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Chapter 1611: Trolley Case

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It was useless to talk more. Sandler and his two men walked away with wounded hearts. They could only push their luck and hope that the painting in Li Du’s hands was not their goal.

Magic Hand waved and asked, “Give me your account number and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

What happened just now was all an act. Li Du could guess their purpose when they saw the three people appear. Then he started an act with Magic Hand.

It was his idea to set a price of ten thousand dollars for a painting. He didn’t just guess the price but set the sum according to the bidding price that the other side wrote on the tender sheet.

At that time, they were willing to buy the container for 200,000 dollars, so they bought these paintings. They were willing to pay at least 200,000 dollars, and the price of each painting was just ten thousand.

Li Du was just using this money to thwart the three of them and did not care how much they earned.

Therefore, when he saw Magic Hand raise his hand, he shook his head and said, “Go and have a cup of coffee with the others. There is going to be some surprise.”

Magic Hand knew that a hundred grand is nothing to Li Du, so he put away the bank card at ease and shouted to the people beside him, “Hey, Boss Li has given us some tips for drinks, so let’s go and have some fun in the hotel after tidying up!”

“Oh yeah!”

“Let’s work quickly, I can’t wait for the drink!”

“d.a.m.n cool, man!”

Bell was not interested in drinking. He looked at the painting in Li Du’s hand and asked, “Hey, Li, what is so special about this painting?”

Li Du had nothing to hide from Bell. He said, “It is a painting by Van Gogh.”

Bell was shocked. “A painting by Van Gogh?”

Li Du smiled and said, “I think it is, but I am not quite sure. When I find an appraiser to take a look and confirm this, I’ll give you one of these.”

Bill Sh.o.r.eton was speechless.

Li Du put away the paintings and said, “Wait for my news. I can’t say much now. I’ll give you a surprise when the time comes.”

There were actually two paintings, and Li Du separated them and decided to keep one for himself and present the other painting to Bell, who loved art but certainly did not have the wealth that would enable him to get a Van Gogh’s original painting for his collection.

Van Gogh’s paintings were incredibly expensive, and these two paintings had a special meaning, so they were even more so. However, that was nothing compared to his friends.h.i.+p with Bell, who was a very good friend and definitely merited the gift.

After putting away the oil painting and grape brick, he left the other stuff to Bill and Lu Guan. The rest of the items were large and relatively simple to evaluate. Both Bill and Lu Guan would be able to give an approximation of their value.

One of the things that Li Du was very interested in was a large jet fire extinguisher truck built by modifying an aircraft engine. It was a unique item and would have a high value.

When the auction ended, Li Du got more than the money return he had expected. He even managed to fulfill a wish. The two fraudsters who almost drove him into a corner before were arrested.

It was like killing three, not two birds with one stone. No matter which way he thought of it, Li Du was in high spirits because all his victories were big this time.

After boarding off from the great s.h.i.+p, he did not have to worry about the rest of the business. He was ready to pack things up and go home from the airport.

He rented a car for convenience’s sake these days. When he reached the parking lot in the port, he was in the mood to drive the car himself.

When he was about to get in the car, he saw a nice trolley case in front of it.

This thing was blocking his way. He looked around and saw no one was around, and then asked, “Whose trolley case is this? Is it ours?”

Brother Wolf shook his head. “No, it’s not.”

Li Du had to look around and ask, “Hey, whose trolley case is this?”

When no one showed up, Li Du shrugged and lifted the trolley case to one side as he got into his car to leave.

AS soon as he started the car, someone finally rushed out.

An old man and an old woman appeared. The old man suddenly became worried when he saw the case moved to the side of the road, and ran to stop Li Du’s car. He hurried to slam his hand on the front of the car, shouting, “Hey, hey, you! Get off!”

Li Du was puzzled, and asked, “What is the matter?”

The old man asked menacingly, “The trolley case! Where is the trolley case that was on the road just now?”

Li Du pointed to the side and said, “Can’t you see? It is right here. It got in the way of my car and I moved it aside.”

“Did you touch it?” The old man asked.

Li Du nodded. “Yes, I touched it. Why?”

Upon hearing this, the old man suddenly laughed and said, “Nothing, it’s good that you admit it.”

The old lady went to put down the case gently. She felt worried when she handled it and said with a concerned expression, “Oh, I heard noises from inside. Did he break our porcelain? Is it he who had done this?”

Li Du heard crackling sounds when he lifted the trolley case just now. It sounded like a pile of broken gla.s.s. Now when he heard the old lady speak, he understood those came from the broken porcelain. He realized at an instant that he might have fallen into some kind of trap.

Sure enough, when he had just begun to wonder about it, the old man went to open the trolley case and a pile of broken porcelain appeared in front of them.

Seeing the pieces of broken china, the old gentleman screamed, “Oh, G.o.d! G.o.d! How did this happen?”

Brother Wolf also noticed that something was off when he heard this and said, sneering, “Bulls.h.i.+t, some lousy acting.”

“I will see how they are going to act,” said Li Du, looking at them as he folded his arms.

The old man and woman howled and ran quickly toward Li Du. “Did you just move the trolley case? Did you pick it up and throw it down, by any chance?”

Li Du said, “No, I lifted it gently and put it down gently. When I put it down, I already heard the sounds of broken porcelain. But you can’t prove anything, can you?”

The old man’s expression looked desperate. “What do you mean? You ruined the valuable vase we paid so much for! You broke it! What now? Tell us, what can we do now?”

“What do you want?” asked Li Du.

The old man said, “Give us compensation for the original price. This is a Yuan dynasty China Flower big vase, we spent 15 million on it, and you have to pay us back.”

Li Du pointed to the porcelain and asked, “This was Yuan dynasty China Flower?”

The old man nodded. “Right, Yuan Dynasty blue and white brocade sweet pavilion flower jar dating to the middle of the 14th century. We spend 15 million to buy it, and now you must pay it back.”

“Is it 15 million Kyat?” Li Du laughed.

Hearing this, the old man became furious. He pointed at Li Du and said angrily, “Hey, Chinese boy, don’t be so glib. You have ruined my porcelain, and if you don’t pay quickly, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Li Du said, “I didn’t break the porcelain. Why should I pay for it? Are you kidding me?”

When he said this, the old man flew into a rage. He turned, waved and shouted, “Come out, boys!”

Luo Qun, who was next to him, pursed her lips and said, “Looks like I need to help you clean up the mess again.”

Li Du waved his hand and said, “Are we going to play out a violent scene again? I like this one best. This would be none of your business.”

A few big men sprang out from a Buick minivan. Their faces were ruthless and they walked very aggressively.

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