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Chapter 1612: A Trap

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Looking at these big men, Li Du said with a scornful smile, “What, do you want to play the hard way?”

The old man pointed at him and said, “If we can’t talk it over, I will need to take the necessary measures!”

Li Du said, “Good, straightforward enough, I like this way of communication. Brother Wolf, you take care of it.”

Brother Wolf spat out his chewing gum and dashed towards the aggressors without even taking off his coat.

There were five or six of them. They were not professional fighters, but big-sized and scary. Most of them were young men in their twenties. They were like roosters with puffed-up feathers, impressive-looking but actually useless.

Brother Wolf went up, swung his fist and hit them. His fists were like iron, and when he hit the young man’s chest three times, he fell down to the ground with a scream.

The young man behind rushed up, but Brother Wolf dodged with agility to avoid their fists and kicks. He raised his foot to kick the young man in his left knee and grabbed the arms of the young man on his right with both his hands.

The young man on his left doubled up with pain. Brother Wolf lifted his leg and gave him a knee lock. His knee knocked hard in the young man’s face, which instantly became bruised. Blood flowed out from his nostrils!

At the same time, he pulled the other young man’s arm forward, and his hands quickly moved to the other side’s shoulder. With a wasp-waist twist, the young man fell heavily on the ground!

The two young men who were left unhurt moved forward, but Brother Wolf stared at them and hooked his finger. Both of the thugs turned pale!

In only a few seconds, Brother Wolf managed to establish his superiority. The strength gap was very obvious.

The young men had no guts to fight back anymore, but the old man and the old woman were not afraid. They actually approached Brother Wolf and shouted, “Aren’t you so good at beating up people? Come and hit me, hit us, hit and kill us both!”

Brother Wolf was fierce when he was facing the young men, however, he really did not dare to touch the old man and lady. He would never be so dishonorable as to hit an old or weak person.

Therefore, Brother Wolf helplessly retreated. The two old people did not give up and keep pus.h.i.+ng into him. Li Du was growing impatient.

Pointing at the both of them, he said, “All right, take back the show you put up. Are you trying to blackmail me? I tell you, this is not nice. Don’t think I would be meek just became I am a Chinese man. You messed with the wrong person today, so leave now, or I will call the police!”

The old man angrily pointed at him and shouted, “Call the police? Ha, do that! It is the first time I’ve seen someone as shameless as you. You damaged our porcelain and now you are threatening us! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you should go to jail!”

As he yelled, the old lady nearby called on her cell phone, “h.e.l.lo, police station? We are in the Pier 18 parking lot. Someone’s broken our stuff and refuses to pay!”

Li Du looked on, watching them acting. He did not believe that these cheaters would really dare to call the police.

Luo Qun, who was watching impa.s.sively from aside, listened attentively when the old lady made the call. Then she said to Li Du, “You are going to be in trouble, she is indeed calling the police.”

Sure enough, ten minutes later, two police cars roared up and several officers got out and asked, “Who is Mrs. Smith? Are you the one who called the police? What happened?”

The old couple began to add to the drama. They did an over addition to the original story, such as that Li Du kicked the trolley case when he saw it, and that when they came to seek justice, Li Du and his bodyguard threatened to kill them, and that Li Du also asked his men to beat their friends…

“He said he was a multimillionaire, a major shareholder in a conglomerate which is called Harry Winston, and the son of a senior Chinese official, rich and powerful. He said that if we didn’t get out of here, he will teach us a lesson!” said the old man, holding onto the policeman’s arm.

Li Du wanted to argue but frowned and thought a little deeper when he heard this.

The old man mentioned him being a major shareholder in the Harry Winston group, something very few people knew, especially in Seattle. Even fewer people knew he was the number one shareholder.

He was not really the number one shareholder in the Harry Winston group, of course. He had just made it up the other day, and only a few people who had gathered on the golf course that day heard it.

A simple a.n.a.lysis allowed him to understand the origin of this sneaky attack. All of this was not a coincidence, but a trap someone set for him!

As for who was behind it, Li Du knew that those were either the Anthonys or Kelly Anderson, the man who had lost the bet to him, or both.

The old couple added fuel to the fire when they saw he did not deny it, and the police instinctively trusted them as they were their fellow countrymen, so they began to treat him badly:

“Hey, Chinese man, put your hands up, get your men out. Hold out your hands where we can see them, quick!”

“F**k, this is Seattle, not China. Your system doesn’t work here. Come with us to the police station. Aren’t you rich? Prepare to lose money!”

“You are going to jail. Contact your lawyer!”

Listening to the police officers’ orders, Li Du laughed and said, “Is this how the Seattle police handle cases? Only hear one side and call out your verdict?”

The old man pointed at him and asked, “Are you the one who moved the trolley case?”

Li Du said, “I am, but…”

“You removed the case without our permission, resulting in the complete destruction of the porcelain inside. You are responsible, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” cried the old man angrily.

One of the officers put his hand on his belt and said, “We didn’t hear just one side of it, man. You admitted it was you who did this, didn’t you?”

Li Du said, “What did I admit? Come on, think about it, gentlemen. If you had a million dollars’ worth of antique porcelain, would you put it in a trolley case on the road? Would you bring it out unprotected?”

In fact, the police also knew that this should be a hoax when they heard what the old couple said. As Li Du said, who would leave such valuable antiques unprotected? Who would pack a Yuan Dynasty vase in a trolley case without any safeguarding?

However, the fact is in front of them. The old couple had evidence, and the police would naturally take a position in favor of them.

A blonde cop said, “Your question is reasonable, but here is the truth, sir. I have to remind you that if you want to show your innocence, you have to show proof, not just reason.”

Looking at the porcelain on the ground, Li Du smiled and said, “You want proof, don’t you? Sure, but I am not an antique cultural relic appraisal expert. If this turns out not to be a Yuan Dynasty antique vase, will they be suspected of blackmailing me?”

The blonde cop nodded. “Yes, certainly.”

Li Du also nodded, and disdainfully looked at the old couple. A Yuan Chinese flower porcelain was indeed worth millions, but how many of them existed in this world? Could they break any random vase and claim it was antique?

He released the s.p.a.ce-time bug and froze at an instant.

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