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Chapter 683

Asuna quietly lowered her head, the storm of emotions within herself calmed down with his magical touch .

“Sometimes, I really can’t help but admire you…”

Asuna continued .

“I like how you can live however you want . You also look like someone who really knows how to get the most out of life . You can take down a whole floor on your own so I guess you’re not too worried about that department . I don’t think there’s another player in SAO who is enjoying life inside this game as much as you…”

“Well, I think it’s because you guys can’t enjoy the present…”

Wu Yan sighed .

“Also, if it weren’t for the super-annoying boss room that’s so hard to find, do you think I would actually let you guys take the spotlight?”

Asuna giggled out loud . Then, she sighed again .

“There are players in the raid group who think we should search for the boss and let you finish the boss off in our stead . ”


Wu Yan stopped petting Asuna’s head .

“Then, what? Why didn’t you guys go ahead with that?”

“It’s too risky!”

Asuna and Wu Yan said .

“We can take down floors very quickly but that’s a.s.suming you will always be strong enough to take down the floor boss on your own . In the raid group, n.o.body had the confidence that you can continue soloing bosses . ”

Monsters in s...o...b..come stronger the higher the floor . After the 70th Floor, the danger posed by monsters become so great that even veterans had to prepare themselves for the worst outcome .

The players also know about the absolute nightmare known as Floor bosses on the 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th floor . The 25th Floor boss taught them a lesson . Not just that, the monsters will be completely different after that point .

The raid group wouldn’t want to lose a star player like Wu Yan .

“If we switch up our tactic and go searching for the floor boss, how are the players going to keep up in terms of levels and proficiencies . When push comes to shove, we won’t be able to continue clearing the floors . ”

Asuna turned towards Wu Yan . She helplessly complained .

“Moreover, with Divine Dragon Alliance creating problems here and there because they want a bigger share of the profit pie, the plan got shot down before it can even be tabled . ”

“Well, that’s too bad…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips . However, he looked like he couldn’t care less . Asuna wavered and she asked him .

“Yan, why don’t you join a guild?”

Asuna tilted her head with a bewildered look .

“If you join a guild, I am sure clearing floors will become much easier with the help of guildmates . Wouldn’t that be safer?”

“Why do you insist on going at it alone?”

“About that…”

Wu Yan rubbed his nose .

“Maybe I just don’t like hanging out in a crowd…”

Asuna locked her brows in a frown . She was worried about this guy .

“Aren’t you worried about what will happen if you get stuck in a situation with no way out? It’s not funny if you got cornered by monsters…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that…”

He patted her head, she almost rubbed her own head against his hand .

“Do I look like someone who doesn’t know his limits?”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Asuna had a very excited look in her eyes .

“Why don’t you party with me?!”

Wu Yan’s hand stopped .

He wanted to laugh her off but Asuna’s insidious smile meant there was no backing out of this . She had a very persuasive aura about her . Wu Yan’s heart shook as she continued .

“If you teamed up with me, it wouldn’t count as hanging out in a crowd, right?”

She leaned in and she got closer to Wu Yan .

Wu Yan leaned back on reflex . But, she kept creeping closer and closer while Wu Yan backed away . Wu Yan fell back against the back of his sofa while Asuna was basically on top of him . It looked like a reverse-high-impact-proposal-to-hump .

“Erm, Asuna…”

Wu Yan started sweating as he forced a smile onto his face .

“I think I can do it alone…”

“Oh, now that I remember it…”

Asuna raised her voice and she looked down at him with a pair of sharp-eagle-like eyes .

“Somebody told me to join a guild and so I joined the KoBs . Now that I am so unhappy in that guild, don’t you think that person should take responsibility?”

“Responsibility, you say…”

Wu Yan gulped down his saliva .

He averted his gaze .

Wu Yan weakly retorted .

“But, I thought you had to bring your guild members on a raid into the labyrinth?”

“That’s just to test the strength of the monsters on the 74th floor…”

Asuna grinned .

“With you as a team member, I am sure I can complete my objective much faster . The captain will also be very glad to hear that I roped you in…”


Wu Yan had a distorted smile on his face .

“You have your bodyguard, right? I don’t think I can hang out with a guy like that…”

“Then I won’t bring him along!”

Asuna said without hesitation .

“I am sure you’re more than enough to deal with any trouble that comes up . Kuradeel is practically useless when compared to you…”

Wu Yan didn’t feel happiness from Asuna’s high praise . Asuna narrowed her eyes when she noticed Wu Yan’s pa.s.sive resistance .

“Yan-kun… You told me to enjoy my life…”

Asuna beamed at him .

“Surely, you can grant a small request to make me happy, right?”

Wu Yan finally knew what it meant to shoot himself in the foot .

Asuna’s tone and att.i.tude told him that if he didn’t give in now, he would be spending the whole night going back and forth like this, not the kind of back-and-forth he likes, that’s for sure…”

“Okay, fine…”

Wu Yan helplessly gave in .

“I hope you can keep up with me…”

Wu Yan’s words sparked a wave of excitement in Asuna’s eyes .

She smiled so wide her eyes turned into crescent moons .

She immediately invited Wu Yan into a party . Her tense look was amusing to Wu Yan . He clicked on the “join” b.u.t.ton .


Asuna jumped in joy .

“Finally, I got to party with you!”

Asuna always kept Wu Yan’s “I can’t find someone to party with” line in her head . She was fixated on this person ever since then .

When she finally reunited with Wu Yan a year later, she had a nagging thought to someday party up with Wu Yan . Souta, that loudmouth .

Her wish is finally granted . An emotional burden inside her heart was also lowered with this milestone of an achievement .

“I don’t understand why you’re so happy . ”

Wu Yan wasn’t sure if he should cry or laugh .

Meanwhile, Asuna giggled like a happy camper .

“That’s because you don’t get it…”

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