Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 940 - The Panicky Commander of the Black Feather Army

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Chapter 940: The Panicky Commander of the Black Feather ArmyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The atmosphere on the King Lu Mountain was joyful. Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan stood behind Lu Shu and Li Heitan mumbled softly, “Can we really earn so much this time?”

Liu Yizhao smiled and nodded. “If what Zhao Shuai said was accurate, all the gambling dens in the palace partic.i.p.ated and everyone in the palace placed their bets, we can definitely earn a crazy amount of money, not exaggerating at all. Why is the palace able to last until today? Do not underestimate its power.”

“The palace…” Li Heitan pondered over this word. “Do we have the chance to visit the palace in the future?”

“Yes,” said Liu Yizhao firmly.

At this moment, Zhao Shuai landed from the sky and Lu Shu went towards him, greeting him warmly, “Brother!”

Zhao Shuai was speechless. He realized that there was a pattern. When he could help Lu Shu earn money, Lu Shu called him a friend. When he could help Lu Shu earn a huge sum of money, he became Lu Shu’s brother…

‘So this is how you differentiate your relations.h.i.+p with others?!’

However, Zhao Shuai did not show his unhappiness. He replied with a smile, “Brother! I have a huge surprise for you!”

The two of them acted like G.o.dbrothers and did not hesitate at all…

Lu Shu smiled. “How many sets of armor did you bring?”

This time, Liu Yizhao used an invisible storage equipment. After he opened the invisible storage equipment, several thousands of armor appeared beside them.

Zhao Shuai smiled. “Our collaboration went very well. We got an immeasurable amount of profits from three consecutive rounds of betting. Not only was everyone in the Wei Wu Army able to get their armor, but we also had leftover notes. Fortunately, the number of soldiers in the Wei Wu Army is quite little or we may not have enough armor.”

Lu Shu nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the armor. He could deduce how much profit they earned from the amount of distress points obtained. He said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Register these and distribute them.”

The collaboration with the Song gambling den allowed everyone to profit. For Lu Shu, the biggest profit was none other than the distress points.

At Rank One, he needed 10,000,000 distress points to light up the first star. The stars after that would need hundreds of millions of distress points.

Lu Shu had calculated roughly that the distress points he had could allow him to rise to a Four-star Rank One after he broke free from the shackles!

In the past, when one obtained the armor from the Black Feather Army, one had to find a matching armor based on their body size. Now, they did not have to do it as the magical armor was able to fit one’s body.

This time, the power of the Wei Wu Army had increased again. If the Black Feather Army surrounded them again, ordinary soldiers could not even harm the Wei Wu Army at all.

“Are there any new bets recently?” asked Lu Shu happily.

“We have to stop for a while,” smiled Zhao Shuai, “Many of the scholars in the palace are against the gambling dens and some of them are spreading the rumor that we are collaborating as the dealer. Therefore, there is not much significance in starting a new bet. Moreover, we have gotten enough money.”

Lu Shu was slightly disappointed. “We sprang our attack too obviously. It was rather cruel to not have any casualties. We can’t earn in this manner in the future, right?”

“Not really.” Zhao Shuai shook his head. “Humans forget things easily. After a while, their greed will help them forget their loss. As long as we split the earnings fairly, they will continue placing their bets. Although the gamblers always say that they lose nine out of ten bets, how many people quit gambling? Everyone is waiting to get a comeback, right?”

“That’s right.” Lu Shu smiled as he looked at Zhao Shuai. “I look forward to working together with you in the future.”

Lu Shu thought that the Song gambling den was rather trustworthy. They might collaborate again in the future.

Zhao Shuai laughed and took out a letter from the invisible storage equipment. “The aristocrat from the Song family is willing to befriend you. If you ever head to the palace, take this letter and look for him. He will definitely be a great host.”

Lu Shu looked at the letter in his hand. There was neither a seal nor contents. It was a simple invitation card. This was probably the attractive deal given to Lu Shu by the Song family in the palace.

However, Lu Shu did not like it. There was no sincerity at all.

Lu Shu tossed the letter to Zhao Shuai. “Let’s not talk about whether we head to the palace or not. I think we should just stick with the dealing of money.”

Zhao Shuai was speechless.

“From Zhao Shuai’s distress points, +666!”

At this moment, Lu Shu suddenly remembered the lady in a sakura kimono. He wondered how she was managing the Collection of G.o.ds. Recalling the days on Earth, Lu Shu suddenly wanted to go back.

It was only four months before the selection of the Sword Hut. Lu Shu should leave the Wei Wu Army and head to the palace soon.

He hoped that he could find his way home from the Sword Hut.

However, Lu Shu was not sure because many people wanted to meet him in the palace after the gambling incident… Those people did not know that Lu Shu intended to partic.i.p.ate in the selection of the Sword Hut in the palace.

At this moment beside the Long Yin River, a big group of middle-aged men stared at the surface of the river in despair. Suddenly, a young voice was heard, “Can those who are not committing suicide let the students go first.”

The middle-aged gamblers moved aside immediately. “Yes yes, please go first, we should not hold young people back no matter what…”

Meanwhile, the commander of the Black Feather Army was sitting quietly in the camp of the Wei Bei Pa.s.s. Just when the King Lu Mountain made their harvest, he received information from the palace, including the information about the bet.

He immediately understood why the Wei Wu Army was behaving so strangely. They were f*cking manipulating the bets…

In fact, the act of the manipulation of the bets by the Wei Wu Army had nothing to do with him. After all, he did not place any bets so he did not care.

However, in a month’s time, the Wei Wu Army attacked in all areas in favor of the bets. Half of the Black Feather Army in Yun An City perished but none of the soldiers in the Wei Wu Army died in the battle in Nangeng City…

Initially, the Black Feather Army wanted to continue heading north after dealing with the battle… What f*cking heading north, they had almost perished!

The commander of the Black Feather Army was slightly panicky. He was worried that the palace would start a new bet…

Could they stop starting new bets?! They were killing the entire Black Feather Army by doing that!

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