Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1242 - Request From Uncle Lin

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Chapter 1242: Request From Uncle Lin

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[Zhao Yun sent a red envelop in the group chat!]


[Impermanence White Officer sent a red envelope in the group chat!]


[Mengpo sent a red envelope in the group chat!]

Thanks to Monkey King’s advice, there was a sudden flood of Red Enveloped in the chat!

“Oh yeah! It has started!”

Chen Xiaobei had been waiting for this moment, his fingers tapping the screen of his phone like a pair of needles on a sewing machine.

Red Envelopes poured down like rain.

But there were many people competing to grab the envelopes, and their yield would have to depend on their speed and luck.

Of course! Chen Xiaobei’s luck had been pretty good all these while. Since he often punished the evil and practiced kindness, the value of his luck had been steadily increasing!

Only recently, Chen Xiaobei was rewarded 60,000 merit points for getting rid of Lu Yiju and Sister Lin’s He even helped an old lady cross the road! These were all precursors for good luck!


[Congratulations! You have received Ming He’s Red Envelope. A Hundred Ghosts Parade artwork has been deposited into your treasure chest!

“F*ck me! Who is this Ming He! He and I must be fated somehow! He was the King of Luck when I gave out the Red Envelopes and now, the first red envelope I receive is actually his!”

( B oxnovel.c om ) Chen Xiaobei’s eyes lit up at that for a second but pushed it aside for now and kept tapping frantically on his phone.


[Congratulations! You have received Monkey King’s Red Envelope. A top-tier Prosperous Monkey Fur has been deposited into your treasure chest!]

“Ooh! The second Red Envelope! Top-tier Prosperous Monkey Fur! I wonder how good is it? I can’t wait! Mm, but I can’t open it yet. I have to keep grabbing envolopes as fast as I can!”

Chen Xiaobei dared not relax. Dozens of Red Envelopes were zooming before his eyes every second!


[Congratulations! You have received Yanw.a.n.g’s Red Envelope. An Abyss Spiritual Crystal has been deposited into your treasure chest!]

“A third one! I have not gotten Yanw.a.n.g’s Red Envelope so long! He organized this party especially for me. There must be something really good inside it!”

Chen Xiaobei’s excitement grew. The items he had received seemed to get better each time.


[Congratulations! You have received Impermanence White Officer’s Red Envelope. Three Spirit Summoning Talisman have been deposited into your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have received Mengpo’s red envelope. A bowl of Mengpo’s Soup has been deposited into your treasure chest!]

“Wow! Double-kill! Wahahaha… I’ve used Mengpo’s Soup before! It’s super effective! Spirit Summoning Talisman is something new though! I can’t wait to try it!”

Chen Xiaobei’s fingers were still dancing feverishly on the screen.

Without him realizing it, he had already received five Red Envelopes in total!

Bear in mind that this was Little Apple Playground, and not the Three Realm Red Envelope group. The number of Red Envelopes were definitely smaller in comparison. To be able to get five Red Envelopes was already an impressive feat.


Congratulations! You have received Ming He’s Red Envelope. An Asura Divine Mirror has been deposited into your treasure chest!]

“No way! That’s the sixth one! Oh, it’s Ming He again! This really is fate! I have to talk to him in private when I have a chance later!

In his feverish excitement, Chen Xiaobei was also agog by this chance ‘encounter’ with Ming He. His mind was abuzz with questions – who is this person?

When the sixth and final Red Envelope was deposited, the Red Envelope Flood frenzy too, began to slow into a stop.

Once again, the chat group was a hive of activity. Everyone was showing off the contents of their red envelopes while some had even already began putting the items up for trade.

Chen Xiaobei joined the conversation for a while and then he exited the chat.

“Time to chat with this Ming He and find out who he really is!”

( B oxnovel.c om ) Chen Xiaobei was very intrigued by this mysterious person of whom he was so fortuitously affiliated with. He scrolled through the list of names in the group chat but could not find such a person!

“That’s weird! Why isn’t he in this list? I got his envelopes! It happened! I didn’t imagine it!” Chen Xiaobei scratched his head.

If he was hallucinating, the red envelopes from Ming He should not even exist!

But the Red Envelopes were there and the person was wasn’t!

This could not get any more bizarre!

“Looks like I’ll have to ask Monkey King and the others!” Chen Xiaobei was really disturbed. He had to get to the bottom of this.

But just as he was about to consult the Brotherhood group, someone knocked on his room’s door.

“Xiaobei! Are you in there?” A gentle middle-aged man’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Is that you Uncle Lim? I’m in here…”

Chen Xiaobei put his phone away and walked to the door.

It was Lin Xiang and Lin Nan’s father, Professor Lin.

“Oh, it’s good that you’re here. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you in private! Are you free to talk now?” asked Professor Lin.

“Yes, I am. Come in and take a seat!” Chen Xiaobei welcomed the professor into his room.

“There are two things I want to talk about… The first is about Lin Xiang.”

“Xiang Xiang? What about her?”

“How should I put this… So, Lin Xiang went to an ancient faction overseas to cultivate, right? I mean cultivating is a really good thing. It can strengthen her health, and lengthen her lifespan but I feel like she’s been too fixated on it! Ever since she went to that ancient faction, she hasn’t been home for Chinese New Year and other festivities! And every single time I call her, it’s always her s.h.i.+jie who picks up. And the excuse she gives me is that Ling Xiang is cultivating in solitude! I believe that everything should be done in moderation, and it’s important to strike a good balance between work and play… I’m worried that if she continues like that, she might become obsessed like in the movies.”

Chen Xiaobei replied calmly, “Uncle Lim, you don’t have to worry. Almost all cultivators are like that, the moment they get training, they will stay there for months and sometimes even years! It’s nothing unusual! Lin Xiang just wants to get really strong!”

Chen Xiaobei understood this change in Lin Xiang all too well.

The last time when Xiang Yu sent Lin Xiang to Tidal Faction, they were attacked by pirates. Xiang Yu nearly lost his life protecting her. From that day onwards, Lin Xiang was determined to become stronger, so she would not burden Chen Xiaobei.

Working hard at cultivating was proof that her resolve could not be shaken. As for her becoming obsessed, Chen Xiaobei was not at all worried. Lin Xiang’s s.h.i.+jie was none other than the Leader of Tidal Faction, Lin Chaoyin.

Initially, this woman was Lin Xiang’s Sifu. But after Chen Xiaobei had shaken her in Paradise Island, she made Lin Xiang her sister!

Lin Chaoyin was a Celestial Cultivation Elite, which meant that she had complete control over Lin Xiang’s cultivation with no problem at all.

“Even so, I’m still very worried…” Professor Lim confided.

“I understand. Parents worry about their children. It’s only normal that you do!” a.s.sured Chen Xiaobei.

“It’s good that you do. There is something else, if I may be so bold to ask… I hope you’ll agree to it…”

“Just speak your mind, Uncle Lim. There’s no need to be so courteous with me!”

“I wanted to visit Lin Xiang together with Lin Nan but I’ve been very busy with my research, and I’m all tied up. Could you go in my place?”

“No problem!” Chen Xiaobei replied without even thinking. “I was already planning to visit her anyway. I might be able to go tomorrow!”

“That’s great! I feel much safer with you taking Lin Nan!” Professor Lim paused for a while before he continued, “There is still another thing I want to talk to you about…”

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