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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 271: Flandre Scarlet

Sealing Bracelet: Comes with a red bracelet and a white bracelet. The user wearing the red bracelet will have all her/his abilities and power sealed. Only the user wearing the white bracelet can issue the command to unseal the red bracelet. Once worn, it cannot be taken down or destroyed. Please note that the users must wear the bracelets in unqualified consent, failing which the bracelet cannot be worn.) Item Points: 200,000

Three cheers for Sealing Bracelet.

Wu Yan beamed up when he saw the bracelet, his joy was short lived though, when he saw the cost of 200,000 Item Points. It's not much, it's just his entire fortune at the moment.

Shaking his head, he steeled up and he realized that this isn't the time to be worried about some points. He can always earn back the points, without the bracelet, he wouldn't be able to lay the groundwork to solidify his relations.h.i.+p with Flandre-chan.

He clicked and watch his Item Points. .h.i.t 0. A pair of bracelets appeared, one of which is red and the other white. He put on the white bracelet along with the bio-containment unit. He grabbed the red bracelet and looked at Flandre with a serious expression.

Now then, he is going to have to come up with a way to get Flandre-chan to wear the bracelet…

The whole process might seem like it took a lot of time but in actual fact, it had only taken him dozens of seconds to do all of that. Just enough time before Flandre started gaining consciousness.

A tiny string of light came out of her heart and connected to Wu Yan's heart. The merging of life force happened and their heartbeats synchronized. following that, the string of light disconnected and formed a ball of light before flying into Wu Yan's body. So ends the merging of life force.

The two who lived in different worlds had different fates and life suddenly became partners for life.

Wu Yan's heart started racing as he held the Sealing Bracelet in his hand.

While Wu Yan stared at Flandre, her eyelids started twitching and like a chick breaking out of her sh.e.l.l, prying open her eyes open and gazed upon the world.

Her efforts were rewarded as she slowly opened her eyes and revealed her deep red eyes that were the same as Wu Yan's.

Her eyes still looked sleepy, she stretched and tilted her head left and right. Looking around, she raised a hand and rubbed her eyes.

Observing her every move, Wu Yan's heart shook and trembled as he internally shouted.

Super cute hngggg!!!

Flandre-chan mumbled a bit and the gla.s.siness in her eyes started receding and she looked more awake.

Wu Yan felt a bit guilty for what he is going to do. He could clearly see that in her eyes, a little bit of crazy lingers.

Flandre-chan lifted her head and she smiled for an unknown reason. She cheered up even more when she saw Wu Yan.

She surprised Wu Yan by cheering out loud while flying into Wu Yan with a tackle. He watched as she drew a beautiful arc in the sky while gliding downwards towards him. He regained his senses and caught her.

He clearly underestimated Flandre-chan, she rammed him in the chest because she couldn't control her own strength. Wu Yan felt like a lorry ran into his chest, he could feel air being pushed out of his lungs from the impact.

He rubbed his chest and bitterly laughed. It's fortunate that he got True Ancestor. Otherwise, with his own strength, he just wasn't sure he could catch this one loli army unscathed.

As he rubbed her soft body, he felt happy and curious at the same time. He looked at Flandre-chan who is currently busy rubbing her face all over his chest. He wanted to understand something.

Why is Flandre-chan so familiar with him?…

Could it be that System heard his conundrums and thus raised Flandre-chan's familiarity to 100?

Ignoring the question of whether System would actually be this nice. Summons are more than the characters seen on the screen. They have life and are real now.

The System said it before, they were only 1 summon, there won't be another identical summon. In other words, all the summons are unique.

They are not dolls, to be modified at will by him or System. The most System could do is merge their life force, what they do after that point is entirely up to them.

He patted her back and smiled at her.

"Flandre-chan, have you met me before?"

Maybe because Flandre-chan heard the confused tone in Wu Yan's words. She smiled so wide her eyes narrowed into crescent shape. The person herself seemed rather pleased by Wu Yan calling her Flandre-chan. She chirped.

"Flandre hadn't met Onii-chan before today!"

Wu Yan felt even more confused.

"Why are you so familiar with me then? Did your sister not tell you to be careful with strangers?"

When he said this line, he felt a bit weird, it's like he is teasing her.

Flandre-chan heard Wu Yan's words and she donned an irritated expression.

"Hmph, don't talk about my sister with me…"

Wu Yan flinched and he revealed a bitter smile. Oh boy, seems like Flandre-chan has a bit of bone to grind with Remilia. Understandable given that her beloved sister locked her in the bas.e.m.e.nt. At least, she doesn't have a deep grudge with her.

It's normal for kids to have fluctuating tempers. They would quarrel and make up the next second. Look at that, Flandre-chan beamed again.

"Big sis did say not to get too close to strangers but Flan likes Onii-chan very much so she's making an exception just for you~"

Her soft voice and the words "likes… very much" almost made his heart stop but then he thought of something…

"Hmm… if you never met me before, why do you like me so much?"

"That's because Onii-chan brought Flan out of that stinky bas.e.m.e.nt! That is why Flan likes Onii-chan the most! Moreover…"

She sniffed Wu Yan and she closed her eyes while purring in his chest.

"Flan likes the familiar scent coming from Onii-chan, it's the same smell as big sis and Flan…"

Summons will get a bit of memory shared with by the System regarding System and him. After receiving the memories, Flandre-chan probably connected the dots by deeming him as the one rescued her from that h.e.l.l hole. That's why she is all over him.

That familiar scent she's talking about is probably the smell of him being a True Ancestor, one of the many different types of vampires.

Flandre-chan's like is like the kind that a child would say to someone who gives them candies, an innocent expression of her elation.

He sighed and felt a bit of disappointment…

I thought her familiarity hit max Level…

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