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Chapter 1764: Prison Break

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Luo Shanhe nodded. “Yes, Princess Puti will be here in the flesh to choose the Fuma of her favor!”

This was the answer that Chen Xiaobei had been hoping for.

“Alright, see you in 45 days!” Chen Xiaobei’s smile was wide and beamy. “I’ll be bringing a betrothal gift that will shock the entire Nine Zones!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei left, leaving behind a stunned Luo Shanhe. He wondered what Chen Xiaobei was going to bring along with him.

Could it be a generous gift? Or perhaps an interstellar earth-shattering battles.h.i.+p?

Chen Xiaobei made his way to Royal Dome where Ximen Shuoxue was waiting.

The name Childe Zhufeng was beginning to be known and the Royal Dome intelligence agency had acquired Chen Xiaoebei’s picture.

For the ease of travel, Chen Xiaobei made sure to make a new mask and put on a disguise, creating a whole new ident.i.ty to enter into Royal Dome without much suspicion.

Upon walking the streets of Royal Dome capital city, Chen Xiaobei’s impression could only be summed up as one word – chaotic.

So, he asked his companion, “Royal Dome should be the most prosperous and orderly in all of the Nine Zones, right? Why is the capital city in such a mess?”

“That’s simple!” Ximen Shuoxue answered in a whisper. “About ten days ago, I poisoned Royal Dome’s current ruling prince. This is already the second prince who has been in a short few months! The upheaval from the previous prince’s death hasn’t even subsided when this mishap struck again! That’s why this place is in chaos!”

“Tell me more in detail!” Chen Xiaobei demanded.

“While the imperial court and the public were still in shock, the high officials and n.o.bles secretly banded up and are attempting to crown a new prince. The people panicking at a rumor that’s being pa.s.sed on the streets right now. They say the death of both the princes was the result of internal strife within the imperial court. There was even talk that the emperor might be murdered and the old dynasty would be replaced with a new one!”

Ximen Shouxue looked uneasy and continued. “The military is unstable. The 10 million Royal Dome soldiers know that the enemy’s spy in hiding inside Royal Dome. If a war breaks out, chances are that they won’t even get to fight. The imperial court, the people, the military – these three are the foundations that make every starfield! With its foundation wobbling, how could Royal Dome be not thrown into chaos? This is why the imperial court has called off the second-joint attack! The war would have to wait for a while!”

“Very good!” Chen Xiaobei nodded approvingly. “That is exactly what I need! This makes things easier for me!”

“Childe Zhufeng, you haven’t told me what you plan to do here in Royal Dome.”

“There will be three jobs that need to be done! We’ll do them one by one!” Chen Xiaobei answered.

“The first one has to do with the prince who was!”

“It’s related to the dead?” Ximen Shuoxue scratched his head.

“That former prince married Saint Duke’s fake princess! She was the one who killed him! The two people who came with her are our first objective!”

“I got it!” Ximen Shuoxue raised his hand. “Her foster parents Luo Bin and Lin Xue! When that pseudo-princess was favored, these two people were given very high positions in the capital city. On New Year’s Day, my family even had to bring gifts and visit them!”

“Are they dead or alive?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Very much alive!” Ximen Shuoxue was very sure of it. “These two have been locked up in the deepest parts of the warden’s prison. Royal Dome is going to use them as hostage to blackmail Princess Puti!”

“Let’s go!” Chen Xiaobei said. “Our first mission is to save these two people!”

“But… How…” Ximen Shuoxue frowned. “The prison holds some of the most dangerous and important criminals. Not only is it heavily guarded by soldiers, but it’s also protected by a formation! In the event of a break-in, all the elites of Royal Dome capital city will rally there! We won’t be able to escape!”

“You don’t have to try to convince me!” Chen Xiaobei almost shouted. “No matter how difficult or how dangerous it is, I have to save Luo Bin and Lin Xin from that prison!”

“But why?!” Ximen Shuoxue looked at his master quizzically. “Being absolutely honest, Luo Bin and Lin Xue are just the right-hand people of the Saint Duke imperial court! They have no blood relation whatsoever with Princess Puti! They are useless as hostages against Saint Duke! Childe Zhufeng, you don’t have to risk your life to save them!”

“You don’t understand! To Puti, her foster parents were more like her real parents than her actual parents, not to mention more important too!” Chen Xiaobei sighed. “Back on earth, in her arduous search for her foster parents, Puti’s entire temperament changed, and her youth was sacrificed. She never stopped searching though. In the end, after a life-risking expedition, she finally found where her foster parents had been all this time! Unfortunately, when she came to Saint Duke, Luo Bin and Lin Xue were at Royal Dome! As a result, she never got the chance to see them. Her only wish has not been realized even after so many years. If I don’t save Luo Bin and Lin Xue, Puti’s entire effort would have been wasted! She would be very sad. She might even suffer a complete breakdown! As her man, I am responsible for her wellbeing. I have to help her achieve her greatest wis.h.!.+”

Hence the saying, ‘To put oneself in another’s shoes’– if Chen Xiaobei was the one who lost his parents, he would have turned the world upside down and butcher every single one of his enemies!

That was why Chen Xiaobei had to rescue Luo Bin and Lin Xue. He wanted to fulfill Puti’s longstanding wish, and protect her so that she would not have to go through all the pain and suffering again.

Ximen Shuoxue still looked worried. “I understand your reasons for doing it but Royal Dome’s prison is not your everyday kind of dangerous! If we go in, not only will we be unable to save anyone, but we might even trap ourselves inside!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “You don’t have to come. I can get it done myself!”

“No… I’m not afraid of death…” Ximen Shuoxue said. “If you have decided, I will follow you to the end!”

Chen Xiaobei shook his head. “I didn’t mean that you’re afraid to die. It’s just that I have no need of you! All you need to do now is to bring me to the prison! Keep your phone on. I will tell you the plans for our second mission later!”

“Understood…” Ximen Shuoxue nodded.

Although he was still worried about Chen Xiaobei’s safety, the Heavenly Dog Biscuit he had eaten caused him to be 100% loyal and obedient to Chen Xiaobei. He had to follow Chen Xiaobei’s wishes unconditionally!

Ximen Shuoxue was very familiar with Royal Dome capital city and quickly led Chen Xiaobei to his destination— Royal Dome’s prison.

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