Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1467 - Laying His Cards on the Table

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Chapter 1467: Laying His Cards on the Table

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Those who joined the Elite Hunting Compet.i.tion were all young n.o.bles from different planets.

Also, these young n.o.bles were either the families’ heirs or related to both the top-tier n.o.bles or the common n.o.bles. These young people were vital to their respective families.

Without Chen Xiaobei, they would have all perished, and all the n.o.ble families would have to face the tragic loss.

That was why, apart from the one million young people, their families too were very grateful towards Chen Xiaobei.

Zheng Xiongfeng and the others had invited to Chen Xiaobei to remain in Thousand Lakes Planet, and promised him n.o.bility. He even promised to make Chen Xiaobei their number one guest of honor, promising to support whatever venture Chen Xiaobei would pursue.

However, right now, Chen Xiaobei had no desire to a.s.sociate himself with them, so he made a brief, polite chatter and then excused himself.

Zheng Xiongfeng had to sort out the Lu Mingjun affair so he was not overly insistent.

Everyone lined up to send Chen Xiaobei off.

When Chen Xiaobei walked out, Wenren Muyue, Dong Xiaowu and the others rushed over to him.

“Mr. Chen! What happened? Why have you only come out now?”

Everyone studied Chen Xiaobei, watching out for any signs that Chen Xiaobei was injured or was being put in a difficult situation.

“Nothing. Governor Zheng and the rest simply came here to thank me. We merely talked about the weather. Look, am I not perfectly fine?” Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

“Really? So governor Zheng and the others purposely came here to thank you? It’s not that simple, is it?” Wenren Muyue frowned. “We saw the Lu Family being escorted out just now! Something big must have happened inside!”

“Yeah, Mr. Chen, tell us. What in the world happened to the Lu Family?” Dong Xiaowu asked.

“What happened? Don’t keep us on tenterhooks. Just tell us!” Miao Yiyue was curious too.

“Hehe, as the saying goes – don’t bother trouble unless you want trouble to trouble you!” Chen Xiaobei laughed. “Lu Mingjun got himself into trouble, and dragged his family down with him!”

No one understood what Chen Xiaobei was talking about, but as they waited for his explanation, Chen Xiaobei’s phone rang.

He looked down at his phone, and everyone stopped asking questions.

It was a message.

Monkey King: Xiaobei! Why have you sent another Red Rnvelope? Are these the spoils you took from your enemies?

Chen Xiaobei: That’s right! I was going to take only 10 combat s.p.a.ce jets but my enemy gifted me with another 20! So, now I have a total of 30!

Monkey King: Have you taken care of that enemy?

Chen Xiaobei: I don’t have to. He screwed himself up really good – enough to die, in fact. ?

Monkey King: Then should I send the things back to you?

Chen Xiaobei: Yes, please! Thank you, Monkey King!

Monkey King: Why are you being so polite? We’re brothers! Get ready to receive Red Envelopes!

Ding –

Congratulations! You received a red envelope from Monkey King. The Green Emperor’s Divine Gourd, 533 Demonic Beast Corpses, and three million low-grade Spiritual Stones have been deposited into your treasure chest!

This Red Envelope contained all of Chen Xiaobei’s belongings and that was why the notification text was a long list.

With this large Red Envelope, Chen Xiaobei’s things were once again returned to his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

Knowing Monkey King’s personality, he would never touch anything belonging to Chen Xiaobei.

That was to say that Chen Xiaobei was able to cause that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lu Mingjun to suffer by just using the Red Envelope feature.

The first time when Chen Xiaobei sent everything to Monkey King, Lu Mingjun’s investigation came to naught.

The more crucial part came later.

Lu Mingjun had thought that Chen Xiaobei was drugged but the fact was that Chen Xiaobei had the Cleansing Bhodi with him so he was not knocked unconscious.

When Lu Mingjun slipped the ring back on Chen Xiaobei’s finger, Chen Xiaobei was actually awake.

Chen Xiaobei used telekinesis to send the 20 combat s.p.a.ce jets in a Red Envelope to Monkey King.

It was all done in a short 10 seconds. So, when Zheng Xiongfeng and the others searched the ring, they were unable to find the combat s.p.a.ce jets.

And Lu Mingjun’s plot was ruined. Not only did he fail to entrap Chen Xiaobei, he caused his entire core family to be imprisoned.

It was all solved beautifully.

After that, Chen Xiaobei led the Silver Plume people to the portal and returned to Silver Plume Planet.

The people on Silver Plume had already known about what had happened in Overgrown Forest.

On this very day, with the governor Dong Zhao in the lead, nearly all of the n.o.bles gathered before the portal to welcome Chen Xiaobei and the others. It was like a hero’s welcome.

Today, the whole Silver Plume City rejoiced in an atmosphere of jubilee. It was livelier than a festival celebration.

Today, the name ‘Chen Zhufeng’ had become the pride of the whole Silver Plume City. Whenever someone mentioned the name Chen Zhufeng, the people’s faces would be filled with awe and respect. They were very proud to be a.s.sociated with Chen Zhufeng.

On this same day, Chen Xiaobei was welcomed by the governor Dong Zhuo himself. Everyone knew that he had come to bestow upon Chen Xiaobei the t.i.tle of a n.o.ble, and officiate Chen Xiaobei’s presence in the inner city of Silver Plume!

This also meant that Chen Xiaobei had finally secured a place in Northern Wilderness. Although it was not yet written in stone, it was already considered a major breakthrough.

In the near future, Chen XIaobei would be able to establish his foundation, allowing his friends and family to leave the secret s.p.a.ce to live a proud and respectable life in Northern Wilderness Starfield!

When they arrived in Northern Wilderness, it was already morning. After a series of social niceties and entertaining a.s.sociates, the sky was already dark.

Fortunately, the governor’s banquet was the final stop. Once the party dissolved, Chen Xiaobei could finally get away.

But just as he was about to leave, he was notified by the security guard that the governor had asked for him.

Chen Xiaobei did not refuse to see him, but followed the guard to Dong Zhuo’s room.

In the large, luxurious room sat two people.

“Governor Dong! Elder Wenren!” Chen Xiaobei greeted them with a slight nod.

“Please take a seat Mr. Chen!” Dong Zhuo gestured to a seat nearby, a warm smile on his face. “Are you pleased with the banquet tonight?”

Chen Xiaobei took his seat and spoke frankly, “Governor Dong called me here to talk about something that cannot be discussed during the banquet. Time is precious. Please, governor Dong, let’s get straight to the point!”

“Good! That’s what I like about Mr. Chen!” Dong Zhuo put away his smile and said in a more serious tone, “I remember the first time when we met, Mr. Chen, you told me that you were a survivor from the 3rd Regiment. Am I right?”

“Yes! That’s what I said, but they were lies!” Chen Xiaobei laid his cards on the table. “Actually, I came from a tear in s.p.a.ce. By chance, I came to Silver Plume City. If I had not lied, I’m afraid that I would not have been able to stay here till this day!”

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