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To the Collection of G.o.ds, Hirono's death was not Lu Shu's fault, but was instead the responsibility of the Conservatives. Except the distress points said otherwise. In reality, Lu Shu had done it, so it was really, Lu Shu's fault…

Tonight, Lu Shu had not appeared in the case of Hirono's death. The battle between the Conservatives and the Jingoists, as well as the 'Ninth Heavenly King' causing havoc were two independent events in the eyes of the Collection of G.o.ds. But they did not expect that Yaeko would stubbornly connect the two cases together. Even Lu Shu himself was very surprised. He had planned on packing up…

With Yaeko on his back, Lu Shu climbed up into the attic. He made sure to hide all the ladders in the attic. This was to prevent the Collection of G.o.ds from discovering the attic after a.s.sociating it with the ladders they would find otherwise.

Lu Shu's prudence was out of genuine concern over getting Chiba involved. It was all good if he were acting alone, he could simply change his appearance and lay low after killing someone.

The Collection of G.o.ds had now arrived. When they saw Chiba alone at home, they asked with some uncertainty. "Where is your family?"

Chiba, slightly fearful, replied, "My father is working in Okayama."

The person who had initiated the search glanced over and got someone to do a background check. Within two minutes a confirmation came. "She is speaking the truth."

The leader nodded his head and said, "Was there anyone who walked by just now? And was there anyone who came in to hide?"

Chiba replied cautiously, "There was some large movement just now that woke me up and I looked out of the window. Other than that I didn't notice anything."

The first half was correct, but the second half was fake. Chiba felt that her words were flawless.

But the Collection of G.o.ds still had to do a search. The four people split up to check. Even the wardrobes, cupboards and beneath the bed were not left unchecked. This was likely not the first time the Collection of G.o.ds had done such a thing. Their search was very thorough, normally one could not escape by simply hiding.

However, Chiba's attic was well-concealed. Meanwhile, Lu Shu took a look around the attic and spotted piles of cash…

When Lu Shu saw the cash, he gasped in shock. It took everything he had before he could finally resist the temptation of stuffing all the money into the Seal of Lands… d.a.m.n it, what were Chiba's parents working as? Did they intentionally create a hidden attic to conceal all this cash?

The largest j.a.panese yen bill was 10,000 yen. There was a portrait of a male on the note, and Lu Shu had the impression that he was a teacher.

The piles of cash in front of Lu Shu now, all had the face of the teacher whose name Lu Shu could not recall…

The Collection of G.o.ds started from the lowest floor and searched the house one by one, yet could not find anything. When they first came in, they were rude and uncivilised, yet as they confirmed that no one was hiding in the house, they became much politer.

In reality, Lu Shu felt that there was no point being polite as they left, since they had conducted a house search without any credentials.

Was the Collection of G.o.ds crazy enough to do such a thing? No wonder there were rumours that the Collection of G.o.ds was going mad. Lu Shu sighed. It was not unusual for the Heavenly Network to aggressively probe the Collection of G.o.ds. Anyone with this kind of neighbour would be cautious too.

Chiba waited for everyone to leave before very cautiously coming to the second floor. She said, "Kiriharakun, it's all right now. You can come down."

Lu Shu carried Yaeko and went down. As he calmed down he suddenly realised… it seemed like there was nothing in Yaeko's clothes…

Chiba curiously asked, "What happened to Sakurai? Was the Collection of G.o.ds looking for you?"

There was nothing to hide from Chiba. Since he now had Chiba involved, she had the right to know what was happening. After some thought, Lu Shu said, "I killed the higher management of the Collection of G.o.ds, while Yaeko was injured by them. They are certainly looking for us."

Chiba hesitated before asking, "So you and Sakurai are both pract.i.tioners?"

"That's right," Lu Shu nodded in affirmation. "Just now you said that you had awakened. What ability did you awaken?"

"When I was in that heavy sleep, it felt like I had fallen into a pit of lava. But the lava could not burn me. Instead, I felt that it was very kind." As Chiba finished speaking, her palm burst into flames.

Lu Shu nodded his head. So this was a fire element metahuman. He said, "You'd better not casually use your abilities. After awakening, there is the process of adapting. We will go after waiting a little longer. Never, ever tell anyone that you helped us hide."

"I'm afraid you can't leave… Look outside" said Chiba.

Lu Shu drew the curtains and looked out. He realised that after they had finished the search, the Collection of G.o.ds never left, they had a.s.signed people to be on guard, completely blocking them off.

Outside, the sounds of Oda and Kitamura Kijitori battling gradually grew distant. Then Lu Shu felt his phone vibrate. He lay Yaeko on the sofa and stepped aside to check.

After coming here Lu Shu had three phones, one was his smartphone, the other was given to him by You Mingyu specially to transmit information, and the last was Kirihara Yousuke's.

He had placed his own smartphone in the Seal of Lands, as he could not use his SIM card here. The information he had now received was from the Heavenly Network.

Lu Shu took a glance and felt a chill down his spine. He did not think that the Heavenly Network would know about this situation so quickly, and they had even prepared a retreat route for him. A new ident.i.ty, or retreat.

It looked like either Taniguchi Bunndai or a spy in the Collection of G.o.ds had successfully connected with the Heavenly Network. This retreat route was quite timely.

Lu Shu had been given two choices. One was to change his appearance and continue about his affairs.

The other was to withdraw, since it would make no difference even if he wanted to give up.

For some reason, Lu Shu felt that this trip was not as dangerous as he had originally thought. Without any specific task allocated to him, he could do anything he wanted. If any trouble occurred, he could simply withdraw.

In reality killing two Cla.s.s C's and writing the character "chai" would not deal serious damage to the Collection of G.o.ds. But Nie Ting did not seem to care.

This feeling… it felt as if they were letting him build a false reputation by sending him to the Collection of G.o.ds. He had been a.s.signed tasks and deeds, and was sent to the target of common hatred among the Heavenly Network: the Collection of G.o.ds. He could withdraw as long as he made use of this reputation. Of course, if he wanted to continue about his affairs, he could certainly do so.

What exactly was Nie Ting's intention?

Since the Koh Chang Island remains, when the Heavenly Network had only sent him and Li Yixiao he had felt that something was not right. Up till this a.s.signment, Lu Shu had felt this feeling grow stronger.

Lu Shu had not thought through on his decision. His natural instinct was to not think about it and just settle the problem in front of him.

Yaeko's breath grew more steady. Lu Shu guessed that she would regain consciousness the next day. As for Chiba… Lu Shu did not know how to explain the situation to her.Chinese character that means 'to take apart'

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