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Lu Shu stood still in the street. He was no longer the weak, poor boy who made a living as a vendor selling boiled eggs. Now, he was one of the strongest Pract.i.tioners in the world, able to defeat a Cla.s.s C pro like Kitamura Hirono almost effortlessly.

Yaeko gazed at Lu Shu's silhouette with a smile. The world had faded away, and Lu Shu was the only person left in her eyes. He… suddenly squatted to pick up Kitamura's katana, and then continued searching for other magical weapons…

It felt like, she was looking at two lovely smurfs dancing and running against a beautiful background…

Oh man! She was losing her sanity!

By the time Lu Shu returned, his face had changed back to Kirihara's. At this moment, the door of the dojo was opened. Bunndai asked curiously as she eyed Lu Shu, unscathed, and Yaeko, who was leaning on the wall feebly, "Are you done with the fight? Do we need to s.h.i.+ft our base?"

Then, she helped Yaeko up and supported her into the dojo, while Lu Shu, following behind, looked at the quiet yard and asked, "Sakurai, who else knows your ident.i.ty?"

There is no need for any more secrets, she thought. "I'm afraid the Jingoists will soon come after me. His teacher, Kitamura Kijitori, is engaging in a fight with Oda at the moment. All the Collection of G.o.ds masters are probably busy rus.h.i.+ng there now."

Lu Shu nodded his head. "What a pity."

His fingers rubbed the fine bamboos in the yard, feeling sorry that they would soon perish. In fact, Lu Shu liked the place, despite not yet being used to the style of its architecture. Lu Shu planned to build a yard in Luo Cheng too, though a more modernized version. It was time to give Lu Xiaoyu a better house with the money he had now.

Lu Shu made a bow to Bunndai. "I appreciate your efforts and hard work for the past days. Please get ready to retreat."

"What about her?" Bunndai asked, wondering what Lu Shu would do with Yaeko.

Lu Shu looked over, only to see Yaeko's mournful smile. She asked, "Heavenly King, My Lord, are you going to kill me?"

If she were Lu Shu, Yaeko knew she would do the same.

But there would be no more regrets then, since she had come so far, bearing her excruciating pain, just to see whether this "Kirihara Yousuke" would save her.

Even though he was no longer the original Yousuke, the one she loved was the man beside her right now. She did not even know Kirihara Yousuke himself.

Now, he had shown her that he cared, and her teacher had abandoned her. That was enough. She had found the answers she wanted, while lost she had received what she did not deserve, it was all she had asked for. Her life was complete. Smiling, Yaeko begged him, "Before I die, can I have a look of your own face, Mr Heavenly King?"

Lu Shu was trying not to laugh. "Who said I'm going to kill you? I'm taking you somewhere else for you to heal your wounds. After that, you may go wherever you want. Honestly speaking, I think your powers have been restricted by conspiracies and schemes. Why not give it all out in the outside world? However, I'm not going to show you my own face, for you are not dying anyway. Also, I'm not a Heavenly King. Don't call me that."

Yaeko had no idea about Lu Shu's original face. Yet, since Lu Shu's death had been verified by the Darkness Kingdom, it was possible that his divine water had been pa.s.sed to another person in the Heavenly Network.

But Yaeko was more inclined to believe that this man was Lu Shu, because the first person killed was Nogiwa Taken.o.bu's son, Nogiwa Hakushun.

"Then, should I address you as Lu Shu from now onwards?" Yaeko tested him. As soon as she finished her sentence, she coughed up fresh blood. Earlier Kijitori had injured her heart and lungs with the blow. Thus, it needed time for her full recovery, though her life would not be threatened.

Lu Shu's heart softened. "Take some rest. Don't worry too much about meaningless stuff like that."

Bunndai said from inside her room, "Please cover Yaeko's eyes."

Lu Shu did as told. Yaeko felt comfortable under the warmth from Lu Shu's palm.

At this moment, Bunndai walked out of her room. Her waist-length long hair had been cut short, and she was dressed in a professional office wear with a pair of high heels on her feet. Instantly, she had changed from a gentle, graceful Yamato nades.h.i.+ko to a resolute, competent white-collar female worker. Lu Shu almost could not recognize her!

Bunndai made a deep bow to Lu Shu. "It has been my honor to work with you. Goodbye."

Lu Shu smiled. "Thank you."

Then, with a roll of burning newspaper, Bunndai set the entire yard on fire. She walked out first and disappeared into the dark streets, ready to commence her new mission under her new ident.i.ty.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu finally lifted his palm from Yaeko's eyes. To his surprise, she had fallen asleep.

Or had she fainted? Lu Shu was unsure.

But they should not stay any longer at the dojo. Regret welled up in Lu Shu's heart. How good would it be if he could live on with his old ident.i.ty and continue earning money with this dojo? Life was full of unpredictabilities…

Wait a minute!

Something was not right…

His recent income had been given to Bunndai for their living expenses. And now, Bunndai had left!

What the heck! He had put in so much work and effort into gathering that money! Including so many leaflets!

Nie Ting must be behind all of this. There was no other explanation!

Lu Shu felt his heart bleeding.

With a heavy heart, Lu Shu carried Yaeko on his shoulder and walked out of the yard. Once he was out, he saw a flash of light growing brighter right in front of him. Blasts of energy were exploding here and there, with houses being pulled to the ground.

He was reminded of Yaeko's words. It was a fight between Oda and Kitamura!

"What? They've come here?!" Lu Shu was shocked and confused. No way. He immediately ran towards the other direction. But soon, he turned to see the main battlefield s.h.i.+fting towards him.

Can you please choose another place?!

Many residents were awoken by the commotion and ran outside for a look. When they saw the fighting, some pulled over their overcoats and ran out, while the rest hid in their own homes, s.h.i.+vering and praying for safety.

This was the current situation where Pract.i.tioners and commoners co-existed. During wartime, the latter did not even have the means to protect themselves.

There were a few high-rise buildings in the region. They were mostly individual houses of two to three floors.

At this moment, someone shouted from on top, trying to suppress her voice, "Kiriharakun?"

Lu Shu froze. Chiba?!

Mixed feelings welled up in Chiba's heart upon seeing Sakurai Yaeko on Lu Shu's shoulder, unconscious. "What happened? Are you running away from someone? Please give me a second I'm going down to open the door for you."

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