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Initially, Lu Shu was troubled as to why he was considered to have tier F apt.i.tude. But it was all working out for him now as it provided him with an 'umbrella' to s.h.i.+eld himself from the suspicions.

Having tier F apt.i.tude was the most common amongst the metahumans just as Xi Fei had mentioned. That meant that the majority of them would require half a month of training in order to complete one cycle and 4 entire months to complete the mysterious matter cycle training regime.

That was considered to be the normal speed while those who had tiers B or A apt.i.tude belonged to the category of gifted geniuses. If those with tier B apt.i.tude were regarded as geniuses, that would mean that those with tier A apt.i.tude were to be regarded as extremely gifted geniuses.

Lu Shu was not very sure what exactly was his actual apt.i.tude. He had planned to earn some money over the next two days in order to purchase two small bottles of sodium-pota.s.sium alloy over the net to conduct his own experiment. He would then be able to figure out his and Lu Xiaoyu's actual apt.i.tude.

The sodium-pota.s.sium alloy was packaged in a tiny bottle, barely the length of a finger, priced at $149. The bottle was tightly sealed and it contained inert gases as well as a little bit of the alloy inside. As for its price, it was considered as somewhat reasonable.

It was not possible to get your hands on such items originally but after the incident where confidential information from the Daoyuan cla.s.s had been leaked out, everyone knew that the sodium-pota.s.sium alloy could be used to find out what one's apt.i.tude really was. Thus, someone had hatched a business plan based on this idea.

Countless parents had gone out to purchase this so that they could find out what their child's basic apt.i.tude was. Those unscrupulous businessmen were rather crafty as the bottle contained a pathetic amount of barely a few milligrams of the alloy, and it would not pose as a threat even if an ordinary person's blood were to be mixed with it.

In this era of metahumans, there was already someone who had started to make a living by relying on the metahumans. It was as if these opportunities were like rain falling from the sky, descending onto the earth and integrating itself into the people's peaceful lives.

It can't be denied that this world was motivated by benefits, where everyone would be headed towards these opportunities.

Wherever money was to be made, there was bound to be people around…

Lu Shu tossed and turned in his bed the entire night thinking about his situation. Practicing the Daoyuan cla.s.s' training method was simple as all he had to do was to follow the procedures while the magical energy from the earth and the sky would swiftly enter his body. However, without any exception, the galactic map within him would suppress this energy and expel it out of his body.

The next morning, Lu Shu's stinky tofu… were sold out in just 5 minutes…

He had only collected roughly about 1000 distress points throughout the entire duration. Well, that was awkward.

In the morning, while he was carrying his box of stinky tofu over, there was already a queue waiting in line for him to start his business. To be honest, Lu Shu did not feel a thing as he did not really like to eat stinky tofu but the authentic taste of it was undoubtedly welcomed by those who loved them.

There was a business trend which was starting countrywide where owners would hire a group of people to line up outside of their store in order to look as though as their food was especially delectable.

Upon seeing this, others would think, "d.a.m.n it, it must be delicious that's why there's a queue," while they end up joining the line!

This was exactly the case which Lu Shu was faced with. There were people who were queuing up for his food which invited more to the queue…

Lu Shu stared into at his empty box. Money was rolling fast but what about the distress points?This must not carry on, he needed to think of a solution!

But before he finds a solution to his problem, he would have to rely on his adorable group of cla.s.smates.

Today's sales ended exceptionally early today and as he entered the cla.s.sroom, he saw that there was a group of people who were rowdily gathering around, doing who-knows-what.

Lu Shu was excited whenever he saw crowded places nowadays and quickly made his way over to find out what was happening.

Pus.h.i.+ng through the crowd, Lu Shu saw that Liu Li was competing in a game of arm wrestling against this chubby boy from the cla.s.s. Boys had always loved to play games such as arm wrestling and competing to find out who could touch the backboard of the basketball hoop. This chubby boy was the long-time champion in arm-wrestling ever since a long time ago and no one could even come close to his strength.

But today, Liu Li challenged him with a face full of excitement. As both of them shouted the word "Start", the chubby boy lost in one thud as the back of his hand turned red from being slammed into the table.

With shock all over their face, "Cla.s.s monitor, what happened to you? Could you have possibly awakened!? Are you a strength-type?"

Liu Li smiled with an air of coolness, "Nope, I didn't awaken. But as for being strength-type…not exactly as well."

Of course, Liu Li could not tell them that it was due to him completing one cycle of the Yinyang Kins.h.i.+p of the Three training method. Since he had already completed the first step in training his body, it wasn't surprising that his strength increased by a hundred pounds.

Having an additional 100 pounds in his strength felt incredible and it would no longer be far-fetched to claim that his physical abilities had surpa.s.sed those of an ordinary human.

The surrounding Daoyuan cla.s.s students all understood what this meant inside of their heart but they could not expose Liu Li's secret since it was everyone's secret.

The confidentiality rule was like a blade, hovering above their head as it watched their every move. Since Xi Fei had the technique to impart training methods to others, who knew if there was a technique which could rob them of their training method?

If they were to be expelled due to leaking out confidential information, it would be too saddening if their training method were to be taken away from them.

And up till this point, no one would be impulsive enough to abandon their wonderful future. All of them were awaiting the next training method after the mysterious matter cycle, wondering what magical effect it could bring them.

This proved to show that teenagers could indeed keep secrets and all it depended on was whether the consequences would be dire or not!

Right now, the only ones who had B cla.s.s apt.i.tude in Soph.o.m.ore cla.s.s 3 were Liu Li and Jiang Shuyi. The rest of them made no substantial progress even though they had started on their training journey.

The substantial progress was referring to the actual increase of their physical strength.

A group of them excitedly challenged Liu Li to arm wrestling, not to taste defeat but rather, to find out how it would be like in the future after they had completed their cycles.

What Liu Li had now was what all could achieve in the future.

While Liu Li was wrestling with the chubby boy, he had won without holding back at all. Even till now, that boy was still cradling his hand while his eyebrows were still furrowed.

However, Liu Li was much more polite towards his cla.s.smates in the Dao Yuan cla.s.s, even speaking to the point whenever they are talking.

Lu Shu was laughing from the sides. This guy was like a typical politician, embracing all that was beneficial to him and throwing aside anything else which he considered to be useless

The fact was that with Liu Li attaining the increase in his strength of a 100 pounds, it was placing pressure on his peers to achieve the same as well.

Liu Li humbly smiled towards his cla.s.smates from the Dao Yuan cla.s.s, "If we all work hard together, there would be a day where we could all possess this strength."

Winners being winners, he had delivered his victory speech. This was the arrogance of a victor.

At this moment, Liu Li suddenly looked towards Lu Shu who was standing by the sides. With his lips pursed, he smiled and said, "Lu Shu, want to have a go?"

"Sure," as Lu Shu happily replied

Upon seeing Lu Shu's smile, Liu Li felt that something was rather odd… but the invitation was initiated by himself and he was feeling rather confident of his own strength. Thus, there was no need to regret anything.

A tier F opponent such as Lu Shu, he believed that there was no way he could possibly lose to him in arm-wrestling.

Lu Shu sat across from Liu Li and placed his arm down, tightly interlocking their hands together.

Liu Li held onto his breath. As someone who had B cla.s.s apt.i.tude and was considered to be a young genius, no one dared to say anything bad about him even if they did not like him, except for Lu Shu… ...

Liu Li had already decided that upon the start of the match, he would ruthlessly destroy Lu Shu without holding back!


"Thump!" This was the familiar sound which was made when someone's hand were to suddenly come into contact with the table-top, and it was really loud… ...

Everyone surrounding them fell silent and Liu Li opened up his eyes widely as he started to question the results!

From Liu Li's distress, +999!"

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