was. Reaching out to open it, he took out an ordinary looking s.p.a.ce Belt and walked back to Jian Chen. “Your s.p.a.ce Belt is right here. Youngster, don’t worry, I have not touched your items at all.” He then slid the s.p.a.ce Belt toward him.

Taking the s.p.a.ce Belt back, Jian Chen immediately looked over his things before realizing his more important things hadn’t been touched and sighed in relief.

Looking back to the man, Jian Chen had a softer expression as he spoke, “Are you the one that rescued me?’

The man sat down on a stool by Jian Chen’s bed and laughed. “Two days ago, I went to the river to fish, only to see your b.l.o.o.d.y body float on by. Since you weren’t dead, I just had to bring you back.”

“This one thanks you for saving me.” Jian Chen had an extremely grateful look as he spoke with pure honesty.

The man nodded his head, “No need to thank me, youngster. You truly have a tremendous willpower; seeing the heavy wounds on you, I surely thought you would be dead. The wound on your back itself was so deep that the bones could be seen. I’ve lived a long life, but I have never seen such an injury on a person still breathing.”

“Ah, yes, youngster, you’ve been asleep for two whole days. You must be hungry. Let me go get you some food to eat.” The man spoke out.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Then I’ll be counting on uncle.” After two whole days of abstaining from food, Jian Chen was rather hungry.

After that, the man handed Jian Chen a bowl of rice with a side dish of meat. After eating, the hunger in Jian Chen’s stomach was satisfied. Still, he felt tired, so the man left him to sleep.

After the man left, Jian Chen closed his eyes and slowly tried to regain the spirit that he had used up. When he was chased by the elder, Jian Chen’s Spirit Sword had taken up an extreme amount of his spirit. Although he had two days to rest, Jian Chen had made only recovered a minimal amount. It was nothing major at all.

Right now, he needed to recover an optimal state of spirit before he could use the Light Saint Force to heal.

As Jian Chen recovered his spirit, the man came to visit a few times. However when Jian Chen “slept”, he disturbed him no more.

Quickly, night came as Jian Chen lay in that bed for over four hours without moving at all. Until the next morning, Jian Chen could only close his eyes and try his best to recover his spirit.

After an entire night of recovering, the amount of spirit he had recovered was about eighty percent of normal. However, with the wounds he had received two days prior, if he had not those days of warm temperature and safety, it would have been extremely hard to recover so much spirit at such an optimal pace.

After that, Jian Chen began to use the Light Saint Force to heal his wounds.

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