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If Lu Shu were to consider the fact that sports brands were producing advertis.e.m.e.nt with metahumans in it as a sign of metahumans being integrated into everyday life; then the beginning of the trade of magical items would be considered as the bugle horn which raised the curtains on the futuristic world.

This 'sound' from the 'bugle horn' would be propagated throughout the world where even the deaf would be able to hear it!

The distress points acc.u.mulated from this morning's sale of stinky tofu had decreased slightly. Unsure of what exactly caused the slight decrease in points, it could perhaps be due to its authentic taste which was actually delicious and as such, there were more customers who were coming back for it.

In just 10 minutes of opening his push-cart store, they were all sold out… and just as he sold off all of his stinky tofu, Lu Shu had barely earned 4000 distress points which were just enough to redeem tomorrow's portions.

At this moment, Lu Shu was feeling rather stressed out. While other vendors were looking to sell more their products in shorter periods of time, Lu Shu was hoping to sell his stinky tofus as slowly as possible since his main objective was the distress points after all!

This must not carry on. He had to think of a way out of this situation since his stinky tofu business was his largest, most stable source of income of distress points. There could not be any problems!

Also, he had not forgotten to pa.s.s one portion of stinky tofu to Uncle Li to return yesterday's favor of offering Lu Xiaoyu a bowl of spicy pepper soup. Uncle Li did not stand on ceremony, even inviting the other vendors around to try it out and all of them agreed that it was delicious.

During the in the day, Lu Shu brainstormed to find a solution to prevent his stinky tofu from selling out too quickly but to no avail.

And at night, Dao Yuan commenced. Lu Shu felt that Xi Fei had walked into cla.s.s today looking exceptionally serious and even the usual smile on his face was gone.

Xi Fei walked up to the rostrum and said, "You guys may already know about this but students who have been expelled would find it extremely difficult to return to the Dao Yuan cla.s.s. Today's lesson will be very important and all of you would understand it in a while. Liu Li, come up here."

Lu Shu guessed that it was something really out of the ordinary, but what exactly was it?

All he could see was that Xi Fei and Liu Li were facing each other as Xi Fei retrieved three little rocks which had a green glow out of a tiny box. The rocks were shaped uniformly and each of them seemed to have been hand-carved into an octahedron shape which was most similar to an 8-sided prism.

Xi Fei placed the three stones aside before instructing Liu Li, "Clear your mind, do not resist." Just as he finished, Xi Fei opened up his palm and struck down on Liu Li's forehead. At that moment, Lu Shu felt a slight wave of magical energy before Liu Li opened up his eyes incredibly wide, "The training method!"

"Silence, go experience it yourself," as Xi Fei further explained to Liu Li before turning to the rest of the students, "By seating arrangement, come up one by one and no noise from the rest."

Was this... the legendary Epishaiga?

Epishaiga, a word in Sanskrit, was a combination of 'dispersion' and 'immission' which was most similar to the idea of empowerment. When practicing the secret method, the first requirement was to have a well-qualified master to set up a Deity Mandala so that the pract.i.tioner could fully understand the ways of the Deity.

This couldn't be Epishaiga, it sounded too simple... Instead of comparing it to the Epishaiga in Buddhism, it would be more appropriate to compare it to the imparting of training methods!

Lu Shu also observed that after every time Xi Fei was finished with 20 students, he would hold a glowing stone within his hand, and his face would regain its healthy, reddish glow as the stone became slightly duller.

Could it be that the magical stones were used to replenish one's magical energy? Xi Fei must have used up a lot of it from doing this.

Lu Shu had previously felt a strong wave of aura coming from Xi Fei's body and always looked up to him as someone more powerful. However, since he broke through the first nebula, he realized that their difference in power was not that big!

Lu Shu was pondering if he should start taking a stand. Always acting so overcautious and cowardly did not feel good.

So what was the safest option? After half a day of considerations, there was only one possible way.

His training method was definitely something he could not announce and so was his system. But there was something... He could impersonate a strength type metahuman!

Li Qi had awakened as a strength type metahuman without many complications so he could do the same. And since no one could figure out and even Lu Shu could not feel the wave of energy from Li Qi, wasn't this a very suitable option?

If someone were to ask about it, Lu Shu could just say he was too depressed from not getting full marks in the exam and his emotions caused him to awaken!

The ways people were awakening happened in many different forms and there was nothing wrong if Lu Shu had awakened too and he could still be part of the Daoyuan cla.s.s.

The main point was, he could also openly demonstrate some of his superhuman abilities and the black coats would not be too concerned. Anyways, the vibe between him and the other students was quite unpleasant... Yes, unpleasant!

If someone were to a.s.sault him, he could conveniently retaliate!

After even more considerations, Lu Shu felt that this plan of his was quite reasonable.

It was Lu Shu's turn to go up and Xi Fei once again said the words, "Clear your mind, do not resist."

Lu Shu reckoned that Xi Fei was not 100% confident. A person's will can be very strong and rejecting a foreign thing was by no means a difficult feat. So in order to impart energy, it required everyone to clear their thought.

Xi Fei placed his palm of Lu Shu forehead, and in the next moment, Lu Shu felt a gentle wave of energy course through his brain and at the very same moment, the 'corpsedog' from the first nebula was about to rush out from his chest, its posture looking as if it was about to attack the foreign energy.

Oh, Sh*t! Lu Shu quickly used his celestial powers to pull it back and the sword was stopped in its motion inside the first nebula. That was... So close!

Dude, if you really attacked, we might not be able to live peacefully anymore!

Lu Shu was wondering what the heck just happened, as he just witnessed what 'corpsedog' did and was about to resign to death. G.o.d dammit, since when did it have its own will?

However, Lu Shu never doubted that the 'corpsedog' was capable of destroying this foreign energy!

Lu Shu had gained the Daoyuan cla.s.s' training method and it was called the Yinyang kins.h.i.+p of the three which was different from the kins.h.i.+p of the three.

There were no words, just a method for practicing and this was the brilliance of empowerment.

Xi Fei had already absorbed all 3 glowing stones and his face was a little pale.

He glanced at the ground of students and spoke, "This is only the first part of the Yinyang kins.h.i.+p of the three, the mysterious matter part. Normal people require about one month of practice to achieve the initial effects but tier Cs only require a week to complete one cycle, a day for tier Bs and tier As only require 3 hours to complete a cycle. Although everyone's apt.i.tude is different, but do remember what I've said, only those who persevere, can walk down the path of training."

Someone curiously asked, "What is the second part?"

Xi Fei calmly replied, "We will talk about that after you have completed the first."

Lu Shu realized what was going on. So this was the Daoyuan cla.s.s' method: to make known part one and in order to learn the mysterious part two, that would have to depend on performance! Not only that but by using the transfer of energy to impart the training methods, this would reduce the chances of the methods being leaked out! But the price of that was the wastage of magic stones which was totally understandable and worth it.

Although it was not confirmed that the methods would not be leaked, this seemed like the safest option there was.

This organization was really brilliant!

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