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Just when all the teachers were watching Lu Xiaoyu complete questions, her face suddenly changed, as though something bad had happened. Li Yixiao was immediately concerned. "Are you okay, Xiaoyu? Feeling unwell? Don't force yourself! You can continue with the rest tomorrow. If anything happens to you, the old man…"

Ignoring him completely, Lu Xiaoyu hastened. Meanwhile, right under Lu Shu's nose, Anthony and Johnson sank into the floor with textbooks…

Lu Shu was dumbstruck for a long moment. What kind of deception was that?

When Lu Xiaoyu was finally done with her test, she threw away her pen and ran off at once, leaving other teachers staring one another in shock in the staffroom.

The markers of the Combined Humanities paper came over to mark the script. Soon, the Politics teacher realized something strange. "All her answers are exactly the same as the textbooks!"

In fact, all long questions of the Politics paper were argument-based and most of their answers could be found on books. But it was almost impossible to memorize word for word.

The deputy's brows were closely knitted together. Could it be Luo Cheng Foreign Language School has really produced a beast-level genius?!

He said after a pause, "Mark the script and see how much she got."

Lu Xiaoyu scored 271 marks out of 300!

The deputy pondered for a long while before speaking, " Li, while admittedly this girl is a prodigy, her Chinese is really too weak. You see, she's just 1 mark away from 80% of her total mark…"

Before he finished his sentence, Li Yixiao's tiger sign was already flickering on his back. "I give you one more chance to reorganize your language. Think carefully."

The deputy was close to flipping his table. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! You should have shown it earlier! You should have just told us that you would beat us up if we did not let her pa.s.s and we would have spared her from the test!

The deputy squeezed out an amicable smile. "The girl is a true prodigy. So, we must make an exception and enroll her. I agree to promote her by three grades."

Li Yixiao nodded his head. Finally he could be at ease with accepting Lu Xiaoyu's money.

Honestly, he was very satisfied with his performance today. Back then, his master had instructed him that violence should not be used as the first solution to problems. Did he not do as he was told today? Moreover, he did not use force in the end and was even generous enough to give the other person one more chance!

Li Yixiao felt that his temper had become so much better nowadays. How happy his master would be if he were still alive!

Li Yixiao thought with a tad sadness across his mind…

Many years ago, he fell in love with a beautiful widow selling fried chive cakes outside their door. Their feelings were mutual but his master simply objected to their relations.h.i.+p. Despite Li Yixiao's urge to rebel using violence, he did not do so out of the respect for his master.

When he was chased out, his master said, "Yixiao, outside this door is another world. Listen, look and learn from this world. Come back seven years later… Actually it is fine if you no longer return…"

Li Yixiao was stunned by his master's generosity with his freedom.

However, his master had already gone when he went back seven years later. He learned later that like Li Xianyi, his master's foundation had long since been destroyed. As a result, he pa.s.sed away just three days after Li Yixiao left.

In the end, Li Yixiao cried his heart out for three days and three nights in front of his master's tomb.

Now thinking back, he thought he should have given his master another chance to reorganize his language instead of being so childish himself…


Lu Xiaoyu sneaked indoors furtively, only to see Lu Shu's bedroom door shut tight. Curious about what he was doing, she leaned her ears on the door and heard faint singing from inside. "Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. When the blazing Sun is gone, there is nothing that s.h.i.+nes upon. He could not see which way to go if you did not twinkle so…"

Lu Xiaoyu curled her lips. "He's singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' again!"

She knocked on his door. "Lu Shu!"

The singing stopped abruptly. Lu Shu coughed before replying, "Is that you, Xiaoyu?"

Pulling the door open, he asked curiously, "Why were you controlling Johnson and Anthony just now? Tell me, are you cheating during exams? Why do you need to cheat for junior high exams?"

"I got one question that I didn't know how to do, since I've been missing lessons for so long," Lu Xiaoyu explained as she stared into Lu Shu's eyes to see whether he was acting.

"Oh, I see. Cheating is no big deal anyway. Books are always good. But try not to do so next time."

"Yes I know. Did you see Li Yixiao today?"

"Wasn't he with you…" Lu Shu paused.


"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +199!"

"Hahaha, I know you want to give me a surprise." Lu Shu tried to smooth things over. "Actually I'm already very surprised. I didn't expect our Xiaoyu to learn the entire high school syllabus. I'm so proud of you!"

"Humph." Lu Xiaoyu was still unhappy. Her plan to surprise him had failed!

"Maybe you don't know, I've already seen people discussing about you in a group chat. They all say you are a prodigy, since you are about to become an 11-year-old Grade 12 student. Things like this can't be kept a secret." Lu Shu grinned.

After shooting him a cold glance, Lu Xiaoyu went to watch TV. "How careless. They should have kicked you out of the group."

Lu Shu was displeased too. "Why so? I'm only giving them precious advice on life based on my own experience. Why should they kick me out?"

"I want tomato noodles with eggs!"

"I thought you know how to cook? Cook one bowl for me too. I haven't had dinner!"

"Lu Shu, you've changed!"

"Lu Xiaoyu distress level, +399!"

Lu Shu was frustrated again. "I didn't! Listen to me…"

"I'm going to skip my breakfast and beat Li Yixiao up tomorrow!" Lu Xiaoyu's face was straight.

Stunned, Lu Shu asked, "Why do you want to beat him up?!"

"As I said, YOU'VE CHANGED. You don't even bother to ask why I'm skipping my breakfast!"

Lu Shu, "???"

Why are there so many tricks?!

At this moment, Little Fury gingerly pa.s.sed up the scriptures it copied. At the end of it was a line that went "Can I go out to play?"

Lu Shu gave it a satisfied look. "Go. Remember to come back after ten minutes."

Little Fury counted on its claws. Ten minutes was not enough to do anything!

"From Little Fury's distress, +199!"

Suddenly Lu Shu received a random message, detailing a warrant for Lu Shu's arrest, published by the Collection of G.o.ds on the Darkness Kingdom. Its offer of reward, earth-type sacred item deep sea white sand!

The sender of the message was Nie Ting.

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