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What was coming would eventually come. Lu Shu knew it when he killed Nogiwa Taken.o.bu that the narrow-minded Collection of G.o.ds would certainly not let him pa.s.s so easily.

But with Li Yixiao by his side, any sent for him should give it a second thought. Honestly speaking, Lu Shu did not believe many people would be willing to accept the task due to the global reputation of the Heavenly Network.

In fact, it was more of a warning than an actual threat. Yet Lu Shu's attention was drawn to the deep sea white sand.

Now, his only access to the Darkness Kingdom was via Anthony's thumb drive. But he had better things to do.

Besides, even if his disguise was not exposed, the mission of killing Anthony itself was requested by the Collection of G.o.ds. Now, with Chen Baili's task still incomplete, how could he accept another mission in Anthony's name with reward recipient put as "the Late Lu Shu"? It did not make sense at all…

Although certainly he could gain some distress points this way, it would not be worth it.

With his own clones and the mask, Lu Shu would not mind asking his clones to die a couple of times. If one death would get him a bit of deep sea white sand, eventually he could build a house for Lu Xiaoyu with all the sand he had.

However, the question was, how to collect the reward from the Darkness Kingdom?

Then, Lu Shu's thoughts were interrupted again by Zhong Yutang's call. "I'm coming to Luo Cheng later with my team. Let's meet in the Daoyuan Cla.s.sroom."

Puzzled, Lu Shu wondered what it could be. It was past 10pm then and it would take about one and a half hours to reach there from the provincial capital by car. Was Zhong Yutang in such a hurry just to protect himself personally? That was totally unnecessary!

One and a half hours later, Zhong Yutang called him again. "We've just driven down from the high-speed expressway. You may leave for Luo Cheng Daoyuan Cla.s.s and wait for us at the gate."

Lu Shu waited for a long time inside Luo Cheng Foreign Language school while chatting with security guards to kill his time. Suddenly, three black business cars stopped outside the gate. Zhong Yutang's face appeared behind the window. "Get in!"

Then, the cars hurtled towards Beimang mountain at lightning speed, their engines roaring in the darkness. Seated in the rear of the middle car, Lu Shu asked cautiously, "Uncle Zhong, where are we going? Actually I don't think anyone within the borders has the guts to blatantly kill a Cla.s.s C, right? You don't have to protect me, really. Besides, I'm feeling a bit restrained."

Zhong Yutang threw him a startled look from the front pa.s.senger seat. "Who said I'm protecting you?"

Lu Shu was confused. "Then what are you bringing me here for?"

"Didn't you see the warrant?" Zhong Yutang replied, "Heavenly King Nie has sent us here to cooperate with you. Rest a.s.sured. We are experienced."

It did not help with the clarification of Lu Shu's doubts at all. What on earth was going on?

After they had reached Beimang mountain, Lu Shu saw loads of … photography equipment… being unloaded from the other two business cars.

A young man in a black hood walked over silently. "I'm probably gonna stop after this."

Zhong Yutang gave a nod of approval. "Sure. Heavenly King Nie has informed me that your ident.i.ty is at risk. Please report to Yuzhou Heavenly Network once you kill Lu Shu and your position will be recovered."

Lu Shu's jaws almost dropped. "Kill me?!"

Are they kidding? Pulling me over secretly just to kill me? But the thing is, I'm afraid a few Cla.s.s C's woould not be able to do the job!

Then, Zhong Yutang turned to speak to Lu Shu, "Let me introduce to you. This is You Mingyu, a spy from our Heavenly Network. This time, he is in charge of killing you. After that, he will return to our Network."

Lu Shu found it hard to believe what he had just heard. Hey man, is it really appropriate to discuss this with me so emotionlessly?!

At this moment, Zhong Yutang suddenly patted his forehead. "Oh yea, I forgot that it's your first time in this kind of thing. How should I put it, we are not really taking your life. Instead, we are helping you to fake your death and take that deep sea white sand from the Darkness Kingdom. But rest a.s.sured that the sand is yours, not ours. Besides, You Mingyu's current ident.i.ty is very suitable for doing this. He is a good and careful actor."

Lu Shu, "???"

Thus, in a nutsh.e.l.l, it was an officially sponsored drama show aiming at the reward offered by the Darkness Kingdom. What a fair trade for a big organization like the Heavenly Network!

Zhong Yutang seemed to have read his mind. "Don't think too much. There's no harm to take free stuff. Besides, the deep sea white sand offered this time is very precious as it is a priceless artifact of earth-type Metahumans. Thus, we shall get the thing first and consider revenge later."

Now Lu Shu had finally understood why Li Yixiao had always been sent for overseas matters, because the working style of this organization was not serious at all! However, why do you seem so familiar with these kinds of tricks, Lieutenant Zhong?

Also, what did he just say? "We shall get the thing first and consider revenge later."

Wow, so skillful at taking advantages of a situation!

Suddenly, Lu Shu felt resonance with their shameless work culture…

Honestly, Lu Shu fully agreed with their logic too. When you offer rewards to kill me, surely the right thing to do was to take your rewards and give you a thras.h.i.+ng.

Meanwhile, You Mingyu had finished securing the camera onto himself. In this context, it would be illogical to set up cameras at the side. Thus, such recording instruments were the most suitable for evidence collection purposes and the other equipment was for taking high resolution photos after Lu Shu's "death".

Besides, collecting evidence from You Mingyu's first person perspective would also be more realistic and professional…

Certainly very experienced, You Mingyu even suggested, "I think street fighting is the best. First, the difficulty level is low. Second, it is less possible to make a mistake in narrow views like this…"

Lu Shu was shocked. Did they hire a professional actor?!

Then a person walked over and told Lu Shu, "Major Lu, after you cooperate with You Mingyu to film a scene of you falling into his ambush, please proceed to the first car for makeup."

Lu Shu suddenly felt deep reverence for Zhong Yutang and Nie Ting, who had even taken makeup artists into consideration!

What the h.e.l.l! They are truly exploiting whatever means possible simply for the rewards!

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