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Chapter 676


His face turned into the character “囧” .

“Are you sure you picked the right words for that sentence?”

It sounded weird coming from the most charming girl in SAO .

“You should feel proud!”

Asuna glanced at Wu Yan .

“This is the first time I gave out an evaluation on the spot like this . ”

Wu Yan’s 囧 deepened .

“You’re telling me you randomly came up with that a.s.sessment?”

“Don’t take it so seriously…”

Asuna slapped Wu Yan’s shoulder .

“At least, your life is certainly more interesting than mine…”

“Is that so?”

Wu Yan turned his head the other way .

“I am sure in the other players’ eyes, the great and mighty Asuna-sama, the Flash is an outstanding person . Thousands of players idolized you . With the looks and the strength, I am sure there are many players who look at your life with admiration . You’re working hard and you’re attractive at the same time . ”


Asuna sighed as she looked up at the sky .

“I hope they won’t be disappointed in the future…”

From Asuna’s perspective, her life is about as dull as it can get . It’s about clearing floors after floors . Others might think she’s living it up but this kind of life slowly burned her out .

If at all possible, Asuna would opt for a peaceful life . She likes cooking, doing, and drinking tea with her friends . She’s a prime candidate as a wife .

Granted, had SAO not turned into a death game, she would have enjoyed going on raids with her friends and hanging out in this otherwise great virtual game world .

Wu Yan yawned and he struggled to find a comfortable spot on the hard and cold slab of the crystalline structure behind him .

Is this any different from sleeping on the hard ground?

Wu Yan helplessly sighed and he started looking around when he spotted Asuna’s lap . His red eyes glinted and he grinned . The next instant, he moved .

In front of a very shocked Asuna, Wu Yan laid his head on her lap .

He made a lap pillow out of her lap .


Asuna’s porcelain white face turned redder and redder until she looked as red as a tomato . Steam rose up from her head .

“What are you doing?!”

Asuna yelled as she freaked out . She lifted him by the head .

“Get up!”

Too bad she’s too weak to go against Wu Yan’s brute strength, try as she might, she couldn’t lift Wu Yan’s head by even a little .

“You should feel proud!”

Wu Yan threw her words back at her .

“I don’t just randomly choose a lap to sleep on…”


Asuna is very angry but she is just as helpless . Once this guy fools around, n.o.body in this game can stop him, including Asuna .

“Well, I am telling the truth…”

Wu Yan nudged the back of his head against the soft and supple thighs supporting him . Her smooth and bouncy skin was enjoyed to the fullest . Meanwhile, Asuna continued to blush intensely .

“I never slept on a lap pillow before…”

There are beautiful girls all around Wu Yan . Just counting his wives alone, there are already close to 10 . Let’s not talk about the number of times he visited their secret gardens with his two sacks of seeds, we all know how generous he can be in this department . However, it’s the truth that he didn’t get the lap pillow treatment from Hinagiku & co . In other words, the relations.h.i.+p between the girls in his harem progressed too fast for him to slowly enjoy other intimate actions like a lap pillow .

Sometimes, Wu Yan wondered if maybe the relations.h.i.+p between him and his harem progressed too quickly . He would like to enjoy other displays of affection . This is not to say they didn’t share a blissful life together . He always made sure to keep the girls happy . But, along the way, he had to give up on other events like this one .

Asuna is the first girl to give Wu Yan a lap pillow . Of course, Wu Yan had to bulldoze his way to get such a fabulous treat .

Asuna gnashed her teeth as her scarlet-red face looked like blood could drip out any moment . She didn’t push Wu Yan away, she furtively sneaked a peek at Wu Yan, and then she turned her head the other way in a panic . She wanted to vent her feelings as well .

This is your first time sleeping on a lap pillow? This is my first time giving a lap pillow too, you know?!

The two of them created a situation where their warmth started to make the creeping darkness and cold snow around them retreat .

Asuna felt the hard solid object on her lap but she kept mum . A faint sense of panic grabbed her . She was as quiet as a church mouse but she also didn’t dare to lower her head .

She’s too afraid to look at the piercing red eyes that can make her heart go out of sync .

The song of snow and wind continued . The two stayed like this in peaceful silence . They continued to wait like this…

After quite some time, Asuna lost focus and she subconsciously moved her eyes downwards after gathering the courage to do so . She was petrified when she saw what the guy was doing down there .

Wu Yan already closed his eyes and his breathing became slower, his chest slowly rose and settled in a peaceful manner . Yes, the guy is already in the sandman’s kingdom .

She giggled after looking at his face .

“Well, what a waste of time, I wasted so much time thinking about responses when you’re already fast asleep…”

Asuna poked Wu Yan’s cheek with a dissatisfied tone .

“Doesn’t that make me look silly?”

Irritated by this, Wu Yan creased his brows and he mumbled something which made Asuna pull away from his face . Then, the guy returned to his peaceful sleep .

Asuna stared at Wu Yan’s sleeping countenance in a daze as she reached out touch Wu Yan’s cheek .

“So there are still people in this world who can show this kind of expression…”

Asuna said while fixing her gaze on his face .

“How can you sleep so peacefully?…”

Asuna teased him .

“I can’t sleep so easily out in the open . Even in a safe place, I would still go to bed worrying about whether or not a monster will creep into my room and kill me…”

“I don’t there’s anyone in this world other than you who can sleep like a baby in a place like this . ”

Using him as her private venting tool, she continued speaking as if Wu Yan is wide awake . She dumped out all her internal worries .

Her anxiety, her worries, her sadness, her lamentations .

Without knowing it, she spewed everything she experienced in these two years inside the death game known as SAO . It’s only in times like this that Asuna can spit everything out when no one is around to hear it .

After getting it out of her system, strangely enough, her worries appeared less scary…

Asuna didn’t notice the person sleeping on his lap started to breathe at a faster rate .

When the fatigue finally caught up with her, Asuna stopped as she started to doze off . Finally succ.u.mbing to the sleepiness, she entered a sleeping state .

Almost at the same time, Wu Yan opened his eyes as he slowly got up . He placed Asuna on his chest as he took out a coat to cover both of them .

“Good night…”

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