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Chapter 1384: It's Still Warm!

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“My G.o.d, am I dreaming? Zhufeng saved our captain!” Liu Chen was both shocked and filled with exhilaration. Her eyes welled up with tears as she ran up towards Ning Yuchen, proceeded to walk in circles around him, examining him in disbelief to a.s.sure herself that she was not hallucinating.

“Captain! Is that really you? Are you okay?”

Hu Ben who had been putting on a tough front, broke down when he saw Ning Yuchen.

Of course, they were tears of utter joy.

“I'm fine! Can't you see that I'm perfectly fine? Come on, the both of you. Stop crying! You're gonna make me cry too!” Ning Yuchen was deeply touched by his friends' concern for him.

Proverbs has it that good friends go through thick and thin together.

The three of them, Ning Yuchen, Liu Chen and Hu Ben were comrades on the battlefield; their friends.h.i.+p was sincere, drawn from the bottom of their hearts. Even Chen Xiaobei could not help but be touched by their loyalty towards each other.

“Captain! How did Zhufeng rescue you? Tell us! Tell us!” Liu Chen's eyes were wide with curiosity and delight.

“Yeah! Captain! Hurry up and tell us! The commanding officers led a search party for three days but they had no leads at all!” Hu Ben asked impatiently.


Ning Yuchen did not know what to say. He promised Chen Xiaobei that he would keep the secret.

“Bro Ning was infected by malaria in the forest. He was unconscious for three whole days. I treated him and then brought him out.” Chen Xiaobei answered.

“Yes! That's exactly what happened!”

Ning Yuchen nodded.

“Really?” Liu Chen looked suspiciously at Chen Xiaobei. “Zhufeng, you know how to treat malaria? I don't believe it!”

“I was trained with wilderness survival skills before. In areas where malaria is present, there will also be herbs nearby that can cure malaria! All I had to do was find the herb, and treat Bro Ning with it!”

“No! There's something fishy going on!”

Liu Chen narrowed her eyes at Chen Xiaobei.

“What's fishy? Look at me, didn't I come back in one piece? You're still not satisfied?” Ning Yuchen scolded.

“I am! I am! Captain's safety is more important than anything else!” Liu Chen dropped all her doubts and smiled cheerily back at Ning Yuchen. She then turned to Chen Xiaobei and said, “Zhufeng! This is all thanks to you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!”

“Yeah! Zhufeng, I want to thank you too! You saved our captain!” Hu Ben said earnestly.

“Oh, come on, we'll all friends. There's no need to be so polite.” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Oh, right, Zhufeng, what are you going to do next?” Ning Yuchen asked.

“I can't go back to base camp. Anyway, I killed a small Demonic Beast so I'll need to go to the Chamber of Commerce to sell my loot. So, I'll be going back to Silver Plume City.”

“A small Demonic Beast? Zhufeng, did you go out hunting on your own outside of the perimeters of Silver Plume Forest while we are gone? What rank is the Demonic Beast?” Hu Ben asked.

“Don't be stupid, Hu Ben! Our little brother Zhufeng is just a Zero-star Black Steel! What rank of Demonic Beast do you think he could kill?” Liu Chen giggled. “Zhufeng, if the Demonic Beast you killed is not even Black-steel rank, you don't need to go to the Chamber of Commerce. No one will want to buy anything from you!”

“Liu Chen! That's enough!” Ning Yuchen rebuked. “Zhufeng may be a Zero-star Black Steel now, but in the near future, he may very well reach Platinum or higher!”

“What? Platinum? Captain? Are you having a fever?” Liu Chen stared at her leader in bewilderment.

Hu Ben was also puzzled by his captain's seemingly ridiculous statement.

“Liu Chen! I'm serious! From today onwards, none of you are allowed to make fun of Zhufeng's rank as a Zero-star Black Steel!”

“Captain! You've changed!” Liu Chen pouted and said sourly. “You used to call me Chen'er but now that little Zhufeng is here, you don't treat me as well as you used to!”

“Er…” Ning Yuchen rested his hand on his neck uneasily. “It's not that I don't treat you well! It's just that… I don't how to say this… But, whatever it is, this is an order!”

“Alright! Alright! There's no need to be so serious!” Chen Xiaobei tried to break the ice. “Everyone is just fooling around. I don't even mind it, so why should you?”

“I…” Ning Yuchen stopped himself before he spilled the beans. He really wanted to tell Hu Ben and Liu Chen that the ‘small' Demonic Beast that Chen Xiaobei had killed was actually a 120,000 combat powered Platinum Beast King!

Even more incredible still, Chen Xiaobei had seckilled this Platinum Beast King!

After that, Chen Xiaobei had stored the Platinum Beast's body into his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring to be sold at the Chamber of Commerce. Not only will Chen Xiaobei not be rejected by the vendors, he would be treated like a VVIP!

But this was all Chen Xiaobei's secret. Ning Yuchen had witnessed all that but he could only keep it to himself.

Liu Chen and Hu Ben knew nothing about this. Thus when they kept talking about Chen Xiaobei's Black Steel rank, Ning Yuchen panicked.

Thankfully, Chen Xiaobei did not mind it at all, and even helped them lighten the atmosphere to alleviate the awkwardness.

Since Chen Xiaobei did not mind this friendly teasing, there was no need for Ning Yuchen to be so strung up about it.

After that, they all enjoyed a good conversation, and the atmosphere was once again lively and bubbly.

Immediately after, Chen Xiaobei left Zachara Grand Canyon for Silver Plume city.

The first thing he did was buy an Interstellar Signal Receiver that Ning Yuchen had recommended.

Similar to the Interstellar cell phone, it was also a very handy black technology. Not only would it be able to receive the Silver Plume Capital City's network signal, it could also connect to earth's network.

Most importantly, the network speed was incredibly fast. Old w.a.n.g did not have to worry about his Mobile Legend game lagging anymore.

Once this was taken care of, Chen Xiaobei hurried to the Northern Wilderness Chamber of Commerce.

From the battle, Chen Xiaobei earned himself a Platinum Mythical Tiger's corpse, and absorbed its Blood Essence and Spirit into the Chaos Blood Sword.

Once the Blood Essence and Spirit had been transformed into energy, the Chaos Blood Sword could wield up to 130,000 combat power.

The Mythical Tiger's body could be sold for a handsome amount of Spiritual Stones – medium-grade Spiritual Stones!

Chen Xiaobei had just arrived at the Chamber of Commerce when Manager Gu Congwen came out to greet him.

“Mr. Chen! A rare guest! It's been a while since you last visited.”

“One doesn't visit a temple without a cause. Since I have nothing urgent or important, I didn't want to bother you, Manager Gu.” Chen Xiaobei said politely.

“Oh! Mr. Chen! You are one of us! Why regard yourself as an outsider?” Gu Congwen quickly said. “Just treat this place as your home. You can come by whenever you want to. I will welcome you any time.”

“Alright! Since Manager Gu treats me as his own, allow me to speak frankly. I killed a Platinum Mythical Tiger. Do name me a price!”

“Pla… Platinum?!” Gu Congwen's eyes grew larger than a 50-cent coin. “My dear Mr. Chen… Are you joking?”

“Since when have I ever joked with you? The Mythical Tiger's corpse is still in my Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring. It's still warm!”

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