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"Governor!" With wide eyes, Gatlin looked sorrowful.

After so many missions, no matter how dangerous, he still managed to survive. He never imagined that he would die in China due to a runaway car crus.h.i.+ng him to death…

Upon running Governor over and killing him, the van crashed through a wall on the side and hit a building before stopping.

This also confirmed the conclusion of the two people that the van was indeed out of control.

The screeching sounds and the way the van careened along the road pointed to this fact.

A flash of grief was revealed in the eyes of the other person.

"Let's go!"

"Governor…" Gatlin looked grim.

"We can't afford to care for him." The other person growled, "Don't forget what we are here for! The target is in our hands now, and we must deliver him in order to accomplish our mission!"

Gatlin gritted his teeth and calmed down quickly.

The two men carried Ren Baqian and continued to rush toward the predetermined location.

Fearing further problems, the two men summoned all their mental strength and nervously checked the surroundings.

Too many things had happened during this short journey today that made them wonder if they had been abandoned by G.o.d.

They fervently prayed for G.o.d to protect them from encountering any more problems during the rest of the journey.

However, Gatlin suddenly fell to the ground when they were about 50 meters away from the designated location.

Even Ren Baqian's head slipped out of his hand and struck the ground.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Gatlin!" The other person was shocked.

"I sprained my ankle…" Gatlin crawled up from the ground with a miserable expression as he tried to test his injured leg on the ground. The pain caused him to break out into a cold sweat, but he managed to stand up steadily.

"Can you get there with one leg?" the other person asked after putting Ren Baqian on the ground.

Although he had also suffered some injuries when they fell into the pit earlier, they had carried Ren Baqian, who weighed over 100 kilograms, for such a long distance that they were soaked in their own sweat.

He had no choice. Even at the cost of their lives, they had to deliver the target to the designated location.

Fortunately, they didn't encounter any problems during the final meters.

A truck was parked there with n.o.body inside. The trailer that was originally meant to carry their car was now unnecessary.

And right in front of the truck was a very ordinary Volkswagen Jetta.

The two put Ren Baqian in the trunk of the car and drove toward the seaside.

They were nervous in the car and afraid of falling into a pit again. Fortunately, it was a smooth journey. They soon got to the speed boat where two people were waiting. After handing over the target, the boat sped away.

In 20 minutes, they would leave the territorial waters, and in three hours, they would be entering the open sea.

After traveling for a dozen nautical miles, two navy boats were seen coming toward them from a distance while radioing for them to stop for an inspection.

However, the navy boats were much slower than their speedboat and were soon outdistanced.

They only relaxed when the navy boats behind them became small dots on the horizon.

They were also relieved that Ren Baqian was still unconscious and laying at the back.

"Watch him carefully. This guy is an unarmed martial arts expert—seven people were seriously injured by him and three of them were beaten by him after they applied the anaesthetic to him. If he wakes up, we will be no match for him in such a confined s.p.a.ce," said the person who carried Ren Baqian all this way.

"He's very tightly bound—what can he do even when he wakes up? It's time to give the emergency injection or else how are we going to answer for it if something happens? After all, we have spent a lot of effort to catch him." Another person took out a syringe from a box and gave Ren Baqian an injection.

The type of anaesthetic used was very strong and had strong side effects. If this emergency medicine wasn't administered to counteract the anaesthetic, then there was a high chance of death.

"Can you speak Mandarin? What's that in your hand?" At this moment, Ren Baqian, who was supposed to be in a deep and drug-induced sleep, suddenly opened his eyes and startled them.

"How is this possible? This dosage can even knock out an elephant for one hour and should last for at least six hours on a normal person!" They were shocked.

Only one and a half hours had pa.s.sed, yet he was already awake.

Ren Baqian, who was tightly bound, opened his eyes and looked at the surroundings. It felt very b.u.mpy and knew he was at sea.

He knew this before he opened his eyes.

Nearby were four people; a white man with brown hair smoking a cigarette, another caucasian with blond hair, a man with brown skin who looked like a South American, and an East Asian.

These people looked shocked.

Being tightly bound inside a speed boat, Ren Baqian was aware that he was in a precarious situation,

He would most likely land in a prison or a laboratory in a few hours.

Sadly, he wasn't considered normal by ordinary people.

There were many ways to escape.

At worst, he could go back directly to Dayao and then return with the empress.

No matter where he was and no matter how many people were around, they were like raw pork on a cutting board when the empress was around.

In this type of situation, he naturally wasn't nervous at all.

"Who are you? Where are you taking me? What are you trying to do?" Ren Baqian asked calmly.

"How are you, Mr. Ren? You will find out our ident.i.ties later. As for where we are taking you and what we want, you will know when we get there. I hope you will keep quiet for your own safety and that you will not struggle," the blond white man said in fluent Mandarin.

Although they were surprised that the target was awake, given his circ.u.mstances, they weren't worried. He was like a fish on a cutting board and unable to do anything.

Surprisingly, they were looking at each other in the same way.

Ren Baqian pondered for a while and came up with two choices.

One option was to get rid of these people and drive back in the speed boat.

However, it was troublesome to be remembered this way.

The second option was to follow them to their headquarters and destroy all of them in one go.

He decided after considering for 30 seconds.

Of course, he chose to take the first option!

These people were the agents of that big western country, so what would he be able to do when he entered their headquarters? Could he get rid of their president? He might directly get locked up in a laboratory.

Many of the tricks on Earth were impossible to guard against. For example, those daggers were laced with an anaesthetic and he had carelessly let three people use those on him.

So what if he could handle 100 of them in unarmed combat?

The most important thing was his upcoming wedding. He didn't have time to chat with them.

Therefore, he made the most expedient choice.

As for how they would think of him, he didn't care… At most, they would find trouble with him, but as long as they wanted what was in his brain, they wouldn't kill him.

After making up his mind, it was easy to proceed.

"Guys, this is China. I hope you will state your intentions or else you will be charged with espionage and kidnapping," Ren Baqian said sternly.

"Ha! Haha! You little jerk—if only you could do that!" The East Asian laughed loudly. Then, he moved to the side of Ren Baqian, looked at him with derision, and said, "Maybe you should understand the situation you are currently in!"

After speaking, he sent a punch toward the face of Ren Baqian.

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