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Chapter 675


Asuna charged towards the two of them after they had fallen into the giant hole in the ground . When Wu Yan wanted to stop her, she was already at the edge of the hole .


Asuna kneeled near the edge of the hole, she yelled into the hole but she didn’t get any response . Lis’ initial shriek echoed from within the hole along with Asuna’s reverberating voice .

In the air, the dragon’s eyes had an insidious glint . It wanted to give Asuna a sneak attack but a figure standing behind Asuna stopped it in its track with a cold glare .


The dragon stopped midair and it weighed its options . It decided to turn around and fly away .

“Relax, Kirito is with her, she will be fine…”

“I don’t want to hear that from you!”

Asuna turned towards Wu Yan with tears in the corners of her eyes .

“If we a.s.sisted them from the start, this wouldn’t have happened . I don’t even know if they are okay after falling down such a deep hole, how are they going to climb out of this hole?”

“First, you need to calm down . ”

He pressed down on Asuna’s shoulder as he helplessly continued .

“Kirito is a solo player and he has seen his fair share of traps in the labyrinth, I am sure this small hole isn’t enough to stop him . Even if they fell into a no-crystal zone, I am sure they will figure something out . ”

Asuna continued mewling .


“It’s okay…”

Wu Yan pulled her up from the ground .

“Even if you don’t trust Kirito’s ability, the least you can do is to trust me, right?”

Asuna huffed .

“You’re the reason why they fell into the hole, had you not stopped me, Lis would still be here . What do we do now?”

Wu Yan shrugged .

“Fine, check your friend status . You added her as a friend, right? Couldn’t you check her status by checking her name in your friend list?”

Asuna quickly opened her friend list and she quickly located Lis’ name, it’s still lit up (not dead) . She sighed in relief .

Wu Yan laughed .

“It’s just a trap, don’t let it ruin your thought process . Trust in them to solve their own problems…”

Asuna s.h.i.+fted her attention towards the deep hole .

“The echoes sounded like this hole is a very deep one . Lisbeth’s Hp can’t tank the fall, Kirito probably s.h.i.+elded Lis from most of the harm . I hope he can bring her out of this . ”

“Well, the inside is probably a no-crystal zone, I think they would teleport out if they could . ”

Wu Yan a.n.a.lyzed .

“Of course, there’s also the possibility that there is more going on down there that’s delaying their return . ”

“What do we do then?”

Asuna pursed her lips anxiously .

“Will they be stuck down there forever?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly . ”

Wu Yan knocked Asuna’s head and she yelped in pain .

“Think optimistically, the only thing we can do right now is to pray for them . ”

Wu Yan can pacify her by telling her Kirito will be bringing Lisbeth out by tomorrow but he didn’t . He silently apologized because that would make explaining how he knew about such a thing a pain in the back .

“Can’t we do something for them?”

Asuna said with frustration .

“Maybe they are waiting for us to come to save them?”

“What are you proposing? That we jump down and accompany them?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes . He looked around and he walked towards a crystal pillar near them . He sat against the crystal pillar .

“I say we wait here, maybe Kirito will come up with a bright idea . ”

“I just don’t know where you get the composure in situations like this!”

Asuna stomped furiously . After wavering for a short while, she decided to come towards Wu Yan .

Adjusting her skirt, she sat by Wu Yan’s side . The two of them looked at the deep hole, hoping the two players who had fallen into it would come out soon .

Wu Yan chose a good location to chill . With a comfortable slab of crystal behind them and a sheet of crystal that covered the top, it felt like a tiny hut . The snow was blocked and the cold winds are dispersed by the crystalline structures nearby . This spot is like a crystal cove .

The sky was already dark by the time they got here . Now, the sky is completely dark . Aside from the sound of the wind, there are almost no other sounds here . The low light environment didn’t feel good so Wu Yan took out lighting to stave off the darkness .

The snow kept falling as the only moving object in this vicinity . This environment quickly got boring . In situations like this, people usually turn to their own thoughts for amus.e.m.e.nt, especially people with a lot of thoughts weighing them down like…


Asuna hugged her knees while looking at the scenery outside .

“What do you think happens to our physical bodies in the real world?”

Wu Yan who was organizing his inventory stopped and he replied while continuing to adjust his items .

“I think your body should be in a hospital somewhere, I don’t think people are going to let the imprisoned players stay in the homes of the players . ”

“I think so too…”

“Why did you qualify your statement like that, aren’t you in a hospital too?”


Wu Yan can only keep that to himself . Even if he told her the truth, Asuna wouldn’t believe him . Is there a mortal who can forgo food? Without hospitals to supply the needed hygiene and nutrition care, all the players here would have died a month after the game started . What is he going to tell her? He’s an immortal True Ancestor who just couldn’t die? Asuna definitely wouldn’t believe him .

“I think so too…”

Wu Yan said .

“It’s just hard to imagine…”

Asuna raised her head with complex feelings in her heart .

“Our bodies are lying on a bed while we are moving around and living in an all-too-realistic virtual world…”

“I don’t want to admit it but…”

Asuna looked at Wu Yan, she’s not sure how she felt about being dragged into this game .

“Even I am slowly getting used to this world…”

“Well, it doesn’t matter much to me…”

Wu Yan nonchalantly continued .

“It didn’t matter what world you’re born in . Getting most out of life should be one’s primary concern . Getting most out of life usually means working hard and enjoying yourself along the way . A life without effort is without meaning . Similarly, life without enjoyment is a dull one . Only by mixing effort and enjoyment can you maximize what it means to be alive . That’s what I think it means to truly live . ”

“Truly live…”

Asuna lowered her head to ponder Wu Yan’s words . She giggled after thinking for a bit .

“Why do you sound so convincing with your words?”

“Is that so?”

Wu Yan rubbed the back of his head .

“I thought my BS skill is my weakness . Rather than saying stuff people want to hear, I just speak from the heart . Maybe it’s convincing because I spoke earnestly?”

Asuna giggled again . She stared at Wu Yan’s face for a while before she spoke up .

“Actually, after meeting you on the first floor, I found myself wondering about how you are doing after ascending the first floor . ”


Wu Yan uttered with intrigue .

“And what’s your conclusion after meeting me?”


Asuna laid against the crystal and she mumbled .

“You’re more fascinating than I imagined…”

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