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Chapter 67: Earned a Huge Sum! (Part 2)

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Everyone thought Liu Li would win, and most people knew that Liu Li did not fancy Lu Shu. As for the reason, everyone knew what it was …

But at this moment, the usual, overwhelming Liu Li that everyone had in mind did not happen. In an instant, Lu Shu had fiercely pressed Liu Li’s wrist on the table, just like how Liu Li mercilessly defeated the big fat student.

Shocked, Liu Li stared blankly at Lu Shu. This result was something he could not accept. Having increased his strength by one hundred pounds, how was it possible that he could not beat a weak and frail-looking Lu Shu?

That moment happened so quickly that he could not comprehend it.

He felt Lu Shu relax his grip and immediately took the opportunity to use his enhanced strength to overpower him, only to hear a ‘thump!’ again.

“From Liu Li’s distress, +999!”

Liu Li was cornered and it turned out that Lu Shu had the last laugh…

Lu Shu’s grip loosened again but Liu Li had already given up, disappointing Lu Shu who quickly urged him on, “Come come come, my left hand is much stronger than my right, let’s change hands!”

Liu Li subconsciously extended his right hand…


Liu Li, “???”

Didn’t you say your right hand is weaker?

“From Liu Li”s distress, +999!”

Lu Shu was still not satisfied, but Liu Li had totally given up on competing

Liu Li slowly turned his gaze to Lu Shu, when he suddenly noticed Lu Shu’s face of disbelief, “I just awakened as a strength type!”

Whoa! He was utterly speechless!

If Lu Xiaoyu was present, she would have known that Lu Shu had begun his act. And to Lu Shu, this was the perfect time to reveal that he was a strength type which would earn him distress points while also showing off his strength- to kill two birds with one stone! Furthermore, this stuff wasn’t part of the confidentiality and also not part of the contents of the Daoyuan cla.s.s so he could speak about it openly!

Everyone around was stunned. What, how did he awaken so casually, was that a joke?! Awakening from a simple game of arm-wrestling?

Lu Shu shook Liu Li’s hand, “Thank you, thank you so much. You’re a really good cla.s.smate. If not for arm-wrestling with you, I would not have awakened!”

“From Liu Li’s distress, +1000!”

Liu Li could feel his frustration building up, this sc.u.m… did he really awaken from arm-wrestling me? What’s wrong with me? Hm? What’s wrong?!

Karma! How did I let such a person awaken?!

It must be Karma!

At that moment, Lu Shu realized something. It seemed like there was a limit of 1000 distress points each person could contribute at a time…

After Liu Li had contributed the 1000 distress points, there was a continuous chain of +40+39+36 distress points and Lu Shu momentarily thought that Liu Li was cute. Where else could he find such an adorable cla.s.smate?

Not only Liu Li, even those around who had secretly ridiculed Lu Shu about his tier apt.i.tude all contributed negative emotional values!

The morning sale of stinky tofu did not make much distress points but in the end, all of it was earned back from Liu Li.

Including the meager amounts of distress points from the morning, he had earned a total of 6000+ points!

Frankly speaking, Liu Li had been experiencing a sense of superiority since this morning. How many were even tier Bs in this school? And how many actually possessed superhuman strength? He was one of them!

The feeling was like driving your dad’s car downtown while the rest of your cla.s.smates did not even have a driving license. Only by comparing people could you see their difference in their worth.

But that arm-wrestle with Lu Shu had made him feel sick.

Lu Shu turned to the surrounding cla.s.smates, “Erm… Come come come, let’s arm wrestle!”

Upon that, the crowd started generating a bunch of distress points and subsequently disbanded!

That was so unsupportive! Lu Shu sighed as he watched his cla.s.smates leaving… At that point in time, Lu Shu had begun reflecting on the problems with his act- if he could have earned more distress points by using a different method. After all… reflecting was necessary for improvement!

If the cute cla.s.smates had known what Lu Shu was researching about, they would probably call the cops!

In a flash, Lu Shu had become Luo Cheng international school’s second-ever metahuman, what a name for himself!

But everyone was disappointed to find out that Lu Shu was a strength type… What they wanted to see was something different!

After the Golden Foundation had posted the details of metahumans, everyone understood that strength type metahumans started off as Cla.s.s F after awakening.

There were already many metahuman-related discussions on the Golden Foundation forum and the most popular question was: Which type of metahuman was the strongest?

It was impossible to reach a conclusion as there could be so many variations. Even the Golden Foundation did not release such information so there was no way normal people could figure it out.

As of now, the only known types were strength, elemental, animal and plant.

Someone said on the forums that with the appearance of Daoyuan cla.s.s in China, there would be similar programmes in other countries. No one knew for sure but their grading format should be the same as the Golden Foundation’s ABCDEF format. It seemed that the Golden Foundation never released information they were not confident of as all of their information was reliable.

So why did the majority feel that strength type metahumans were weak? That was because the Golden Foundation added a Cla.s.s F specifically for them while all the other types started as Cla.s.s E.

And this was what made everyone think that strength type metahumans were the weakest.

Some also felt that trained-metahumans were the most stable. After all, no one had been able to awaken enough times to reach Cla.s.s A and just how many times you had to be shocked to achieve that?

But Lu Shu reckoned that training could be hard too. What a joke! Having to put in so much effort every day to earn that distress points only to achieve Cla.s.s E!

The training route may not be as simple as the awakening route!

If others knew about his training, they would probably change their mindset about this…

Someone within Liu Li’s small clique added, “Cla.s.s rep, you really shouldn’t have arm-wrestled with him…”

“From Liu Li’s distress, +288!”

Liu Li was p.i.s.sed off from hearing that. He was having suspicions if Lu Shu really did awaken during that arm wrestle with him, but… Li Qi did mention that the awakening of strength type metahumans did not have any signs, only that his strength was suddenly increased.

And by Liu Li’s logic, if Lu Shu had long awakened, there was no reason to hide it.

But Liu Li’s logic only applied to himself as Lu Shu had experienced a rather different life.

Liu Li tried to hold back his opinion but in the end, “So what, he’s just a strength type.”

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